The global central banker directory

If there’s printing going on in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

If a loaf of bread costs a trillion bux
Who you gonna call?

The Newer New Normal in paper destruction has arrived, and Benny and the Inkjets will soon learn that the one response to open-ended CTRL-Ping and implied $85 billion in new Flow each and every month by one central bank is open-ended CTRL-Ping and comparable flow amounts from every other central bank. Because in the global FX destruction race all one needs is a printer and the eagerness to embrace hyperinflation. Which naturally leads always and every time to just one outcome. So when readers are unsure whom to call and thank for the opportunity to exchange a wheelbarrow of cash for a loaf of bread, we suggest keeping the attached full directory of global central banks and their employees, courtesy of the BIS, handy.


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