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Aurora theater shooting court documents blows inside job conspiracy wide open

James Holmes

A seemingly completely drugged individual alleged to be James Holmes, yet appearing to be someone totally different, is seen barely able to stay awake next to a very quiet defense attorney in a court and case that has been suspect from the very beginning. Newly released court documents in the Aurora, CO theater “Batman massacre” case reveals startling inside accusations about who ... Read More »

Inmate: James Holmes told me he was ‘programmed’ to kill by “evil” therapist

James E. Holmes

An alleged inmate of ‘Batman’ massacre culprit James Holmes claims the shooter told him that he was “programmed” to carry out the massacre by an “evil” therapist. The shocking story has gone virtually unnoticed after appearing in a blog post on the Denver Westword website last week. After failing to interest the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in his account of what ... Read More »