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Instagram to sell users photos


Imagine seeing the most private moment of your life displayed in an ad campaign without notification or financial compensation. When Instagram’s new Terms of Use policy kicks in on January 16, this could become a new marketing reality. Instagram’s new policy allows the popular photo sharing app to use submitted photos, names and text for marketing purposes. “Some or all ... Read More »

British intelligence service hiring Xbox gamers to spy for them

Guy playing Xbox Controller

British government is hiring talented Xbox generation teenage gamers to form the backbone of country’s future cyber security service. Higher education is not necessary: apprentices will get advanced resident cyber warfare training. Speaking at Britain’s WWII code-breaking headquarters at Bletchley Park on Thursday, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the recruitment of 100 young talents for the Single Intelligence Account governmental ... Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize winning EU ‘recommends’ Google modify privacy policy

google gmail youtube

European Union officials have asked Google to rework its recently overhauled privacy policy in order to better protect users’ rights. It follows a France-led probe into the legality of the Internet giant’s policies. The letter from 24 of 27 of the bloc’s data protection regulators, which was made public after being obtained by Reuters prior to its official announcement Tuesday, ... Read More »

FCC launching huge internet tax

FCC internet tax money

Get ready for another transfer of wealth via government confiscation. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is ready to tax internet service in order to fund its Connect America Fund boondoggle. As is usually the case in corporatist nations – Mussolini told us corporatism is the essence of fascism – mega-corporations support this brazen theft. “Numerous companies, including AT&T, Sprint and ... Read More »

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak on the future of Internet freedoms: I fear social interactions will be curbed


Steve Wozniak knew personal computers would change the world someday, even during his start at Apple, a company he co-founded with Steve Jobs in the early 70s. Decades later, though, he acknowledges that the journey has not been without obstacles. It has been nearly 40 years since Wozniak, now 61, started Apple out of a central California garage. At the ... Read More »

World’s most complex computer virus discovered: ‘Flame’

Computer Virus

A powerful data-snatching virus targeting computers in Iran, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries has been discovered by Russian experts. The worm has been used for years for what seems to be state-sponsored cyber espionage. Russian cyber-security company Kaspersky Lab says the malware, codenamed Flame, is the largest and one of the most complex cyber-attacks ever discovered. It reports that ... Read More »

Join the Internet Defense League

Internet Defense League

http://internetdefenseleague.org/ Inspired by fruitful virtual protests against the SOPA and PIPA online piracy bills, Internet activists have united their forces and formed an organization to protect the web from “bad laws and monopolies.” The idea of an Internet Defense League was first suggested by Tiffiniy Cheng, the head of the Fight for the Future nonprofit group. It has already been ... Read More »

Court allows NSA and Google to keep their ties secret


A federal appeals court has refused to force the US National Security Agency to explain any involvement it has had with Web giant Google, citing that a revelation could threaten the entire United States government. Friday’s decision out of US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reinforced a lower court’s earlier ruling that the NSA does ... Read More »