Germany gives up on getting their gold back

Germany’s plan to bring back the nation’s gold reserves to Frankfurt by 2020 has fizzled, and instead has for now decided to leave $635 billion of gold in US vaults.

Home to the world’s second largest gold reserves, worth $141 billion, Germany only keeps about one third of its gold ‘at home’, the rest is abroad. 45 percent is in the US Federal Reserve in New York, 13 percent in London, 11 percent in Paris, and only 31 percent in the Bundesbank in Frankfurt.

“The Americans are taking good care of our gold, we have no reasons for mistrust,” Nobert Barthle, the German Parliament Budget spokesman, told RT.

Critics of the slow progress disagree.

“While we haven’t been allowed to inspect escapes me, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the Bundesbank should be able to audit the gold once a year like it does with reserves in Frankfurt,” Hans Olaf Henkel, German member of the European Parliament, told RT.

In the end of June for the first time a Germany delegation traveled to New York to check up on their gold holdings, the first in the last 10 years. The lack of inspection has led some to question whether it’s still there.

The movement to ‘bring the gold home’ was largely led by euroskeptics who campaigned to repatriate all the country’s previous metal by 2020. So far, they’ve only managed to bring back 10 percent, or 300 tons. Another 374 tons from the Banque de France is set to be returned to Germany in the near future.

“We are still missing for example published bar number lists, even though the US Federal reserve publishes this list for their own gold,” says Peter Boehringer, Founder of Repatriate our Gold Campaign.

However, auditors last week said they were pleased with the US continuing to look after Germany’s treasures. The delegation said there is no rush to bring it home, and that keeping it there even offers an advantage, as it can be used for emergency currency for gold swaps.

After World War II, Germany bought gold from the US Federal Reserve, but decided to keep in overseas instead of back to the Bundesbank. During the Cold War, fear of a Soviet invasion made overseas storage a safer option.

Recently, the Bundesbank has been criticised for not holding its reserves in Frankfurt, so it has decided that some should be brought back to Germany.

Transporting the gold will be a high security operation. When France transferred its reserves in 1966 it used a submarine.

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  1. I read in many places that gold under the WTC on 9/11 was being hastily removed (stolen) via tunnels just before the controlled demolitions, and that not all of it was recovered. So, I would be very surprised to learn that the Federal Reserve actually had all the gold that they claim.

  2. No Gold in Knox, the German Gold is in the bank$ters hands,
    Auf Wiedersehen Deutsche Gold,

  3. My follow terror suspects and owners of the republic. Never forget two words, “Our Land”.My my aren’t those DC f-ups fearing us more and more with each passing moment!

    “The Americans are taking good care of our gold, we have no reasons for mistrust,” Nobert Barthle, the German Parliament Budget spokesman, told RT.

    How can an “under oath” employee of the German people, who are the owners of the (alleged) gold in US vaults, make such a ridiculous claim? Does he think he’s talking to little Johnny during a rollick of “find the quarter” in the hat room of the German parliament?

    Within the last year a German delegation came to Ponzie Land to inspect gold the so called gold stashed in US vaults.

    They weren’t allowed to enter the “cage”, touch or inspect the alleged palates of German gold. Some schmuck just gave em assurances, “Yep, there it is, all shiny and glittery an all dat shit – juz like we said. Now hurry along, we don’t want to miss the tour of the Wonka Chocolate Factory!”

    The German delegation never go closer than 10 ft.

    Couple years back, gold that had been secured in American vaults, was transferred to Hong Kong for final delivery to Beijing. In Beijing it was inspected. The so called “specific gravity” of bars pulled for inspection wasn’t up to muster. The bars were sliced to check the guts. Except for a few mills of bullion grade of the shiny on the exterior of the bars, the rest, or 99% of the weight of the bars was f*cking tungsten.The value of tungstens is about 15 cents an ounce!

    The FED, through it’s primaries, in order to prop up the near ass-wipe grade of the zillions of counterfeited USDs, was shorting gold – the FMOC minutes are ripe with those kinds of shenanigans.

    Germans have the same problem we do. The kiddie fondlers that their electronic voting machines told `em were elected to office to serve as political employees of the commons.

    Hear the thunder? Like an exploding star. A storm approaches. It’s the hooves of the fire breathing steeds delivering the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The blood of CSPAN dandies and thier K-Street Kiddie Brothel Bankster Pimps will be used to cleanse the steps of our temples of government – let `em bleed like stuck pigs hanging in the Mussolini Tree – about f*cking time – pretty sure the criteria obliging the commons to bleed dem f*cks, as prescribed in the Declaration of Independence, has been met in spades.

    We are the descendants of baby killers and King disembowelers and whoa the self anointed sissified dominion heretic whacking off in a sea of avarice and thinking their plump pampered useless ass is is worth anything more than being plugged by a bankers prosthetic dick, is protected. Who in their right mind would dare tempt the baddest blood thristiest dogs on the planet?

    We are Americans. A culture whose ancestors no right thinking country wanted hanging around. We ain’t here cause gandpappy chose to come. We’re here cause gandpappy was shackled and handed his hat.

    What is food. Welll it can be …
    The CSPAN glitter queens and Wall Street’s White Shoe Boys, as referenced by Welfare Queen extraordinaries, Goldman’s LLoyd Blankfein, and soon to be brisket on the commons’s epochal spit, in a moment of modest self adulation, claimed were “doing god’s work”.

    Now you can be god’s turd, Lloyd!

    Can’t wait to hear dem bitchez scream – their family trees needs to be rooted and drowned in Roundup! Datz what I call god’s work!

    It is not about minimum wage – it’s about off shoring – it’s not about anything except the future we deliver to our children, As Iron Maiden chorales, “Kill ‘em All”! We’ll have an epochal barbecue on the embers hatching the Phoenix – and believe me baby – dat bitch of a bird gonna deliver pain like you never seen!

  4. Well, this is Holocaust Reparations forever, dontcha know ? The suffering, the suffering, the eternal suffering, you stupid goys just cannot comprehend our unique suffering, hee, hee.

    That 300 tons repatriated does not have the proof marks of the gold which had originally been shipped to the Fed, they’ve done something to it, and for sure it’s a form of fools gold now in German vaults. Tungsten cored ?

    The only way the Germans will get it back is if they send an armed party – after the fall of America, but everyones’ vaults will ALL be empty, as planned even now.

    Where at by then ? Israel.

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