Citizens arrest attempted on war criminal Tony Blair

Bush and Blair war criminals

Tony Blair’s tenure as prime minister of the UK has been over for nearly seven years now, but some Britons are still extremely upset at him. One British poll from last year even found that a fifth of the country thinks that Blair and his partner in war George W. Bush should face trial for invading Iraq. So far, five people have attempted to place Tony Blair under citizen’s arrest—the fifth being my boyfriend Twiggy on Friday night. I decided to interview him to find out how it went.

VICE: You just placed Tony Blair under a citizen’s arrest—how do you feel?
Twiggy Garcia:
I feel great. Lots of people have been contacting me to say well done. I’m still in disbelief that I got the opportunity to citizen’s arrest the former prime minister.

Was this a planned scheme? Did you wake up this morning knowing that you were going to try to arrest Tony Blair?
Not so much a plan, but it’s something I have wanted to do for a few years. I had been waiting for the opportunity after seeing the website, and it just so happened that we were in the same place at the same time. I believe Blair is responsible for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians after taking our country into an illegal war and breaking articles 31 and 51 of the UN charter, of which the UK is a signatory.

Where did you see him?
At a restaurant called Tramshed in Shoreditch—I was working at the bar. My heart rate increased when I found out he was in the building; there was a eerie presence, which some of the other staff noticed too. It wasn’t like any other night. I couldn’t believe he was there. His security people were sitting at the bar directly in front of me and I got nervous because I thought they overheard me say, “Should I citizen’s arrest him?”

Did you act on impulse or did you think about what you were going to do?
I thought about it for a while. I went on the ArrestBlair website to see how to perform a citizen’s arrest. Then I spoke to some of the other staff and they said I shouldn’t do it. I then phoned my friend Callum and told him my plan. He said, “Go for it,” and that was all I needed to hear.

Twiggy Garcia citizens arrest Tony Blair

Twiggy Garcia

What was he doing when you arrested him?
He was sitting at the head of a table upstairs in the restaurant with about eight other people eating dinner. I think he was out with his family and a few friends. I went over to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and said, “Mr Blair, this is a citizen’s arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq. I am inviting you to accompany me to a police station to answer the charge.”

What was his reaction?
He said, “No, shouldn’t you be worried about Syria?” and I replied that I can only address things that are within my grasp at any one time. Then he asked me, “But don’t you agree that Saddam was a brutal dictator and he needed to be removed?” and I replied “Not by an illegal war.” Then he started talking about how lots of people died in the 1980s. I paraphrased Robin Cook’s resignation speech and asked why we needed to go to war to remove a power we put in place, and didn’t our government and the US provide Saddam with those weapons in the first place?

What did he have to say to that?
He kept changing the subject and talking about Syria. He said, “I think you should be more concerned about Syria, to be honest.” I explained to him again that I was placing him under a citizen’s arrest because he is a war criminal, and invited him again to accompany me to the police station to answer the charges.

I’m going to assume he politely declined. What happened next?
One of his sons got up and went to get the plainclothes security from downstairs. I decided to get out of there sharpish—I’ve had a few run-ins with the police in the past and it never ends well. They have no respect for the laws they are supposed to uphold. I quit my job [at the restaurant] there and then. I’d been planning to leave anyway. I haven’t spoken to my employers since. I feel a little bad… they were really nice.

Did Blair react in the way you expected him to react?
It all panned out pretty much how I thought it would, except that I didn’t expect him to start debating with me. I think he actually believed the lies that were coming out of his mouth. We all know that the humanitarian angle of the war was retrofitted after the decision to go to war when Blair and Bush failed to get UN Security Council approval.

What do you hope will come from the attempted arrests?
I hope that it will keep people from forgetting that he is a war criminal. I hope one day he faces his charges at the Hague. People seem to think that those laws only apply to Nazis and African warlords.

If you saw him again would you do anything differently?
I’d probably get someone to film it. I was scared to get my phone out in case it was confiscated by his bodyguards. The police have held my phone for five months before when I had done nothing illegal. They are shits.

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  1. Nice attempt least you let him know its not every one who just doesn’t get it..this is one weird ‘person’ he will die before admitting he is a lying bastard..barristers lie for a living..he lied his armpits off with a dirty smug grin on that punchworthy face that makes it worse as far as the peoples lives taken..over a million the last I heard..what pisses me off is all the killing in Africa, for so long and still happening yet what the fuck did he do ? now the sickest thing is I found he has 3 or 4 HOLY BLAIR sites where hes encouraging all types of religion to ‘tony blair’ together? all called ‘the Tony Blair ‘this and that’ foundations and I truly believe he sees himself as ‘messianic’ he is in awe-of only himself and is very dangerous..

