This is the root cause of illness (must see)

Dr. Leonard Coldwell tells it like it is…

[youtube height=”400″ width=”550″][/youtube]

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  1. Right, stress is a large contributor to illness. Everything else he says is unsubstantiated bullsh!t.

  2. Why was this posted n this site?! It’s rubbish. This guy has some things right but he is WAY OFF on many other things…alarms bells sounded as soon as he said that dehydration the ONLY actual cause of death (seemingly be believes that other causes of death simply lead to dehydration, which is what that actually kills you in the end – what about brain death, heart failure, etc). He makes grand statements without good evidence to support them (it’s easy to find evidence to refute what he is saying if you only take a few minutes to think). For example, he goes on to say that environmentalism is the new global religion being pushed – interesting concept, but there is so much conflicting evidence, Govt’s year after year Govt’s refuse to actually become greener, if they were wanting to establish such a faith then they would make us perceive that they are leading the way – instead they time after time fail to sign up to kyoto, fail to put appropriate protection in place for the environment from corporations, etc, etc. Disappointed to find such rubbish on this site.

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