Exclusive report

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER …

Beginning scene of the new HBO series ‘The Newsroom’ explaining why America’s not the greatest country any longer… but it can be.


  1. Surprised the show hasn’t gone off the air already. Great critique; but we desperately need solutions now. I know step # 1 – Throw the bums out!

  2. Not sure I agree- I have seen more honest TV in the Simpsons or South Park. Nice, glossy, corporate ‘actors’ giving a little bit of a backwards step. He forgot the million dead Iraqi’s, the millions of dead Vietnamese and Cambodians after that little raid. The 5000 dead US soldiers in the past few years. The 2-3,000 dead on 9-11. The $4 trillion stolen from Pentagon. The trillions stolen with the bailout. Oh, and the most obese Nation on earth. If the media are able to use glossy corporate actors in a glossy corporate TV show to admit to just 20% of the reality- it is indeed a sorry excuse for TV.

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