UK government plans tax on fresh air to ‘help improve environment’

Editor’s note: whilst this article was published on April 1st this article represents the reality of the situation.

UK rural

The air we breathe is set to be taxed as part of a revolutionary ­Government plan to raise more money.

Rural folk will have to cough up the most under the new charge – already dubbed a gasp bill – while those living in our polluted cities will be expected to pay less.

The Air Tariff Control system will assess charges in different areas of the country and every household will be liable for payments, which will be administered by local authorities and added to council tax bills.

The project, to be run by a private firm under a five-year licence, is designed to fund air quality improvement initiatives.

One senior air technician at the Environment Agency said: “Air is natural but, just like water, it is a finite resource that we have to manage sensibly. Water quality and supply improved with privatisation and there is no reason why this should not have the same impact on air. The aim is to allow everyone to enjoy high-quality breathing air.”

The scheme, which the Government believes will help reduce levels of asthma and bronchitis, will see each region of the country allocated an Air Band to determine how much each household will pay.

The Lake District is likely, according to
the documents, to be in the highest bracket while residents of cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham are earmarked for rebates because of traffic fumes.

Special plants will later be built to capture clean air and regulate its flow around the country, monitored by tracking devices being developed at Ayr University.

But critics believe the Coalition plan will see the end of free air for all in the UK, with private companies cashing in.

One Labour backbencher said last night: “This has literally taken my breath away.”



  1. That’s not true. This idea Szajka Rothschild (occultist), Scull & Boness, Rockefeller, the U.S. government, the CIA, the Bilderberg Group. These are the enemies with whom you have to fight. Sow fear and destruction throughout the world. In any form. They think they are the Lords of the world. I tell you. Their. the end is imminent.

  2. Don’t hold your breath.

    Fight the power.

    I’m using my shed to store oxygen, every time i open the door i lose it all though. Does anyone have any tips?

  3. I think this is utter BS. What about babies? What about animals? What about homeless people? They are the people who can’t afford to wipe their own asses. And the animals? Are they ment to pay with doggie treats and kitty litter? This is fucking pathetic. And this is comeing from a 17 year old boy who hardly has a future as it is. My family and nearly every single family in the UK can bearly afford to feed their children!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!! oh wait… we wont be able to do that soon! Water and air are completly different. A man can last weeks without water. But a man can only last minutes without air.

  4. 18 year old english music student.
    thinking of moving to another country; & bills such as this from our fantastic leaders are basically urging me to go. iceland would be nice. hey, maybe there i could enjoy nice walks in the fresh air without having to reach into my wallet to do so?

  5. Unfair taxation is one of the reason the founding fathers of the United States of America decided to break ties with England. This is the most moronic tax I’ve ever heard of. It is obviously a scam by the UK government to rob the people. They had better be careful or there could possibly be another revolution – but within it’s own borders. I hope you guys fight this thing – it’s so wrong.

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