Obama orders children murdered

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  1. Guys, Don’t blame us all. I didn’t vote for him nor Romney. I voted my conscience and went with Gary Johnson. There is a growing number of us that are doing all we can to wake the asleeple in America. But even if we succeed in getting a majority of Americans to cast an informed and intelligent vote the vote is rigged anyway. “Hacking Democracy” by Bev Harris as well as Clinton Eugene Curtis’s testimony ( wrote the software for the Diebold voting machines turned whistle-blower make this apparent. We need to support Alex and anyone else in media that provides a forum for whistle-blowers. They are the heart of alternative media and we need to highlight and protect them. They risk their careers and lives to enlighten the rest of us and fight the coalition of corruption now in control.

  2. Obama is a war criminal. So was Bush. So are the people that voted for him.

  3. Cant wait to see the effects of Monsanto GMOs on Americans. Obama Monsanto just loves killing kids and Americans by the way. You voted in this mass murderer. You deserve to get the same treatment you American mass murderers. Cant wait to see these yummy GMOs doing their work on your own kids. You mass murderers impose this poison to Canada and Mexico. Thus is what sad about Alex Jones. He was right and still is.

  4. Obama is a mass murderer.But that being so the Americans that voted for him.

  5. Jones protests Obamas killing of children but remains silent when Israel does even worse..Go figure !.

  6. Herr Professor Dr. Heinz Schmidt

    It is not his fault, it is the SSRI’s the Secret Service makes him take.

  7. Howard T. Lewis III

    Not hypocrisy, lobotomy 1977-1979.

  8. Alex Jones is a puppet, I wish you wouldn’t promote him.

    • Alex Jones undermines exposing those responsible for destroying our nation. People like him enable the cover for conspiracy theorists. Alex Jones and Gordon Duff work for the master – the Israelis.

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