Putin blames West for global chaos

Putin Russia

The Russian leader did not hesitate to name who is responsible for sowing the seeds of disorder that is gripping many parts of the world, including in Syria.

“Our partners just can’t stop,” Putin said at a meeting with representatives of one of Russia’s regions. “They have already created chaos in many territories, and now they are continuing the same policy in other countries, including Syria.”

Commenting on the “Arab Spring” and the ongoing Syrian conflict, he said: “Our position is to help carry out changes for the better in all countries but not to try to force on them – especially by armed force – what we consider to be right.”

It is important to encourage developments from within, Putin stressed.

The Russian leader criticized the militant foreign policy of the West, arguing that Russia’s repeated warnings went unheeded.

“We did warn that prudent action was needed and that it would be wrong to try to achieve anything by force, otherwise chaos would ensue,” he said. “And what do we see today? Chaos prevails.”

Russia is concerned about developments in many regions, including Afghanistan, where heroin production and drug trafficking has hit Russia and Europe. In the Middle East the situation is hardly more inspiring, with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad struggling against an armed opposition, which is said to comprise of members of terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda.

The United States, which recently lost its Libyan Ambassador following a wave of anti-American violence, has not managed to avoid the consequences of its behavior. In a growing number of countries, leaders (Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Slobodan Milosevich of Serbia, for example) who fell out of favor with the West have been eliminated one way or another.

The new tendency for ‘regime change,’ however, has not made these countries any safer. Indeed, in many cases the violence and chaos is worse now than it was before Western foreign intervention began.

To support his argument, Putin recommended Western leaders remember the lessons of history so as not to “destroy Carthage again” in their relations with weak countries.

“I would hate to see the events witnessed by mankind many centuries ago repeat themselves now,” he said. “The strong countries are trying to push their rules and their moral code on weak countries, without taking into account the history, traditions and religion of a particular country.”

The Russian leader then mentioned what he said was “the first case of ethnic cleansing known to mankind.”

“The Roman Empire not only seized and occupied Carthage, but also destroyed it completely, killed everyone and spilled salt so that nothing could grow there,” Putin noted.

Not only should the good things inherited from European culture be remembered, he added.

In his opinion, Russia “has always been advantageously different from other countries due to its formation as a multinational and multi-religious state.”

Orthodoxy has always been very tolerant, he noted.

“The super-task is that a representative of each, even the smallest ethnic group, if he lives in this territory and is a citizen of this country, must feel absolutely equal and understand that he and his children can fulfill their most ambitious plans and have no restrictions, no limitations,” he said.

The Russian state had never dictated its will on anyone or pushed its rules, he noted.

He stressed that what transpired during the Soviet period in Russian history could not be blamed solely on Russia because the “idea of world revolution was being forced on other territories.”

On the whole, “we have always respected all ethnic groups, peoples and religions inside the country and have tried to behave the same way on the international scene,” he stressed.

“The preservation of inter-religious peace” is extremely important for Russia, said Putin, who expressed his support in working with other countries to achieve this goal.

Source: http://rt.com/politics/putin-west-syria-russia-chaos-128/

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  1. Putin is 100% right. Hang the banksters. And in all the chaos, only one small crook Bernie Madoff is in prison. The others are protected by the rats called politicians.

  2. It has nothing to do with the which group of people run the scam of the federal reserve…it’s
    the system itself. The system is designed for one purpose: THEFT.
    Another problem driving the wars is the hegemony of the US dollar as a defacto world reserve currency and trying to force the rest of the world to accept it and or threatening them with total destruction if they dare to abandon it. Reason: If other countries stopped using it, the dollars would return to the US igniting hyperinflation crashing the US economy to the ground…especially with QEnfinity happening.
    The other problem is fighting everyone Israel hates no matter what the cost.

  3. Whole World looks to Russia, China and even India….many see those countries as Guarantors of WORLD PEACE !!! But when leaders of above countries fail to say clearly f.z.what will be their position, what they will do if US/Israel attack Iran, its frightening!!!
    Andits not true that “Russia have always respected all ethnic groups, peoples and religions…”. Not long ago Jehowah Witnesses were attacked and harased without reason and they dont atack or harm anybody…
    What will youd do Mr.Putin if Zionist will wage illegal war of aggresssion and massackes against Iran?
    Tell it to the whole World, we want to hear that!!! peter czech

  4. This type of banking sytem is not even Western in nature. Also, it is the people that operate these banks who are the problem. They are not Aryan.

  5. I am an American but the U.S. needs it`s but whipped just like a spoiled brat. I mean on American soil, otherwise they will not take it seriously. They have been the bully far too long. It`s time they suffer the consequences. They think war is good because the wars are not in America, and they have no idea what it`s like to have bombs going off in their neighborhood. Just like the bully on the playground, once he gets his butt kicked he straitens up and stops his nonsense.

  6. With all due respect to Mr. Putin, but I think he oversimplifies. It is not “The West” per se that is causing chaos, but the western style banking system of private central banks issuing all of the public currency as a loan at interest. This is a system designed to create more debt than it creates money with which to pay that debt, for the purpose of enslaving the people of nations to that debt. It is by its very nature an unstable system that like any such pyramid or “Ponzi” scheme is doomed to eventual collapse. In order to mask that collapse the United States has a history of using wars to “solve” the economic crashes that are the natural result of such banking systems, ironically enough the very same sort of banking system the United States fought a revolution to break free from.

    The process is easy to understand. Private Central Banks issuing the public currency as a loan at interest operate just fine so long as ever-larger pools of new borrowers can be found to create new money that circulates through society and eventually pays the interest on the old money. When the people stop borrowing, Keynesian economists demand government start borrowing more to keep the pyramid scheme running. Nut when both the people and government refuse to borrow any more, that is when wars are started to force nations to borrow even more money to fight the war and to rebuild afterwards.

    Crash of 1907, get into WW1. Crash of 1929, get into WW2. Crash of 2008, and look how hard the United States is trying to escalate WW3.

    Mr. Putin would do well to consider that prior to the invention of the Federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world war.

    it isn’t the west, it’s the western banks that are the cause of wars and chaos.

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