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US targeted drone killings used as alternative to Guantanamo Bay – Bush lawyer

Drones Obama

A lawyer who was influential in the United States’ adoption of unmanned aircraft has spoken out against the Obama administration for what he perceives as using drones as an alternative to capturing suspects and sending them to Guantanamo Bay prison camp. John Bellinger, the Bush administration attorney who drafted the initial legal specifications regarding drone killings after the September 11, ... Read More »

Putin: Why do those behind Guantanamo lecture us on human rights?


Vladimir Putin has lashed out at the US’s Magnitsky Act dubbing it “a purely political, unfriendly move.” The President has approved the speeding up a counter list addressing American foster parents guilty of abusing Russian orphans. “We should certainly react [to the bill] appropriately,” Vladimir Putin said, welcoming the State Duma’s initiative regarding the sanctions list against US nationals. “We ... Read More »

ACLU and media challenge censorship of 9/11 trial

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

As legal proceedings move forward for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners charged with roles in the September 11 terrorist attacks, the US government wants the court to censor their testimonies in a move civil liberties lawyers condemn as “chilling.” Prosecutors in the case against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Gitmo inmates accused of involvement in the 9/11 attacks have asked ... Read More »

Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow: Surviving Guantanamo (E5)

julian Assange Moazzam Begg

The 5th episode of The World Tomorrow takes us to the very heart of America’s War on Terror: Guantanamo Bay. In the episode Julian Assange speaks with Moazzam Begg – former Gitmo prisoner and a rights campaigner fighting for those still trapped behind the wire, and Asim Qureshi – former corporate lawyer, whose human rights organization Cageprisoners Ltd exists solely ... Read More »