FDA: Drug companies faked thousands of drug documents

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a major drug research contractor has been found faking documents and manipulating samples. The firm, Cetero Research, has tested medicines for major drug companies that are now being forced to reevaluate their products in response to warnings issued by US regulators. The news may be from 2010, but is an example of pharma corruption nonetheless.

Absentee Lab Technicians, Fixed Studies

North Carolina-based Cetero performs early-phase clinical research and bioanalytics for many pharmaceutical companies, which use the results to receive FDA approval for drugs. Exactly which companies used Cetero’s services for FDA drug approval remains unclear, though such companies are being asked by the FDA to come forward.

A series of investigations—two 2010 inspections, an internal company investigation, and a third-party audit—uncovered “significant instances of misconduct and violations” at Houston’s Cetero facility.  The FDA adds that “the pattern of misconduct was serious enough to raise concerns about the integrity of the data Cetero generated” between April 2005 and June 2010.

In those five years, laboratory personnel supposedly busy conducting studies were revealed in the investigations as not even being present in the Cetero facilities—in 1,900 instances. The FDA also suspects that Cetero “fixed” studies to skew outcomes or failed to mention others in their reports.

The regulators say that the investigation’s scope is “too narrow to identify and adequately address the root cause of these systemic failures.”

Root cause? Maybe greed is a good place to start.

Widespread Fraud in Big Pharma

Greed seems to be a common denominator between Cetero and Roche and Genentech, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company and its US affiliate, which were probed by the European Medicines Agency and found to have failed to submit 80,000 reports of products marketed in the US that left 15,161 patients dead. Your doctor could be one of the may paid to falsify data to get published. Even the Mayo Clinic has stated that the last 10 years of cancer research is useless due to widespread fraud.


Source: http://naturalsociety.com/fda-drug-companies-faked-thousands-of-drug-documents/

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  1. William Cole
    LIaten to PRN radio Gary Null. I dont intend calming down like you say when its about FDA criminals. I used tp think that people obsessed with natural food were a little bit nutty. And then I started reading about what they do our food NOW. Or better listen to the interviews given by Don Huber, a specialist from Purdue University that worked for the US government on food security and bacterialogical warfare specialist aout GMOs and Monsanto. The risks are 100% real and its a totally justified to not calm down.

  2. Its not just the drugs that FDA approves that are criminal. The FDA mass murders by approving dangerous food additives and dangerous foods that are presently the cause of the worldwide epidemy of cancers and diabetes. The food is the most damning for these crimnals running the FDA.. GMOs, aspartame, corn syrup, MSG and so many lethal comppounds that its impossible to count them. Its that bad !

    • You really need to calm down, dude. The people here aren’t your enemies, we’re here trying to be informed. We know things are flawed, and we’re trying to learn what we, as individuals, are capable of doing to improve the situation. Comments such as, “Americans are one fine bunch of stupid bastards and morons” and “Americans deserve to all get cancer and die” are in no way constructive or beneficial. I understand that you’re passionate about what’s being discussed, but there’s simply no reason to engage in this kind of behavior here. Animosity is what gives birth to the fear that has allowed all of these situations to get so out of control in the first place. You want to help? Give being friendly a try. I could’ve easily just berated you, but instead I chose to try and explain why I think what you’re doing is wrong. I want to see you grow and move past the issues that are preventing you from communicating intelligently. Let’s be friends!

  3. I am too conservative about the people the FDA kills each year.
    In USA its probably ONE million people killed each year by the FDA. But since the FDA influences about ALL countries worldwide. I would say the FDA indirectly kills worldwide 20 million people per year. Just check the epidemiological studies on the numerous scandals related to the FDA. Probably just the corn syrup kills alone maybe half ot the people. The FDA is just PURE EVIL. What is more terrible and horrible is that the FDA scandal are a cumulative process to the destruction of human health. Psychopathic vicious criminals absolutely indifferent of long term consequences of their decisions.

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