Obama stops NSA spying on IMF and World Bank

International Monetary Fund Headquarters

International Monetary Fund Headquarters in Washington, DC.

US President Barack Obama has called on the National Security Agency to halt spying on the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in conjunction with a review of surveillance activities, Reuters reported.

A US official told the news agency that President Obama curbed the spying within the last few weeks, around the same time he told the NSA to stop eavesdropping on the United Nations headquarters.

The NSA’s surveillance of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington was previously unknown based on the classified nature of such programs.

Responding to Reuters, a top Obama administration official said, “the United States is not conducting electronic surveillance targeting the headquarters of the World Bank or IMF in Washington.” However, the official would not say whether the NSA had spied on the entities in the past.

The IMF and World Bank would not comment, nor would spokespersons from the NSA or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Top officials with US intelligence agencies have admitted economic espionage in the past, but a former senior US intelligence official said the Obama administration has put more effort than previous administrations into gathering economic data.


Upon entering the White House, Obama began receiving a new “Economic Intelligence Brief” from the Central Intelligence Agency, in addition to regular updates of international security assessments via the President’s Daily Brief.

The supposed reason for the change at the time – according to Leon Panetta, Obama’s first CIA director – was to understand activity surrounding the global economic crisis.

The move to curtail spying on the economic organizations followed steady revelations that began in June – supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden – of NSA surveillance programs targeting foreign governments and institutions, as well as international and domestic citizens.

Obama also in the past few weeks ordered the NSA to stop tapping the UN headquarters in New York amid the review of electronic surveillance programs, Reuters reported Wednesday, again citing official sources.

“The United States is not conducting electronic surveillance targeting the United Nations headquarters in New York,” a senior Obama administration official told Reuters.

Sources would not say whether Washington is continuing to monitor UN diplomats elsewhere in the world.

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Source: http://rt.com/news/obama-stops-spying-imf-055/

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  1. Ok, this makes no sense. They should be spying on the IMF, Worldbank, all other major banks , bankers and stop spying on normal people instead. To stop spying on the IMF and Worldbank only gives another signal telling us all who is REALLY in charge.

  2. Riiiight.. I can hear all those switches and knobs and joysticks being switched off as I type.

    Or is that just my ears ringing?

  3. Why would the owners of the WB and IMF need to spy on themselves?
    They own the NSA like most of the rest of the world.
    The NSA is for keeping tabs on US while they bring global economy down.

  4. If there ever existed entities that required intensive surveillance it is the IMF and World Bank, the world would be safer from the true criminals who plunder the earth, rather than the desperate and petty resistance offered by few who resist the Borg.

  5. This whole spying thing seems like a great distraction from the world economic meltdown. Speaking to people I come across, they have no clue how bad it is going to hit so this does the trick distracting them from that and the not so slow world military build-up as well as how the US is boiling over into chaos. I mean, did you really think they weren’t spying on us? All they did is have someone come out and admit it. What I really wonder about is why these whistleblowers haven’t blown the lid off 9/11. Surely they have the files on that. Why are they gate-keeping. Peace.

    • Never heard of an attempted world take over by using peaceful means or honest deal-making.

    • that’s the thing…..they show their cards when it comes to 911….it’s the litmus test,
      Julian Assange, Snowden, Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky always refute 911, that’s the string you pull to unravel everything … they won’t go there! They work for them…..

  6. Why would they spy on themselves?

    • No matter what they say, they will continue to spy on “everything”. Gotta’ keep the “troops” in line, too, ya’know?

  7. Yeah Yeah, like we believe you……in any event, its us that should be spying on the IMF, World Bank, Governments, courts, police, politicians…….it’s called ‘accountability’!!

  8. Yes, it’s about keeping us safe, not about keeping tabs on what we think of them. Keep banging that drum. Peace.

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