EU rejects French report linking GM maize to cancer

gmo cornThe EU’s food safety agency definitively rejected Wednesday a bombshell French report linking genetically modified corn to cancer, saying it failed to meet “acceptable scientific standards.”

“Serious defects in the design and methodology of a paper by Seralini et al. mean it does not meet acceptable scientific standards,” the European Food Safety Authority said in a statement.

“Consequently it is not possible to draw valid conclusions about the occurrence of tumours in the rats tested,” the agency said.

EFSA, which reviews the use and authorisation of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), added that it “finds there is no need to re-examine its previous safety evaluations of NK603,” the genetically modified maize developed by US agribusiness giant Monsanto.

That same conclusion had been reached in separate and independent assessments of Gilles-Eric Seralini’s work carried out in six European Union nations, the agency added.

Seralini’s research team at France’s University of Caen issued a report in September concluding that rats fed on NK603 corn, or exposed to one of Monsanto’s weedkillers used with the corn strain, and containing glyphosate, developed tumours.

The study’s conclusions, illustrated by horrific images of cancer-ridden rats, caused worldwide alarm.

NK603 is resistant to the Monsanto herbicide Roundup, enabling farmers to use the weedkiller just once in the crop’s life-cycle and make substantial savings.

Seralini and his team said their experiment in GM food was the first to follow rats through their lifespan, as opposed to just 90 days.

But many experts quickly questioned its methodology, results and relevance to humans.

The EU agency said its final assessment took into consideration evaluations carried out in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

“EFSA noted the emergence of a broad European consensus,” it said, stating that the six countries too found Seralini’s conclusions “were not supported by the data presented in the study.”

It listed weaknesses of the French study as “unclear study objectives, the low number of rates used in each treatment group, a lack of detail on the feed and treatment formulation, key information missing on the statistical methods employed.”

In a first response last month, EFSA dubbed Seralini’s study “inadequate” and urged him to provide additional information before a second, final review was completed.

But the scientist responded that he would not give EFSA additional information until it first detailed the basis of its own assessment.

“It is absolutely scandalous that (EFSA) keeps secret the information on which they based their evaluation” of NK603 and the pesticide, he said at the time.

“In any event, we will not give them anything. We will put the information in the public domain when they do,” Seralini told AFP.

His research group, Criigen, this month issued a list of almost 200 scientists from more than 30 countries who back the study.

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    Now we can taget them correctly. Their crimes wont be left unpunished when in 20 years people start dying en masse of cancer and strange immunitary diseases. Remember.

  2. Here are the name of the scientist in question. ALL WORK FOR BIOTECH. The germanTV DW made an investigation about them nice folks and their conclusion is that all have you guessed it !

    ZERO CREDIBILITY ! At least we have the names and we will know who to arrest and try for crimes against humanity when people strat dying. it wont take long by the way.

  3. LARGEST HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE US warns about the dangers of GMOs. These EU food commission sicentists are monsters. It is quite clear we are dealing with something as dark as Adolf Hitler in Europe and USA.. People are so naive when it comes to government officials. Most of them are low life criminals. The FDA is
    also a good example of it . Low life government mass murderers, pimps and prostitutes. These people must be denounced and demasked for what they are.

  4. Google DR DON HUBER Perdue University studies on GMOs and glyphosate.
    All these pro GMOs scientists are crazy and raving mad ! We are dealing here with totally people or even worse I now think. Psychopathic mass murderers that dont care and see you as a pest exterminate. The french study is 1000000% serious after listening to Dr Don Huber analysis.

  5. Now who is crazy here The EU safery commission scientists should be arrested and tried for what they really are mass murderes. Listen to this ! Perdue University scientist with 55 years experience and what he has to say about GMO corn and soya and glyphosate geneticallly laced insecticide. Our governments are controlled indeed by vicious and mentally sick people indeed. What else can you conclude ?

  6. Europeans are runned by madmen Eugenist Nazis. I really dont care about how you call them but the GMO treat is REAL. Listen to a specialist Dr Don Huber from Perdue University. 55 experience in farming. Glyphosate has nothing ordinary. Mad science and bad science from European pigs working for Monsanto ITS REAL. Has nothing to do with crazy ecologists. The application of pesticides in a generic code is just a crime against humanity. PURE EVIL. How else can you call this !

  7. The word that pops up repeatedly with GMOs is STERILIZATION. It quite clear that they want it that way and they dont care. They do not want to release their results because they that it is true. It is about something else that science or even money. It is about eugenism. We are clearly in presence of mad scientists, nazi eugenists.

  8. Well, can’t Seralini repeat his study taking into account EFSA’s objections? He would be more credible this way than by seeking testimonials.

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