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UK Queen in hideout over pedophile Jimmy Savile; why?

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II who recently raised public outcry for stepping out of her constitutional limits and intervening in a high-profile extradition case, is now keeping a low profile in a scandal in which she has been directly involved.

Back in September, it emerged that the Queen privately lobbied a British Home Secretary in the former Labour administrations to arrest British Muslim cleric Abu Hamza.

At the time the BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner revealed the Queen confided to him that she had asked Labour ministers to deal with Abu Hamza, in effect breaking the constitutional principle of leaving the governing to the government.

“Actually, I can tell you that the Queen was pretty upset that there was no way to arrest him. She couldn’t understand – surely there had been some law that he had broken? In the end, sure enough, there was. He was eventually convicted and sentenced for seven years for soliciting murder and racial hatred,” Gardner told the BBC’s Today program.

The intervention raised outrage among the public and in the media as the Queen is considered by the British constitution to be no more than a representational figurehead who should act only on her ministers’ advice.

“However strongly she may feel about the matter, it is her constitutional duty to keep her mouth shut,” commented Alex Stevenson who is deputy editor of political news outlet Politics Home.

This comes as the Queen has kept silent about the recent child abuse scandal around former BBC star Jimmy Savile that is described as the worst crisis to hit the corporation in 50 years.

Queen Elizabeth IIShe has refused to comment on the subject despite the fact that the scandal is a moral issue of public interest and that she is directly involved in the matter: the BBC is run by 12 trustees appointed by the Queen in person while she granted Savile knighthood in 1990.

Indeed, Savile was knighted when his abuse was well underway and the Queen should have distanced herself and the royal family from the pedophile immediately after allegations of his pervert activities to ward off unwanted speculation.

However, there has been no comment by the Queen herself, her office or the royal family as if she knew of the Savile’s scandalous behaviour and decided to decorate him regardless.

As for the BBC, it runs under a Royal Charter, the present one having come into force in 2007 and running until the end of 2016.

The corporation is also ruled and supervised by the BBC Trust, which is a board of 21 trustees directly appointed by the Queen to set “the strategic objectives of the BBC” and chooses the broadcaster’s director general who heads its Executive Board in charge of its services and output.

The magnitude of the Savile scandal and the unfolding drama including comments by Tom Watson MP who openly suggested in parliament that there may be a pedophile ring going right to the British Prime Minister’s office at No 10 Downing Street raise more questions.

Is the Queen aware of the true scale of the scandal that is currently unknown to much of the public and even investigators and wants to keep herself out of any inquiries?

Or probably she is keeping a low profile to evade responsibility for knighting a former employee of an organization where its sovereign body members she directly appointed.

What is clear is that her silence remains problematic and begs more questions still less answers.

Savile receives his knighthood in 1996

Savile receives his knighthood in 1996.

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Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/273265.html


  1. which of these bitches have the most expensive crown?

  2. Sodomy of young boys is the national sport of the Britisht, In the navy but also at Eastons College, England is a nation of sodomizing pedophiles.

    • i have to agree with you. the british have a long and sordid history of perversions directed against children. they are sick twisted people and have exported their pedophilia across the world…..one day maybe the sheep will get their just revenge and eradicate that entire “monarchical” family of perverts goodl old bailey style.

  3. Did Freddy Mercury of Queen also like sodomizing young boys ? The English are recognized as a nation of pedophiles and sodomizers in Europe. As bad or even worse than the Ancient Greeks.

    • Pedophilia means “child love”. These people are child molesters, not lovers.

    • Smedley Butler Jr.

      I hope that is not true of Freddie Mercury – that’s the first time I’ve heard that. However, pedophilia is rampant everywhere. Here in the U.S. we had the Franklin cover up. There have also been sex abuse scandals in Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, etc. As I mention in another post, the lowest scum bags and sociopaths tend to rise to the top of the food chain.

  4. Michael Kohlhaas

    It is well known why Jimmy Savile could act for decades. He was covered by accomplices. High ranking accomplices. Who shared and still share his perverted taste of raping children. These people pretend to protect the citizen, but in fact they only enslave the citizen, take away civil rights in order to gain advantages and to continue their decadent lives.

    The people covering this piece of shit are also just dogshit.

    And they should be given a hard goodbye. Not clean and easy. Dirty, ugly, messy.

    Fuck the police, the judges, the politicians and the royal family, supporting and participating in crimes. Dirty scum.

    • Smedley Butler Jr.

      The worst sociopaths tend to rise to the top of the food chain. That is because half way decent men and women would never think of doing the things that are necessary to get to the top.

      When we lived in hunter/gatherer bands, there was more accountability, simply because there were fewer people. With the rise of population and the growth of evermore complex social institutions, accountability has gone out the window.

      Additionally, the power elite of the West have been dumbing us down and propagandizing us for at least a century with the assistance of such traitors to humanity as Edward Bernays.

      It’s gotten to the point where they commit atrocities right in front of our noses, then claim that they are innocent and most of the general public just takes it and goes back to watching “Dancing with the Stars” or whatever tripe is on the tube. Here in the U.S., there seems to be a new TV show every couple of weeks or so. It’s almost as if the power elite are pulling out all of the stops in terms of distracting us. That indicates that we still have some power and that the elite are still afraid of us, otherwise they wouldn’t be spending so much time and money trying to distract us, propagandize us and dumb us down. That is why the bastards had Pat Tillman murdered. Apparently, they do not have all of their ducks in a row as of yet, and we the people are still a threat to them.

  5. First I would like to thank Hang the bankers for putting this information in the public domain keep up the good work. Surprisingly nothin surprises me about this parasitic bunch of low life’s. 99% of the general public wont believe this stuff even though the proof is staring them in the face. Robert tresselll was so right in his description of every day life 100 years ago of how working class people didn’t inquire or believe it was there right to as to how the upper echelons of there society used abused and generally fucked everybody below them and in the royals case literally. I think everybody should read his book The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. The one % I am talking about don’t live in the same world as you and me my blood boils just thinking of them. Please please educate the rest of the 99%that unfortunately these bastards do exist and out them where ever possible.

  6. Come to Great Britain for a holiday please do, but leave your young children behind! The reason is The paedophiles in GB are on the rampages! But the government police are on their way to fixing it.

  7. The queen of Great Britain knows every little thing that is happening in her kingdom and fortress Britain don’t worry about that! She knew about her country and about her paedophile rings. She most have giving her approval somewhere along the line? Maybe she turned a blind because its a nice little earner.

  8. Kingdom of Fife

    do away with the lot of them evil scum!!

  9. Smedley Butler Jr.

    The royals of Britain and Europe are the worst pedophiles, genocidal monsters and leeches on the planet. They head the international western mafia known as the New World Order. They are the lowest scum imaginable.

  10. Oh my god! Cannot believe what I have been reading. Always new this country was fucked up but now we know why! I mean if its been ran by satanic child abusers what chance do the rest of us have?

  11. I’m pleased that more and more people are uncovering the barbaric and despicable activities of the royal family and the elite money makers. As said above, a vast majority of the British public wouldn’t believe in all this because they are brainwashed to believe the royals are just a rich kind family doing good causes which is the opposite when you think of their war connections. Thanks for bringing light in. I question everything and don’t watch TV or read newspapers.

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