New World Order – explained by a 10 year old

Alex Jones’ son breaks down how the globalists use terrorism to get their way and control countries across the world.

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  1. Guns

    In G.O.D. we trust.

  2. I don’t listen to Alex Jones, because it seems to me AJ deliberately provides part of the answer. What good is a “half-truth”, when it ends up being just as effective as a whole lie?

    How Terrorism Really Works:

    1. The bankers, the NWO or Illuminati, whatever you call them, through their agents (secret societies) in US, UK, or Israeli intelligence create terror organizations (counter-gangs) to act as regime destabilizers, to be held up as a pseudo-enemy, a patsy (disposable asset) meant to be vilified as the pretext for “humanitarian intervention”, regime change pretext in targeted countries.
    2. Then, our terrorist group needs a scarey name…can you say Al-CIA-Duh?
    3. The terrorists then move into Pakistan or Afghanistan, or whatever “stan” sovereign nation not under control of the bankers (Illuminati).
    4. The embedded, banker-owned MSM then moves in to hype up the terror threat.
    5. Then, after the terror threat has been established, the bankster puppet countries send in the troops, special ops, color-coded revolution NGOs, etc…to take out the terrorists (targeted regime) they put in there in the first place.
    6. Then banksters, through their puppets, put in their own dictator to control the resources, maintain the bankers’ money system, and repress the people.
    7. Then, as a bonus, the bankers, through their intelligence agency and military cadres, stimulate drug production, create a drug trade within the targeted deposed sovereign nation, to be shipped back their host countries, making enormous illicit, laundered drug profits, while imprisoning their own people; making additional profits from their private prison corporations, while using these funds to destabilize other targeted regimes around the globe.
    8. If (when) citizens of puppet countries get wise to this scam, the embedded, infiltrated MSM hypes a manufactured terror threat, using agent provocateurs, to be used create a police state, within which the rights of its citizens are taken away (FEMA camp round-ups).
    9. When (inevitably) host/puppet country’s economies implode (homelessness, joblessness) due to vast deficit spending to “fight terrorism”, fiat money banking practices that eventually destroy investments, currencies, the social safety net by hyperinflation and the mandated bail-out of the banking system; the loss of liquidity on Main Street, within the economic system, leads to the bankers being able to buy people’s assets for pennies on the dollars, while privatizing the armies and police (mercenaries), the military industrial complex.

    Thus, guaranteeing complete top-down control by the bankers using the terrorist the “counter-gang”. This is how terrorism works.

    • We know all this.
      My view is let ‘them’ create a New World Order and de-populate the planet. The Earth doesn’t have finite resources, so these NWO people are doing us a favour aren’t they?
      The ultimate goal is a world without money and war, where we are fed, educated and looked after by our betters. No problem with me.
      I’m not going to do a thing to stop them apart from writing lengthy and pointless comments and get into on-line arguments with people I don’t know.

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