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Osama Bin Laden raid exposed as a complete lie by Pakistani National TV

Osama bin Laden

Pakistani National TV reveals that Obama’s claim to have killed Osama Bin Laden is “an American hoax”. By readers’ request, this is a reposting of a translation of a Pakistani National TV interview with an eyewitness to the alleged SEAL Team Six attack that allegedly killed Osama bin Laden. I made the translation available two years ago in an article ... Read More »

No US sailor saw Bin Laden’s alleged burial

Osama bin Laden

More than a year after Navy SEALs supposedly killed former CIA asset Osama bin Laden, a FOIA by the Associated Press has produced emails revealing that no American sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinton witnessed the terrorist’s burial at sea. The heavily redacted emails are said to be the first public disclosure of government information about the undocumented assassination. An ... Read More »

Bin Laden died of natural causes: former CIA agent

Osama Bin Laden CIA died natural causes

A former agent of the CIA has revealed that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has died of natural causes five years before the US announced his death. In an interview with Russia’s Channel One, Berkan Yashar, who is also a Turkish politician, said the US has not killed the al-Qaeda leader. “In September of 1992, I was in Chechnya, that’s ... Read More »

The Bin Laden hoax

People look at newspaper headlines announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden in Washington

With today being the one year anniversary of the 9th time they ‘killed’ Osama Bin Laden let’s look at the facts and also how the whole war on terror fraud is now being exposed for what it really is, a war on humanity. Obama/Bin Laden 2012: Re-Elect the Stoic, Heroic Killer Infowars.com April 29, 2012 Without a doubt, Barack Obama ... Read More »