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Iranian boy dies from medicine shortage due to EU and US sanctions

iran sanctions

Western sanctions on Iran have affected not only the nation‚Äôs oil revenues, but also human lives. A teenage boy has died from hemophilia due to a shortage of medicine caused by strict EU and US sanctions on the Islamic republic. Fifteen-year-old Manouchehr Esmaili-Liousi died in hospital after his family failed to find the medicine needed to treat his disease, Iranian ... Read More »

Former reporter Amber Lyon exposes massive censorship at CNN

amber lyon

A former CNN correspondent defies threats from her former employer to speak out about self-censorship at the network. In late March 2011, as the Arab Spring was spreading,¬†CNN¬†sent a four-person crew to¬†Bahrain¬†to produce a one-hour documentary on the use of internet technologies and social media by democracy activists in the region. Featuring on-air investigative correspondent Amber Lyon, the CNN team ... Read More »

NATO terrorists to target Syria’s civilian airports

Aleppo airport Syria

Image: Aleppo International Airport (Wikipedia). With dozens of dedicated military airbases and airfields to choose from, NATO-backed terrorists have decided instead to target Syria‚Äôs two main civilian airports, not because of military or defensive objectives, but to terrorize Syria‚Äôs population, undermine the government politically, and paralyze civilian infrastructure. This unconscionable act of blatant terrorism will have no impact on Syria‚Äôs ... Read More »

Tony Blair and George Bush should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu

Tony Blair and George Bush

Anti-apartheid hero attacks former prime minister over ‘double standards on war crimes’. Tony Blair has strongly contested Archbishop Desmond Tutu‚Äôs views. Archbishop¬†Desmond Tutu¬†has called for¬†Tony Blair¬†and¬†George Bush¬†to be hauled before the international criminal court in The Hague and delivered a damning critique of the physical and moral devastation caused by the¬†Iraq¬†war. Tutu, a Nobel peace prizewinner and hero of the ... Read More »

Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare: what is the US government planning?

American Flag

The Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service has¬†solicited¬†ammunition that is supposedly needed for target practice. In this instance, the amounts of hollow point bullets, 12 gauge rifle slugs, and other accessories are smaller than the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested through other federal agencies. DHS previously¬†ordered¬†more than 63,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W jacketed hollow point bullets ... Read More »

Syria and Iran dominos will lead to World War


Almost three years ago I wrote an analytical piece on the concept of deliberately engineered wars, big and small, by elitists to distract the masses away from particular global developments that work to the benefit of the establishment power structure.¬† That article was entitled ‚ÄėWill The Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?‚Äô: http://www.alt-market.com/neithercorp/press/2010/01/will-globalists-trigger-yet-another-world-war/ In that analysis, I concluded that since ... Read More »

US government developing ultimate cyber weapon


The U.S. government is making steady progress on a game-changing technology that would give it the most powerful weapon ever devised in the realm of cyber warfare and information dominance. The weapon is called a “prime-factoring quantum computer,” and a small-scale version of the game-changing technology has already been demonstrated by researchers at UC Santa Barbara, where qubits — quantum ... Read More »

US drones target first responders in Pakistan

US Predator drone

The US routinely engages in launching follow-up assassination drone attacks in Pakistan, aimed at targeting people who arrive at the site of an initial attack for rescue¬†operations. According to a report published on the¬†Guardian¬†website, the US has routinely launched double or triple drone attacks in Pakistan, even though targeting rescuers after an initial attack is considered by Washington as an ... Read More »

Jamie Dimon just admitted to the world that JPM’s assets are overvalued by $150 billion

jamie dimon-testifies JPM

JPM’s $150 Billion FDIC Reality Adjustment Reuters published an exclusive story this morning: U.S. banks told to make secret plans for preventing collapse Buried in the final paragraph: In a presentation in March, JPMorgan Chase said it had a recovery plan in place and said it was ordered by regulators. The presentation was organized by Harvard Law School and was ... Read More »

Australian politicians demand inquiry into illegal Iraq invasion

Australia Iraq

Former PM and defence chiefs call for independent investigation into Australia’s role in lead-up to the war. Leading Australian politicians and former defence chiefs are demanding an independent investigation, along the lines of the Chilcot inquiry in Britain, into their country’s role in the invasion of¬†Iraq. They say an independent inquiry must investigate the circumstances that led the then National-Liberal ... Read More »