  2. …’power’ I meant, not ‘proer’…any-way, website owner, it would help a lot if the comment section had paragraf-change, otherwise you can see, it becomes one hemoroide of text. If it’s possible change that.

    My final point is this: When T. Blair stated out of fear: Hanging the bankers won’t help/solve anything.
    There, you could easily engage not in a conversation to allow him to change the subject, but by answering short and sharp, like this:
    No. But it’s a start.

  3. I also wanted to convey another wrap-up message going into these kind of people’s mind, ‘logic’ and layers of conscience switch-off whenever they feel like it:
    – Never EVER engage into a conversation with them. Just do what you intended to do, and why you got there for in the first place! They are trained masters of deception and word-manipulation from The Business Schools of Marketing… it says it all.
    – Facts remain, and as you know of them, stick to that, what you know of that is:
    The USA didn’t take Saddam down, because he was a mean dictator to his people-that they wouldn’t care less of for years and years and years before the invasion and all the attrocities he and his family subjected people for. That’s NO NEWS to anyone! Fact is they invaded another country, because of OIL mostly, and because they tasted new businesses and new money/territory.
    The reason T. Blair used the word-justification ‘dictator’ as a reason and escape from his own lousy bloody conscience, is he knows NO-ONE likes a dictator! But guess what? NO-ONE likes a liar, a bully and a terrorist either- especially when they are making activists of Human Rights traitors or terrorists and criminals and letting the real terrorists, like themselves, and criminals out… just a thought!
    Another Fact is this:
    – Neither he USA nor UK, etc. are ‘heroes’ going into a war and an invasion of yet another profitable country out of ‘kindness’, because facts are:
    Even with the whole Auswitch thing, they knew where the gas-chambers were exactly, they also had maps and surveillance pictures of convoys arriving with prisoners and locations to where exactly the crematoriums were situated, and where people were taken to. BUT they chose instead to bomb repeatedly a synthetic-rubber factory, where the people worked like slaves, than bombing just a few times of that same artillery down at the real death-camps. They could easily have saved people at the most attrocious and most pivotal point of extensive murdering-time, when they had data. They didn’t even spend time processing and analysing the surveillance data! In the pictures you can also see, when people arrived in masses on the train-railways, i.e. they weren’t even taken to the gas-chambers yet… and they tell us they couldn’t bomb Nazis right- here- and- then? Are you kidding me, people? They let people die in major MAJOR numbers.
    The whole Rwanda Genocide situation is another example. UN knew, could, but didn’t act in time either here.
    The Syria….
    Fact is they themselves supply ‘dictators’ with guns and amunition, the are war-nations with a massive war-technology-intelligence industry and they live of it, when it’s active. That is the ROOT of the problem. As for the assistants, like the new Big Brother UK, with the specific political characters in power just delivering off or assisting to drone-murdering of targets and innocent bystanders victims, KIDS AS WELL, their own innocent people for nothing to their murderers buddies, just like Hitler and Mussolini buddies and Partners inCrime once before in history, there is a special place for them in agonizing Hell and at Judgmenet Day. Switching-off their conscience and lying as an excuse to live with that conscience, as if they didn’t have blood in their hands, won’t help them.
    Matter of fact we can all live in harmony-but some want all the proer and control at the expense of all of us. They will indeed choose self-destruction as Freud saw, but they will also pay the final price. Their own demise. Just you wait.

  4. How I admire your courage Twiggy Garcia, and thanks so much for the article Clark Kent. Next time be more prepared and document it directly on media.

    Of course, Tony Blair and the other perpetrators supporting him, the Police too and Justice System, etc. would avoid to reflect and answer to their own responsibility. That’s what they do best, they learn to use marketing-business tactics, they are even trained by un-ethical marketing people to use specific retoric, to change the subject, etc. to get out of the hot spot they’re in.You could ask them: How can you EVER justify any such action, when innocent people, KIDS AS WELL, get murdered as a consequence of that action of YOURS?
    What can they say, that ‘the purpose/goal/target justify the evil means?… Are you kidding me? First they all have to acknowledge they either are: war nations like the USA, an economy based on war industry and technology needing new wars or starting financial scams spreading to the entire world again, to help nationalism and extremism in Europe repeating Nazi history, to sustain that same industry and history-background making them trillions and ‘heroes’ of today’s major control-power again, or the other fact- that they are a bitch-slave to the new spy- and human rights violator the new USA machine, as you know, the new UK has been the last many years both with T. Blair and D. Cameron. Then, they can solve their issues, but here’s hoping, huh?

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