CNN primetime falls below 250,000 viewers

CNN Bill Weir

With Bill Weir hosting CNN Tonight on Friday, averaged its second-lowest ratings during the 9 p.m. hour in both the 25-54 demo and total viewers in nearly 15 years. The CNN show had 48K viewers in the demo and 226K total, according to Nielsen.

The only other time the 9 p.m. hour rated lower than that in total viewers dating back to 2000 came on October 11, 2010 when Larry King Live had 196K. In the demo, it occurred on May 15, 2012 when Piers Morning Tonight had just 39K viewers.

During that hour Friday night, Fox’s The Kelly File came in first place with 193K in the demo and 1.360M total viewers. MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was second with 107K in the demo and 560K total viewers.

Here are the rest of your Friday ratings:

TV ratings 25-54TV ratings total

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  1. That means there’s still 250,000 ignorant people still out there who don’t know any better.

  2. why would anyone watch the phony news? to see some overpaid dandy make shit up?

  3. Good riddance….

  4. People have caught on to the fact that the TV aka “The electric Jew” only spoon feeds us news that supports the growth of our government, the reduction of our liberties and the expansion of our costly entangling alliance with Israel.
    FOX may be less leftwing, but they too essentially support the military pro Israel mindset that has brought us so much grief, wars, terror attacks and debt.

    • BenjaminFreedman

      Your comment is perfect. Nothing can be added to make it more informative. Nothing can be edited from it to make it more truthful and believable.

  5. I havent watched BBC/CNN for years, my track time in this so called news sites are in minuttes, and thats thrue a decade.

    They are ONLY a propaganda outlett and as the news in my litle shitthole, papers are just becomed a continuating of moronic programs with even more moronic people, and this moronic people have becomed selebretys and is invading the news.
    And thereby pushing the realnews into tiny part of their agenda, with is to boulster viouers to their owner, whom owns the cable nett systems, and so on.

    What litle news there is, is 100% bollocs aka propaganda.
    And lies, fakes videos, faked events, and somehow, they lie about everything, not the wether per se, but basicly they arent wurth a second of my time, I rather smoke a jonit and talk to my plants, before I waist a second on the news.


  6. In other words….only @ 2% of America watches these blatant propaganda outlets, TOTAL????

    HURRAY FOR AMERICA!!!! There IS hope, after all!

    Clue: those that STILL are watching?? Feel sympathy for them: they suffer low IQ scores…if ya get my drift…..

  7. The corporate war media are dying. How many millions of corpses on their hands?

  8. The American people are sick to death of being lied to every minute of every day about
    absolutely everything by their government and the main stream media. Thats why nobody
    watches anymore.

  9. Nobody likes a liar.

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