Former head of Israel’s central bank to be Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve

Stanley Fischer Israel central bank

Israeli banker and globalist Stanley Fischer

The Obama administration has nominated a top level globalist to act as vice chair of the Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel masquerading as a federal agency. If selected, he will replace Janet Yellen as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Yellen is slotted to replace Ben Bernanke.

Zambian-American-Israeli economist Stanley Fischer left mega-bank Citigroup to head up Israel’s central bank. He is the former number two honcho at the globalist loan sharking operation, the IMF, and the former chief economist at the World Bank. As an MIT economics prof Fischer tutored the current Fed boss, Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Fischer is a member of the influential Group of Thirty.

Obama was instructed over the summer by central banksters and establishment economists to nominate Fischer.

Stanley Fishcer is an ideal choice as number two at the Federal Reserve. He is a monetary “hawk” who will guide QE Infinity along its destructive path. His globalist credentials are sterling.

“Without the Fed, we’d have had a much deeper recession,” he pontificated from a pedestal at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council meeting last month. “Without the extraordinary things that it’s done, the economy would be in much worse shape today and we need to remember that.”

Stanley Fischer Netanyahu Israel Bank

Fischer with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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  2. “Without the extraordinary things that it’s done, the economy would be in much worse shape today and we need to remember that.”……psychopath!

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