How they can brainwash you in a psych ward

In the wake of the Batman murders, there is much speculation about what psychiatric drugs James Holmes may have been taking. People are realizing, as never before, the power of these drugs to cause homicidal behavior and damage the brain.

In the case of the Marine, Brandon Raub, the “Facebook thought criminal” who was recently held against his will in a lockup and threatened with the drugs, we see how easy it is for the government to kidnap a citizen and subject him to Soviet-style incarceration.

Washington’s Blog, linked through infowars, has presented a compelling round-up of the reality of forced psychiatric care in America. It is clear that the federal government, on the vaguest of pretexts, can override state laws and put people in psych wards.

In the early 1990s, while researching the extension of the CIA MKULTRA (mind control) program, I had occasion to interview people who had been placed in mental institutions. This article is derived from their testimony, from numerous articles about the horrendous medical torture at two California prisons, Atascadero and Vacaville, and from Jessica Mitford’s landmark 1974 book, Kind and Usual Punishment.

The October 9, 1970, issue of Medical World News contained an article, “Scaring the Devil Out,” which revealed the use of a drug called succinylcholine at the Atascadero hospital for the criminally insane, and at the Vacaville Medical Facility. Succinylcholine (and a later drug, prolixin) were administered in a dosage “sufficient to induce general paralysis and respiratory arrest lasting up to two minutes.”

In a state of complete terror, the inmates would be lectured to by doctors, who told them they had to change their unacceptable behavior.

There is no essential difference between early basic CIA MKULTRA methods and the worst practices of psychiatrists in mental lockups. They both involve: isolation, duress, force, torture, and drugging.

There is no mystery about how and why these inhuman methods work. The patient is experiencing intense physical and emotional pain, and his response is often submission and compliance.

The patient wants to find out what is expected of him, and he agrees to it. A confession of a crime? Silence about what he knows? An expression of regret for what he has done or what he is accused of doing? A concocted story? He goes along.

This is why, for defendants like James Holmes, who is accused of mass murder and whose attorneys want to enter an insanity plea, the period of incarceration, during which he is “examined” to judge whether he is mentally competent, can be a very dangerous time.

As with the Arizona shooter, Jarod Loughner, the covert objective of this imprisonment can be the extraction of a guilty plea, which will eventually be entered in court.

The psychiatric drugs, particularly the so-called anti-psychotics, are used to put the patient in a state of semi-trance. Not only is he more suggestible and malleable, his brain is undergoing an assault, one effect of which is motor-damage. This is labeled tardive dyskinsia, to cover over the stark reality that the drugs are scrambling brain circuitry, often permanently.

Ordinary tranquilizers and sedatives can assist in this Nazi-like program.

Sometimes, friendly overtures from “good-guy guards” are used to make patients bond with their handlers, who then enlist patients’ cooperation in telling the right story and sticking to it.

Isolation from friends, family, and even lawyers makes the situation worse. The patient has to navigate his own way through a maze, deciding what to agree to and what to resist.

Early CIA MKULTRA experiments in the 1950s were not very sophisticated. Hypnosis, drugs, induced disorientation, force, threats, and suggestions were employed to forge “new personalities” for the victims. However, often the true result was simply victim compliance, offered with the hope of escape from the “treatments.”

It is the same in psych lockups. Barraged with crippling drugs, cut off from outside communication, the patient cooperates to avoid pain and fear.

One patient who had been held in a California psych ward told me: “I never lost track of the truth, but I could see they wanted me to agree with their diagnosis. They said I was a schizophrenic, and although I knew that wasn’t true, I went along after a while. I invented symptoms for the doctors. I played the part. I think they knew what I was doing, but they didn’t care. They just wanted to make sure their diagnosis would stick, so that when I was let out, my parents would be satisfied that I was crazy. That was the whole issue. My parents wanted to get off the hook. They wanted to believe they had never done anything wrong. They wanted to tell their friends I had a disease, schizophrenia, that’s all. I was ‘taking medication’ for it. I was ‘recovering.’”

Another patient from a mental lockup in the Midwest said: “They threatened me with electroshock treatments. I had heard how bad that could be. They just shoot electricity into your brain. It causes a seizure. They told me they could never be held responsible for it, because it was legitimate treatment. They said I could either be a very depressed patient who needed the shocks, or I could be a willing witness in a criminal case. I chose the second thing…”

He went on to say that, a year or so later, he realized “how much of a daze I had been in from the drugs,” particularly Haldol, a so-called anti-psychotic. “It was like slowly coming out of a blizzard, back into reality.”

These incarcerated people are not only placed in lock-up because their parents want to escape criticism, or the police want them to cooperate, or prosecutors want them to plead guilty to a crime. There are political prisoners as well. Law-enforcement agents are trained to believe these people, who speak out against the government, are inevitably holding dark secrets about terror plots.

