NATO strike kills 8 women and girls gathering firewood

afghan womenA NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan, local officials reported. The alliance said the strike targeted 45 armed insurgents but admitted some civilians may have been killed.

The women were gathering firewood when they were killed by the strike, spokesperson for the Laghman provincial government Sarhadi Zewak said. Several women were also injured during the NATO strike, he added.

Villagers brought the victims’ bodies to the local governor’s office on Sunday in the wake of the attack, amid cries of “Death to America!” said Zewak.

Seven females are now in nearby hospitals receiving treatment, some of whom are as young as ten years old, AP reports.

Initial reports claimed that as many as 45 armed insurgents were killed in a “precision air strike,” NATO spokesperson Jamie Graybeal said. However, Major Adam Wojack, a spokesman for the Isaf later told the BBC that between five and eight civilians may have been caught in the crossfire in a “tragic loss of life.”

The issue of frequent civilian deaths in NATO military operations is another point of contention between Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and the US.

Last year, some 400 Afghan civilians were killed in operations conducted by international and Afghan troops, the UN reported. This year’s estimates suggested that the number of Afghan civilians killed and injured in the first half of 2012 fell 15 percent.

afghanistan woman


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  1. Not even the backward Taliban treat human kind like US does.
    Taliban captured many foreigners, currently including US army soldier but haven’t miss treat him. Unlike Iraqi prisoner whom were sexually abused beaten, and tortured to death for the sake their master Israel.

    what a shame to be an American.

  2. The Americans have sunk soooooooooo low. Not caring who they blow up and indeed going for the so-called double tap also where they kill police and medics attending the dying and wounded. It is so disgustingly inhuman of them. It is enough to make many ask where is God now. Who will put an end to these monstrous acts?

  3. American men what would you do if YOUR daughters were murdered collecting firewood? Would you tell your wife that all is fair in war? That the girls were just “collateral” damage and that’s what happens in war? Would your wife be okay with that statement? Nope. You’d never rest until they were avenged. This is exactly what the fathers in Afghanistan are thinking right this minute-about America.

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