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CNN and MSNBC lose almost half their viewers in one year

It’s been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets.

Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.

The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN’s ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC’s 52 percent.

In an off-election year, and with last November’s numbers skewed higher as a result of the presidential election, it should be expected for ratings to decline.

However, Fox News didn’t see close to these losses. In total day, FNC is only down 18 percent since last November and 30 percent in the demo.

As you might imagine, prime time numbers were also down.

CNN was off 54 percent in total viewers and 62 percent in the demo. MSNBC declined 50 percent in total prime time viewers and 57 percent in the demo.

By contrast, FNC was second in all of cable in prime time this November averaging over 2 million viewers. This represented a decline of 21 percent in total viewers and 41 percent in the demo.

As such, no matter how you slice it, the liberal cable networks fared much worse in the past twelve months than their far more centrist competitor.

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Source: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/11/27/cnn-and-msnbc-lose-almost-half-their-viewers-one-year


  1. Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Summers, Giethner, Lew, etc. The Feds Board of Governers consist of five Jews, the twelve Federal Reserve Presidents include nine Jews and three non-Jews. Obama’s 38 or so Czar’s are all Jewish but two. Most of all the major bankers are Jews. Who are those who control our money, who are stealing our money, who are anti-gun, pro homosexual, pro abortion, pro hate crimes, pro feminism, pro contracetion, etc, Berstein, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Wasserman, – all the anti-god, anti-Christian, anti-patriotic, anti-family, legislation since Kennedy’s death (by both the CIA and MOSSAD), have been Jewish organizations, persons, congressmen, writers, committees’ etc. And just a side note that 99% of all spies that have been caught in America are Jews.

    Why do you think that over 102 nations expelled the Jews, why do you think thousands of cities, villages, towns, kingdoms and provinces expelled the Jews – for treason, subtgerfuge, fraud, usury, and the theft of their wealth and resources, by unfortunately, as will be the case here, nearly every time it was too late.

    • Very informative. I agree but it was not easy for me to accept and I fought against the truth for several years. After all, what you point out is not to be found in the news papers or in college classes but it can be found, if a person searches for the truth. I wish more people would put forth that effort.

    • It’s becoming more and more clear every day. The Jews are the enemies of everyone else on the planet.

  2. I am one of those that dont bother to even claryfi or justify, orveven to understand the diffrences between the various -isms everybody is throwing around.

    Centric, huh. oh an even wurse, Liberal, wtf is that, it dont tell me anything about their policys but what I do coment is some thing I call the topp/bottom agenda, the rule of robberbarons and their minions that has bin there since time immemorial. Its the effects of any policy, no matter what they call it, North Corea is a democratic republic, for what ever that means.

    Its the sentralising, of power that is everything, no matter how and by whom, as long every aspect of life and comerse is controlled by an Party, and look at the New Labour Cult, the same countrys that is deep into the NSA shitthole, its the same countrys that hails the AGW cult, and have and is sensuring ever harder anything that is contradicting their moronic babbeling labeled as f…. science. Its was the “labout parties” that instigated Eugenics, and so on, like the Comunistic Sovjet, this thinking, is still alive and kicking, and the uSSa and the New Labour countrys, all runn by the zionists, is THE problem.

    And the only thing that gives me hope, is that slowly are people realising the Game.
    And so far so good, and make them irrelevant, they have had their hegmony, and now its time do lett them die of, CNN/BBC/SKYN/Al fake Jazeera, and so on is becomed The new comedy sentral, and a freekshow. WE know they lie about everything, they know it and so do we. And like other “democrasys” the rely on the gov. to quell any oposittion, be aware, and its not only confined to just the uSSa, its all over the globe, specaly hard is the sensure in the Nordic countrys, where its total.
    Wake up.


  3. Fox News is the middle of the road?!?!? HAHAHAHA!!! What kind of brainwashed person wrote this? The reason it gets good ratings is they have hot chicks. Period. They parade hot babes around with far-right-leaning news “stories” and call it “news”. It’s not news, it’s entertainment for testosterone-laden bone-pill-popping old married males.

  4. Fox News is centrist? If one is comparing it to propaganda constructed by Goebbels, perhaps. CNN and MSNBC are liberal? CNN is owned by Time WArner-AOL. They contributed more than a couple million $ to Bush Jr’s presidential campaigns. MSNBC is co-owned by NBC (which is owned by defense contractor, and very un-liberal, General Electric) and Microsoft. They are about as liberal as Microsoft is “soft.” They also contributed multiple millions to Bush’s election campaigns. If you believe Fox is centrist then anything that deviates from their message would be extreme to you; hence, you believe the other outlets to be liberal.

    So who is in first place in news if Fox is second? Answer that one if you dare.

  5. I noticed that Fox has lost fewer than the others have. I believe this is going to be very temporary. I remember when I began waking up to the truth. At first could not stand CNN and I loved FOX . Then over the years, I continued to learn more of the truth, I saw that FOX was no different than the others (for instance- ignoring Ron Paul) Now I don’t trust them or listen to them either! Those who have left CNN and MSNBC have began a journey and will continue toward the truth. Thank God for the internet. MSM is dying and good riddance !

  6. We have three LCD tvs and for the past 10 years–they are collecting dust. Re-runs of old half hr shows, Food cooking endless shows (as if most Americans can afford high end meals) and Jerry Springer type of dumb shows and the worse of the lot are Bible thumper shows. Another for couch potatoes are sport related-hockey, Football, Basket ball or dancing with the stars.

  7. It makes sense that the liberals would abandon Zionist controlled media. But what I would like to know is where have they gone?

  8. CTO1 Wm "Chip" Nagel USN(R)

    Give me a break, CNN is nothing more than FOX Lite, I do like MSNBC but I don’t watch it much. I will stick to NPR, BBC and Al Jazeera English.

  9. A great day for truth. Peace.

  10. Get rid of Al Sharpton and watch that network’s numbers rise.

    • Murdered Past CIA Director William Colby: “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

      • Colby never said that. It’s a made-up quote published four years after Colby’s death by conspiracy pimp David McGowan,

        • Prove it – and ‘official’ government lie services called ‘mainstream media’ will NOT be considered evidentiary. Only stupid people get their information from their corporate/fascist TVs…

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