Israel bombs 9 military targets inside Syria

Nine Syrian military targets have been hit by Israeli jets and guided missiles, the IDF says, claiming it was a decisive response to a series of cross-border shootings to protect the citizens of Israel.

The strikes on targets in Golan Heights were carried out shortly after midnight, Haaretz reports citing an IDF official, who called it a direct response to Sunday’s deadly incident when an anti-tank projectile fired from Syrian territory struck near the border fence on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

“The shooting [on Sunday] was a very serious act of provocation, and a continuation of a series of attacks carried out over the past several months against IDF forces throughout the border region, and in this area specifically,” the statement reads.

A military command headquarters reportedly was among the targets hit in Syria.

Earlier on Sunday, in response to the killing of Israeli teen Mohammed Karaka, IDF artillery pounded military outposts on Syrian territory, with speculations about possible strikes against other targets.

Israeli jet


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  1. So the gangster state is at it again, not really a surprise. The Palestinian Holocaust is supported by all major powers including the Arab ones. Israel is the most racist state since Nazi Germany. Two states that have occult symbols on their flags and are spiritually linked in so many ways.

  2. It takes more than Awakening. It takes ACTION! No peace movement in USA because it was usurped by jews, and they fully support all of these wars for Israel. Hence our peaceniks are MIA and DOA.

  3. Obviously, Israel is a war-like country. They cannot, and, have no intention of “getting along” with their neighbors. When will the U.S. wake up to this B.S.? They will not, because, Obummer is owned by this murdering “government”. World-wide, people do not want war. What do you want? Wake UP!

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