JP Morgan director kills his wife, then himself

A bank executive from London shot his wife dead before turning the gun on himself.

Julian Knott, 45, an executive director for JP Morgan, shot 47-year-old Alita repeatedly, police said.

The father-of-three was found dead alongside her in their home in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, on Sunday. He had worked in the City for almost 20 years before moving to the US in December 2012.

In a tribute posted online soon after the bodies were found, their daughter Kayleigh said that the couple were: “now stress-free”.

The university student wrote on her Instagram page: “Although I am heartbroken that they will never see me graduate college … get married or to be grandparents for my children, I can still have inner peace knowing that they are now stress-free in a much better place.”

Referring to her two teenage brothers, Tom and Luke, she wrote: “We will be just fine with our angels watching over us. Rest in peace mummy and daddy, stay close.”

Today Mr Knott’s relatives in Britain said they were still waiting for information about the tragedy.

JP Morgan Julian Knott Alita

Murder suicide: Bank executive Julian Knott and wife Alita

Police said they were called to the couple’s home at 1.12am on Sunday and found the bodies. Initial investigations showed the deaths were a result of murder-suicide. The couple met in London 20 years, ago when Philippines-born Mrs Knott was a personal assistant to a Bahraini sheik. They married and settling in Southwick, West Sussex, where Mrs Knott opened nursery school Quayside Tots.

Mr Knott joined JP Morgan as a network services manager in 2001. He moved to New Jersey when he was promoted to be executive director of the global network operations centre. In a biography posted online, Mrs Knott wrote: “After meeting my husband while working in London, I married, had three children and started my own pre-school nursery business, which I still own.”

Alongside a 2012 photo of Mr Knott carrying his wife on a beach, she wrote: “Been married for almost 18 years and love him more now. He is not just my husband, he is my best friend who understands the scatty Filipina I am.”

In a statement, police said: “Preliminary investigation has revealed that the two adults died as a result of gunshot wounds and the incident has been determined to be a murder/suicide. Julian Knott, age 45, shot his wife Alita Knott, age 47, multiple times and then took his own life with the same weapon.”

On Facebook, friend of the couple Reyes Cham Ortega wrote: “I worked with him for only two years but that was enough to know a lot about him and his family. I am still shocked and cannot believe it.”

JP Morgan declined to comment.


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  1. the only good banker = the same as the only good commander-in-chief = a dead one. amen.

  2. yeah, they sure had a bad marriage (not!)…???

  3. Wonder what he knew…and was this an assisted suicide like so many of the others? The Wankers, I mean Bankers, are cleaning house – by the look of torment in this man’s eyes he knew something that was troubling enough to him that he could no longer live with it, whether he decided so or it was decided for him…

  4. Ha, Murder/Suicide my keister All these bankers offing themselves. I smell a rat! I think they got it only half right Murder. Who benefits? There is a big story here. People don’t commit suicide out of the blue…This guy was murdered He knew something and he was silenced, So they threw in the wife to make it look good. Hunter S. Thompson after 9/11 said “like and good murder mystery, follow the money”.

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