UK police’s plans to arrest Assange revealed

British police Assange
British police plan to arrest Assange “under all circumstances”.

The British police’s plans for arresting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in case he leaves the Ecuadorean embassy in London have been revealed after a police officer accidentally let slip the plans.

A British police officer’s handwritten document marked “restricted” and “decision – supporting rationale” was photographed outside Ecuador’s embassy in London.

The document disclosed that the British police are intent on arresting Assange “under all circumstances” even if he decides to leave the embassy in a vehicle, under diplomatic immunity, or in a diplomatic bag.

Assange has been living in the Ecuadorean embassy for more than two months now and despite Britain’s threat to Ecuador that a little known UK law would allow British police to storm the embassy, the Ecuadorean government granted Assange political asylum on August 16.

London claims that it has a “legal obligation” to extradite Assange to Sweden where he faces accusations of sex misconduct, which he denies.

However, concerns are raised that Assange could be sent to the United States where he could face death penalty for disclosing hundreds of thousands of classified US documents in 2010.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said the photographed document was “one officer’s notes from a briefing”.

“Action required — Assange to be arrested under all circumstances…He comes out with dip. immun., as dip. bag. in dip. bag (right to life) in dip. vehicle – ARRESTED”, reads the officer’s notes.


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  1. UK is not a democracy. Never was by the way.

  2. The police wish to act outside of the law do they?
    Where are the left wingers when it comes to “taking our streets back” now? Obviously they are just a bunch of unemployed Gov’t paid stooges.

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