Monsanto’s Fading Grasp – group calls on South Africa to ban GMO corn

gmo ban South Africa

Following in the footsteps of nations like France and Russia, South Africa may soon be the latest nation to enact a ban on Monsanto’s GMO corn that was recently linked to tumor development and organ damage in rats. South Africa’s African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), a watchdog organization that was created to protect consumers from various biotechnology dangers, is now calling on South African authorities to enact a ban on Monsanto’s tumor-linked maize crop known as NK603.

This is particularly important when it comes to South Africa as white corn is a large staple food, making up for 80% of the harvest just last year. In the event that the maize were to be banned, it would be a major hit for Monsanto and an even larger victory for the 50,586,757 people who live in South Africa. If authorities take the advice of ACB, then it would not only ban the cultivation of the GMO corn, but the import and export as well. In a letter to the South African minister of agriculture, the ACB said:

“We urge the South African government to take the necessary steps to protect its citizens.”

Nations around the world are currently passing or requesting bans on Monsanto’s crops following the study, which is one of hundreds of studies to identify the dangers of both Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup and GMOs. Coinciding with previous pieces of research that have linked Roundup with conditions such as cancer and infertility, the French GMO study found that around 50% of the males and 70% of the females fed 100% GMO corn died prematurely.

It was also dubbed the most thorough research on the prolonged effects of GMOs and Roundup on rats.

As expected, Monsanto has not taken this news lightly. Previously being busted for paying United States diplomats to extend its campaign for global seed domination and killing over 500,000 innocents with its ‘safe’ Agent Orange weapon, Monsanto’s corruption has been repeatedly exposed by whistleblowers and alternative news media. Each time, however, Monsanto continues to assert that its creations are perfectly safe. Just as it did with Agent Orange, Monsanto is now on the defensive of GMOs despite having only been tested for 90 days before unleashed on the public.

More nations around the globe will continue to call for and enact GMO crop bans around the globe until Monsanto is either banned or labeled (via California’s GMO labeling bill Prop 37) out of existence. It is important that we support and highlight the countries who are making efforts on this front such as South Africa’s ACB.


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  1. Google Zyclon-B on Google. Originally insecticides were used as bactariological war wheapons to exterminate Jews in concentration camps. Why should these same people stop, specially when you know the CIA recruited most of them from the SS geman scientists to work for them against USSR. USSR was the only Evil Empire. USA also is unfortunately in 2012. MonSatan brought us also the wonderful Agent Orange in Vietnam.

  2. Putting insectide in genetic code of a plant we all eat, is just plain dumb and criminal. The US goverment (the FDA particularty) is runned by criminal scum. They are totally irresponsable pigs because NOBODY knows what happens to your ummunitary system after eating this sh-t.
    When it comes to food (McDonald, Coca Cola, ADM, MonSatan etc…..) USA is a synonym of death. Its no coincidence in USA that in 2012 cancer rates are exploding in chldren. It is maybe after all the famous Agenda 21 by the UN criminals in action ? I used to thing that all this stuff was just conspiracy paranoid crap. Less and less when I think about how PURE EVIL is. Originally the first insectiside was used in Nazi Concentration Camps. Now you have them in the genetic code of your food ! USA is runned by terrorists.

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