Grand National Will Take Place in April: Why You Should Care

2017 is set to be a great year for the Grand National, which will be happening on the 7th of April, right through to the 8th; three days of racing, pageantry, and someone gets to win £1 million. Let’s see more about the Mecca of horse racing.

What Exactly Is The Grand National?

Horse racing is the main feature of this event. Combined, it makes up for two non-consecutive days of the grand National calendar; the first and the last of the race days respectively. Sandwiched in between these is the Ladies day, thusly named because well, it features a lot of horse race loving women putting on their “sundae best” and flaunting that for the thousands of fans in attendance.

Where Does It Happen?

The event is quite the fuss, and in regard to this, Aintree will be hosting it in 2017 like it has in recent times. The possible change this year might be the methodical sizing down of the VIP area dubbed the Tatterstalls Enclosure. This has nothing to do with the elites not wanting their energies colliding with one another; rather, the intended aim is to give them more leg room.

Where Do I Get Tickets From?

Bookings can be made as early as… now? Tickets for the Grand National can be found on websites such as and are limited in the Tatterstalls area. Judging by what event organizers have in store, it’s understandable. Instead of having all the special kids hedged up in one corner of the room with the snot nosed variety peering in through the holes in the fence boohooing, they’re going to make a festival out of it. Fact, planners intend to do away with the enclosure altogether and have in its place a festival zone.

Who To Expect?

The race is one of the richest in the world. Sponsors Randox health will be a familiar sight this year and every year till 2021. As for the ladies expected to participate in the Style Awards competition, this year will be no different than the others as they will be required to woo the judges and crowd alike with their fashion sense and maybe get to take home that award for outstanding show outs in this category. This is scheduled to happen on the 7th.

Grand National fanfare has been broken down and fitted into three days long affair. Kick starting the event is the first day of the tourney named the Opening Day. This is followed up by the already too highly emphasized Ladies Day, then on day three, the event closes with the Grand National Day; the racing is most intense on this particular day, with racing hopefuls gunning to earn that mill. Below is a treatment of the individual event days and other useful info on what else to expect from the Grand National.

Day 1. Commonly referred to as the opening day, fans will be treated to live music shows and races galore, with the entertainment fixed presumably between the horse racing rounds. This should ease the spectators into the event. Usually, opening day races tally to about four grade 1 racing events. The grade designation here shouldn’t be any deterrent as the winner gets to qualify for the consecutive rounds and maybe fork in some quid to get the juices flowing for the ultimate jackpot.

Day 2. Ladies Day Gala has been slotted in as the activities that should keep fans enthused for day 2 of Grand National. Here, contestants are allowed to exhibit displays of dress, style, and elegance; of which the national has been known to pack over the years.

Day 3. Horses again. The event closes in style by crowning the champion who will then be awarded the cash prize and afforded privileges to compete again next year and defend their spot of Grand National champ. Competition reigning champs Red Rum and Rider have had the luck of clinching the hat trick win and fans will wait with much anti-climactic anticipation to see how fate twists in 2017.


The event will also be televised so in case you can’t make to attend all events in person, then you can still pick out which Grand National you’d love to check out and just watch the rest of the matches and sweepstakes from the comfort of your laptop or set. If you don’t just want to watch, open your favourite aggregate and follow the odds to increase your bankroll. ​​​​​​​