Such a man, who was held for 72 hours after a court order, told me he was given “something like LSD or mescaline. They must have thought it was a truth drug, and I would spill my plans…I didn’t have any plans. I was just upset with the IRS. So I went on a weird trip from the drug. They interrogated me while I was high. I made up stuff. I don’t remember most of it. They were disgusted with what I was saying. I guess it didn’t make much sense. When they let me go, one guy told me they could get me back and give me a much higher dose of the drug, and then I’d be lucky to find my way home…”

None of the above touches on some of the worst horrors experienced by long-term mental inmates. Forced sex, frequent high-dose drugs that slam people into a barely coherent state, talk-therapy that degenerates into long hours of interrogation. Such a patient told me that, for a month or so, he actually believed he was “getting the best care in the world.” The interrogation was all about what he would reveal or not reveal about his treatment, if he was released from incarceration. Apparently, in his case, he was considered an experimental subject in a test of unapproved drugs.

Then there are the chronic casualties. After their confinement, they don’t have the competence to talk about what happened to them. They are too damaged to speak. In one such case, I was told by the patient’s parents, who were trying to pursue a lawsuit against the hospital, that as far they could tell, their son had received nothing but drugs. He hadn’t been overtly tortured. The drugs alone, which are prescribed by many psychiatrists in out-patient settings every day, had wrought so much destruction that the young man couldn’t finish his sentences or think in a straightforward fashion. He alternated between periods of silence and tantrums.

I did find one man who, refusing to talk about what had happened to him during his months in a psych ward, claimed he was a “secret agent for the other side.” This new assertion was contradicted by every available fact. Yet he believed it. He was never prosecuted as a spy. It is possible that he was worked on as part of an MKULTRA experiment, just to see whether this absurd belief could be successfully planted in his mind.

We are presented with psychiatry as the epitome of advanced brain science, practiced for the good of humanity. This is a lie. It is a lie in the psychiatrist’s office, and in the mental institution.

As I’ve written before, there isn’t a single laboratory test to confirm the diagnosis of any of the 297 officially designated mental disorders. Yet, the drugs given after the diagnoses all carry the high risk of terrible effects on the body and brain. From Adderall and Ritalin to Paxil and Zoloft, from Valproate and Lithium to Haldol and Risperdal, the prescribing doctors are playing with fire.

The FDA, who approves these drugs as safe and effective, sits on a mountain of lies and crimes against humanity.

We must, at a bare minimum, maintain the inviolable freedom to refuse medication. It is a basic right, and we must protect it.



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  1. I am in CA. My great grandmother was held in a psych ward and injected with Insulin in the 1930s. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. By all accounts she was not ill until she came out of the psychiatric hospital. She was given electroshock treatments along with the Insulin treatments. Her brain was fried. She was imprisoned because it was punishment for having an affair and love child. My great grandfather had her hospitalized to keep her away from her lover and it had nothing to do with her state of mind. The hospitalization was merely a club to make her behave.

    I was diagnosed by multiple psychiatrists as having Bipolar. I was put on Lithium and every drug on the market for Bipolar “on label” and “off label” such as anti-convulsants. I gained 180 pounds on the “Weight Gainer” Class of meds which the CDC has said, “Do NOT prescribe as they cause a chemical weight gain which leads to Insulin-Resistant Diabetes and death.” Psychiatrist do not listen and still prescribe these drugs. I developed High Blood Pressure for the first time in my life, High Cholesterol and host of other problems due to his weight gain. I exercised like mad and ate little. I lost all but 20 pounds of the weight gain after stopping the medication. I am not down to my 110 pounds, but it is better than the initial weight gain.

    One year on Lithium and I developed Hypothyroid Disease. This has been expensive and complicated to treat. I have nearly died six times per my Endocrinologist doctor. The psychiatrist quipped, “There is a pill for that!” In other words, so what you have Thyroid Disease and I caused it. He did NOT pay my medical bills to treat the Thyroid Disease.

    At year two my Adrenal Glands were killed. The Adrenals are out Immune System. That lowered my Immune System and I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I had the worst case my ENT doctor had seen and he is 80 years old. My psychiatrist said, “I hope you never recover! I am GLAD you are ill! Now your Hypomania is controlled. My job is easier.” He was thrilled I was sick with CFS. He felt there was no need for Adrenal Glands and had no idea what they were for. He said, “Stay on Lithium or you will be sent back to the hospital.” He threatened me with long term lock up. I stayed on Lithium so I could be free.

    Take Lithium and be FREE v. Stop Lithium and be locked up and medicated against my will anyway? I stayed on Lithium.

    Year Three I developed Edema due to Kidney Failure. My psychiatrist stopped sending me for blood tests and refused to monitor me. He said the swelling from Edema was normal for Lithium and not to worry. He said I was worried for no reason and overreacting. He called me “drama” and shamed me into silence and compliance.

