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Study: Chemotherapy actually increases cancer growth

chemotherapy for cancer

The cancer treatment scam that is chemotherapy has once again been shown in the scientific literature to be a majorĀ causeĀ of, rather than a cure for, cancer. According to a new study recently published in the peer-reviewed journalĀ Nature, chemotherapy not only promotes the growth and spread of cancer cells by damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds tumors, but it also causes ... Read More »

Neuroscientist: ā€˜I can now transplant full human headā€™

Dr Sergio Canavero

Dr. Sergio Canavero Technical barriers to grafting one personā€™s head onto another personā€™s body can now be overcome, says Dr. Sergio Canavero, a member of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group. In aĀ recent paper, Canavero outlines a procedure modeled on successful head transplants which have been carried out in animalsĀ since 1970. The one problem with these transplants was that scientists were ... Read More »

Federal government reports marijuana effective in combatting certain cancers reports ADSI

Weed cure cancer

The following is a statement by Advocates for the Disabled and Seriously Ill: In a recent report, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana “inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptorā€“positive and estrogen receptorā€“negative breast cancer cell lines.” The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of ... Read More »

Obama administration considering ways to overturn marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado

Obama smoking weed

Obama smoking weed as a youngster, but as president he has jailed more people than ever before for marijuanaĀ possession New legislation in Washington state went into effect this week that legalizes for the first time in ages the possession of marijuana. Federal law still says otherwise, though, setting up the Justice Department to make some serious determinations. Even as smoking ... Read More »

Marijuana legalised in Washington and Colorado

family guy legalise marijuana

Here’s some good news in the election results:Ā Voters in WashingtonĀ andĀ ColoradoĀ have decriminalized small quantities of marijuana for recreational use. This is an attempt to end the insane waste of law enforcement resources on small-time pot users who pose no threat to society. Although I’m personally not a pot user and I don’t advocate the smoking of pot for recreational use, this ... Read More »

Amazing Medical Discovery: Transfusions of young blood appears to rejuvenate the elderly

Blood transfusion bags

Human history-altering newsflash: Scientists have demonstrated that injections of youthful blood carry semi-magical, rejuvenating qualities–at least for gray-whiskered mice. The researchers believe that the same might hold true for humans, suggesting that diseases like Alzheimerā€™s and indeed aging itself might be prevented through the transfusion of the youthā€™s vigorous lifeblood. To clarify: No, this revelation is not the premise of ... Read More »

Prescription painkillers kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined

Prescription drugs

According to a new report fromĀ Brandeis University, prescription painkillers — opioid or narcotic pain relievers like Vicodin (hydrocodone), OxyContin (oxycodone), Opana (oxymorphone), and methadone — are now responsible for more fatal overdoses in the U.S. than heroin and cocaine combined. “An epidemic of prescription drug abuse is devastating American families and draining state and federal time, money and manpower,” Rep. ... Read More »

Fragments of foreign DNA and other substances from vaccinations found in sick, disabled and dying children

Gardasil Vaccine

This week an important paper by Leslie Carol Botha hit the Internet by storm. This revolutionary paper titledĀ Unveiling the Culprit – Is Foreign DNA Contamination the Autistic Villain behind Biologic Vaccine Injuries, is one of the first papers to discuss various foreign DNA fragments being discovered in sick, disabled and dying children after they have received various childhood vaccinations. Over ... Read More »

New radio frequency treatment used for hypertension

high blood pressure

For thousands of patients who donā€™t respond to drugs (that shouldnā€™t even be taken), a new therapy that targets the kidneys with radio waves could be the cure.Ā In the most recent trial, reduced blood pressureā€”and no ill side-effectsā€”persists in patients at least 18 months after a radio frequency treatment called renal denervation. Long-term monitoring will continue, but theĀ Daily MailĀ says that ... Read More »

Teen invents advanced cancer test using internet

science cancer Jack Andraka

Fifteen-year-old high school student Jack Andraka likes to kayak and watch the US television show Glee. And when time permits, he also likes to do advanced research in one of the most respected cancer laboratories in the world. Jack Andraka has created a pancreatic cancer test that is 168 times faster and considerably cheaper than the gold standard in the ... Read More »