Simple health secrets the globalists don’t want you to know

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and Dr. Joel Wallach sit down for an extended discussion into how the pharmaceutical industry hijacked health in America.

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  1. well said Marc Authier, on the top of all this, internet censorship, control over all means of communications, implanted chips, strict employment regulations, limitating the freedom of speech, mass media governance, manipulated education ….etc etc….

  2. And by all means reprogram your genetic code to radically shorten your life with GMOs, vaccinatons and yummy things like depleted uranium. Deficien food, dead food without enzymes or minerals. Its all made INTENTIONNALLY to exterminate you quite quickly. But before these bastards wat to ruin you with ruinous medical treatments that dont work and are also intented to kill you ! An example ? Oncology. Another very lucrative nazi globalist racket that saves absolutely no life and makes them 200 billion a year profits.

  3. Globalist are obsessed with
    the BIG FIVE for any WASP nazi eugenist CFR bilderberger,
    Destroying the brain.
    Destroying the sexual organs.
    Destroying the pancreas.
    Destroying the liver.
    Destroy the endocrine system.

    Poisoning the brain allows easy mind control.
    Poisoning the pancreas and the liver gives massive diabetes and cancer rates.
    Poisoning the endocrine system sterilizes and gives cancer.

  4. Fundementally Globalists are mass murdering psycho. They should be arrested and hanged. They . the same nice folks that gave us fluoride in our water, estrogen disrupting plastics and pesticides, uranium and mass exterinating GMOs. Dont kid yourself. People in the CFR and Bildernerg want you sterilized, sick and dead. These people are nazi eugenist. Their goal is to liquidate freedom democracy and free markets and most of this scum lives in New-York and London, the main centers of these international criminals.

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