US spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine

The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department.

The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.

The US and EU were initially cooperating in the effort to destroy the independence of Ukraine and make it a subservient entity to the EU government in Brussels.

For the EU government, the goal is to expand the EU.

For Washington the purposes are to make Ukraine available for looting by US banks and corporations and to bring Ukraine into NATO so that Washington can gain more military bases on Russia’s frontier.

There are three countries in the world that are in the way of Washington’s hegemony over the world–Russia, China, and Iran. Each of these countries is targeted by Washington for overthrow or for their sovereignty to be degraded by propaganda and US military bases that leave the countries vulnerable to attack, thus coercing them into accepting Washington’s will.

Ukraine riots

The problem that has arisen between the US and EU with regard to Ukraine is that Europeans have realized that the takeover of Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia, which can cut Europe off from oil and natural gas, and if there is war completely destroy Europe. Consequently, the EU became willing to stop provoking the Ukraine protests.

The response of the neoconservative, Victoria Nuland, appointed Assistant Secretary of State by the duplicitous Obama, was “fuck the EU,” as she proceeded to describe the members of the Ukraine government that Washington tended to impose on a people so unaware as to believe that they are achieving independence by rushing into Washington’s arms. I once thought that no population could be as unaware as the US population. But I was wrong. Western Ukrainians are more unaware than Americans.

The orchestration of the “crisis” in Ukraine is easy. The neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the National Press Club in Washington on December 13, 2013, that the US has “invested” $5 billion in agitation in Ukraine. The crisis essentially resides in western Ukraine where romantic ideas about Russian oppression are strong and the population is less Russian than in the eastern Ukraine.

Listen from 7:30

The hatred of Russia in western Ukraine is so dysfunctional that the duped protesters are unaware that joining the EU means the end of Ukraine independence and rule by the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, the European Central Bank, and US corporations. Perhaps Ukraine is two countries. The western half could be given to the EU and US corporations, and the eastern half could be reincorporated as part of Russia, where the entire Ukraine resided for as long as the US has existed.

The disaffection from Russia that exists in western Ukraine makes it easy for the EU and US to cause trouble. Those in Washington and Europe who wish to destroy Ukraine’s independence portray an independent Ukraine as a hostage of Russia, while a Ukraine in the EU is allegedly under the protection of the US and Europe. The large sums of money that Washington funnels into NGOs in Ukraine propagate this idea and work the population into a mindless frenzy. I have never in my life witnessed people as mindless as the Ukrainian protesters who are destroying the independence of their country.

Kiev Riots Ukraine

The US- and EU-financed NGOs are fifth columns designed to destroy the independence of the countries in which they operate. Some pretend to be “human rights organizations.” Others indoctrinate people under cover of “education programs” and “building democracy.” Others, especially those run by the CIA, specialize in provocations such as “Pussy Riot.”

Few if any of these NGOs are legitimate. But they are arrogant. The head of one of the NGOs announced prior to the Iranian elections in which Mousavi was Washington’s and the CIA’s candidate that the election would result in a Green Revolution. He knew this in advance, because he had helped to finance it with US taxpayer dollars. I wrote about it at the time. It can be found on my website, and in my just published book, How America Was Lost.

The Ukrainian “protesters” have been violent, but the police have been restrained. Washington has a vested interest in keeping the protests going in the hopes of turning the protests into revolt so that Washington can grab Ukraine. This week the US House of Representatives passed a resolution threatening sanctions should the violent protests be put down by the police.

Kiev burning

In other words, if the Ukrainian police behave toward violent protesters in the way that US police behave toward peaceful protesters, it is reason for Washington to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Washington is using the protests to destroy the independence of Ukraine and has ready the list of puppets that Washington intends to install as Ukraine’s next government.

– Exposed: CIA, NATO and NGOs created the Ukrainian crisis
Ukraine’s gold reserves sent to NY Federal Reserve
Central banker appointed as Prime Minister of Ukraine
– Ukrainian capital Kiev burning to the ground


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  1. Some missionaries to the Ukraine spoke at our church years ago and the average Ukraine wasn’t fairing that well then much less now. My heart goes out to these missionaries and the people of the Ukraine. I ask the inmates at the prison that I do a service once a month this question: If God were to send a prophet to prophesy against any country on earth, what country would you say? They answered correctly, to the U.S.

    When Israel backslide into sin, one way God punished them was to allow bad leaders to be put over them. Folks whether you are religious or not; our leadership can’t possibly get any worse.

  2. Anyone with half a brain can see that the $5 Billion dollars reportedly spent by the US and confirmed by the neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, went to fund the Non-Government Organisations (NGO) in an attempt to stir up as much trouble as possible. The plan was then and has been since the 2004 so called “Orange Revolution” to remove the legitimate and democratically elected government of Ukraine in a US and NATO backed coup and too install a non-elected puppet government sympathetic to the west.
    These actions by the US are quite simply to force the Ukraine to detach from Russia and join the EU. This will then allow NATO through the UN to remove Russia’s only warm water naval base in the Crimea and then install NATO military bases in the Ukraine with their missile defenses systems pointing towards Russia. The US and NATO puppets are trying to hem Russia in and these actions if they are successful will give themselves a strategic military advantage with a first strike capability.
    These actions by the US are in direct response to Russia and Vladimir Putin spear heading the BRICS alliance which serves to undermine the power and global dominance of the US dollar.

  3. All the countries of the Ex-soviet Union have huge problems with their systems that they made after their independence from the Soviets. Essentially, the ruling parties are full of corrupt politicians who deny all forms of free Justice systems. They prefer to have small groups of corruption who steal the money out of taxes and spend it for their own wealth, by also hiring family and friends and people who aren’t prepared in the important economical and other ruling posts. This is how the corrupt abuse a free country with no one really giving justice a final say. I mean, why would they? They’d basically be telling the justice system to arrest them.

    This is exactly what happened in Ukraine, the president and all the ruling parties had huge fortunes leaving the Ukrainian people to suffer in poverty and unemployment.

    The EU and Washington at least support the justice system on these countries to track down and investigate not only the average pick-pocket, but the really corrupt ruling parties that have their claws on the money and wealth of a country. A free, country would take decades, maybe dozens of years for these kinds of systems to form naturally.

    So don’t try to see only the bad things about the EU and the US.
    I remember a country which tried to give their politicians super-immunity from the law and only the political opposition and the EU and the USA embassies argued about the very bad decision, the rest of the people didn’t seem to care too much. That is a perfect example, of why free countries with people who don’t know the principles of law and justice needs the EU and USA.

    • I would prefer private graft, corruption, and cronyism rather than a global ‘machine’ that has only one purpose- to control the world through the systematic dismantling of sovereign countries, eradicate personal wealth and ownership of land, and curtail the freedom of religion. You may want to start researching One World Government aka New World Order of which the US and EU are currently operating under. So now that Ukraine is in the clutches of the IMF, who is merely an arm of the NWO, what’s happening that’s good? Is it the rise in gas prices by some 40 to 50%? How about the call to surrender personal arms? Is the austerity measures going into effect a good? Will you be happy when they begin removing money from private bank accounts? Let me assure all is NOT rosy here in US. Our Justice Department only selectively enforces laws that further the party line. The Internal Revenue Service targets conservative and Christian organizations by auditing their taxes and unfairly harassing them. If I could get under the mantle of Russia rather than the NWO, I would go and take my chances.

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