Why does the nurse with the Queen have a Satanic pentagram and Freemasonic compass on her belt?

Remember that BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, a convicted pedophile with over 300 children he raped many of them at satanic rituals was best friends with the British Royals. This is even main stream news that he committed these crimes and was part of a satanic ring.

Connect the dots yourself.

Queen pentagram masonic

Pentagram satanic Queen

The World Government exposed
UK Queen in hideout over pedophile Jimmy Savile; why?
Jimmy Savile was part of satanic child abuse ring
Child molester Savile guided Prince Charles in choice of top aide
Royal family enjoys veto power in all British govt. affairs
Austerity for people, prosperity for Queen
The Prince and the Pedophile: Charles’ connections to pedophilia networks

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  1. Sorry But there is nothing sonister in this symbol! I wear pentagrams regularly as I am Pagan, in the same manner as this nurse. Five pointed star represents the four elements plus the fithn element of Spirit. Holy Spirit in Christian mythology means the same thing. Pele ar jumping to the nastiest of conclusions with almost zero evidence!

  2. yes colin but why is there a pagan star next to it? perhaps thats to signify that great involvement of satanism within high level freemasonry..

  3. The belt buckle is worn by nurses who trained at the Masonic Hospital, one of many charitable institutions funded by Freemasonry. It is still worn by elite nurses at the Edward V11 hosplital.
    The information is freely available and not in any way a secret Look it up

  4. Good find. Definitley freemason on the left with the compass and \/. Satanic/illuminati Star on the right maybe. The British Empire is run by satan. That’s satans helper.

    • Illuminati; what’s that?

      • No one really knows who the illuminati are. Some think they do not exist, some think they do. If they do they are extremely secretive but it seems that symbology is incredibly important to them, they like to be ‘hidden in plain sight’. They like to tease people with small multi-interpretable signs. Some believe they include celebrities, politicians, bankers and businessmen; still others believe that many of these are just servents who are used by the illuminati, that the illuminati are actually known only to very very few people.

  5. When she looks down at it, it IS upside down. Open your mind

  6. actually,the pentagram is not satanic—–for it to be satanic,it would have to be upside down
    kind of like the stars on the republican elephant emblem:

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