White House propaganda against Russia hits new low

White House purchases Google key words to slam Putin. Russian writer idaltae tweeted the following:

Whitehouse launches propaganda at troll level pic.twitter.com/S45vJokXN2

Putin sponsors terrorism White House ad

Because she didn’t say what search term she used to pull up that ad – and because we don’t live in Russia – it took some legwork to verify that this is real.

Specifically, we used Keyword Spy – a highly-regarded and widely-used resource in the SEO industry – to see if the White House had purchased keywords for Google using the domain name WhiteHouse.gov. Indeed, we did find the ad using Keyword Spy:

White House ad Putin sponsors terrorism

Keyword Spy also told us the keywords which the White House purchased.

Telenor is a huge telecommunications company based in Norway, which provides telecom services in Eastern Europe, and has had a series of legal disputes regarding its sizable ownership stake in Russian and Ukrainian telecoms.

In other words, Telenor Russia is probably a popular Google search term in Russia and Ukraine.  And the White House has purchased Google key words to troll Putin.

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Source: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/06/whitehouse-launches-propaganda-troll-level.html

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  1. Well the Freemasons NWO plan for WW3 is Israel(USA/UK/EU) Vs. Iran(Russia/China) so it’s just a step in the process I guess.

  2. IMHO It’s propaganda on a par during WWI, where Germans soldiers were eating babies in Belgium!

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