    While under the treatment of my first psychiatrist he had me on so much Topamax and sleeping pills that I totaled two cars in less than a year, was sued by three people I ran into and narrowly avoid a stint in jail when the cops showed up at the scene of the accident. The psychiatrist did not take me off the meds, lower the dose, pay for my increase in car insurance or a new car. Fancy that! Later psychiatrists asked me how I was capable of getting out of bed on so much medication let alone driving. They told me I am remarkable to be able to hold it together so well under so much sedation.

    Year four I tried to find a new psychiatrist. No one would touch me stating, “You have not had regular blood tests. If anything is found you will sue ME! I am not taking you as a patient. Find someone else.” I found someone who agreed to take me if I agreed to forgo medical tests. He was my only option after much searching. He told me I was on 5 times too high of a dose on everything. He lowered my doses. He also told me I was on far too much medication. He took me from 20 different kinds of pills per day to 5 kinds per day and later down to 4. That is a substantial reduction.

    Year five I was given a routine physical due to changing insurance companies. They wanted to test me as part of my new patient intake. It was discovered I was in Stage 3B and about to go into Stage 4 Kidney Failure. I am dying.

    What did every single “doctor” I saw say to me? They said, “I do NOT care about your body. I care about your MIND!” Since they have killed me I guess they really did mean it and it was not a joke.

    No “doctor” is going to pay for my Dialysis or give me a kidney. My money is gone. My retirement savings plan money paid for doctor appointments, drugs, ambulances when I overdosed and no one is stepping forward to say, “We will right the wrong we committed.”

    Instead the new psychiatrists I was assigned to at my HMO said to me, “You are NOT ALLOWED to lower your dose of Lithium or go off it. If you change anything I will have you committed to the psychiatric hospital and medicated by force. Do you wish to be in the hospital or out?” I said, “You can NOT say that! It is against the law! Per the CA Patient’s Right Act I am allowed to stop medical treatment and medications. I want to extend my life not end it!” Two psychiatrists in a row told me, “You must continue or I will lock you up.” Every time we spoke they said the same thing. It never changed.

    I lodged a grievance with my insurance company. It was buried.

    I attempted to lodge complaints with various state and federal agencies. I discovered there is a ruling government body to protect and look after every group BUT the Mentally Ill. We stand alone. No one is protecting us on a city, county, state or federal level. Insurance companies and doctors are free to do what they wish. NO ONE is looking in one them. This is why they are so powerful.

    I noticed an alarming trend in multiple doctor’s offices. I was one one medication, but when the sales rep for a different drug company came through with gifts, goodies and incentives for the doctor and his staff all of a sudden my doctor wanted to change my medication to that of the drug rep. I learned to talk to the drug reps in the lobby and ask, “Who do you work for? Which drugs do you rep?” Then I could brace myself for the doctor’s sudden interest in a different drug for me. His *new* drug of choice? One the drug rep was peddling.

    Doctors care about their kickbacks, perks, money rewards, airline tickets to Hawaii, etc. from the drug companies. Doctors do NOT care about their patient’s well being at all. Being a doctor is their BUSINESS. They are out to make as much money as possible from their business and make a grab for the cash, perks and rewards. Psychiatrists are greedy people who only think about the bottom line. They have no interest in healing anyone, helping anyone or taking care of anyone.

    The drug companies and the doctors are in bed together to make as much money as possible.

    A psych nurse I am dating told me his nephew is currently in medical school. His nephew told him the drug companies “sponsor’ the medical schools. Per this nephew the drug companies “own the medical schools, medical students and future doctors in that school.” Each drug company owns their own school churning out future doctor who are faithful and loyal to that particular drug company. That smacks of a monopoly. Don’t you think? That is like a drug dealer going after school children on the playground.

    This same psych nurse I am dating also told me, “There is a female Bipolar patient at work who sometimes comes into the hall and screams. I go get Lithium. I make her take it and put her back in her room.” I explained to him, “You are OVERDOSING HER! Just ONE PILL extra per day is an overdose, toxic and can kill her! You are killing her Kidneys, Liver, Thyroid Gland, Adrenal Glands and she will die. You will do that! Stop it!” He replied, “Well it works.” He is unsupervised in administering EXTRA MEDS and no one at the hospital has a problem with this.

    The psych nurses are free to make decisions regarding life changing, life altering, life ending meds and no doctor has a problem with this. I find this troubling.

    The psych nurse told me the psych hospital where he works is full of people in Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Advanced Thyroid Disease and various other diseases caused by psychotropic drugs, but he is unable to see the connection between his own actions and the death of patients. He is a bright guy, but the staffers are taught it is acceptable to over medicate, overdose, make a patient go tocix and murder captive people who can not escape.

    Psychiatry is in my opinion is “Legalized Murder” sanctioned by the federal government, state governments and the drug companies.

    Do you wish to kill people and get away with it? Become a psychiatrist or psych nurse. There is your loophole for how to commit murder and have it be legal.

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