CIA and Rockefeller funding Greens party in Australia – Clive Palmer

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has accused the Australian Greens and Queensland environmental campaigners of “treason” in conspiring with US powers to destroy the nation’s coal industry.

Mr Palmer is concerned with the perceived collusion between the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency and the environmental lobby.

Mr Palmer turned his attention to a report by Greenpeace and other anti-coal groups, titled Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, which outlined an environmental campaign designed to disrupt and delay the expansion of the industry.

While brandishing a copy of the report this afternoon, Mr Palmer said it was the result of a CIA conspiracy involving the US-based Rockefeller Foundation.

“This is funded by the CIA,” he said.

“You only have to go back and read … the report to the US Congress that sets up the Rockefeller Foundation as a conduit of CIA funding.

“You only have to look at the secret budget which was passed by Congress last year – bigger than our whole national economy – with the CIA to ensure that.

Clive Palmer exposes CIA and Rockefeller funding Greens party in Australia:

“You only have to read the reports to US Congress where the CIA reported to the president that their role was to ensure the US competitive advantage – that’s how you know it’s funded by the CIA.”

Mr Palmer argued descendants of US oil magnate John Rockefeller had bankrolled the Greenpeace report, in a bid to disrupt and damage the Australian coal industry.

When I heard Clive Palmer single out the Rockefeller’s I leaped out of the my chair. About time someone called these crooks out by name and exposed them to the ignorant sheeple. Only the next day did I see the mainstream media and very questionable GetUp! group label Palmer a conspiracy nut and wanted to sue him.

Good to see since Mr Palmer exposed the CIA and Rockefeller connection to Australia’s political system. The leader of the Greens party in Australia, Bob Brown, just days ago. You know, the same Bob Brown that called for a world government. Gee that couldn’t be the Rockefeller and other elitists plan for a New World Order could it?

Go ahead and try sue Mr Palmer, he’ll only win in court and expose the truth. Just like recently Nathaniel Rothschild labelled a puppet master, went to court to claim libel only to have the judge basically tell him, yes you are a puppet master.

What’s the elite’s theory on global warming -> climate change -> carbon taxes -> tax on breathing?

Pay them money into a central bank run by the Rothschild’s! Why don’t they tell us what these Chemtrails are? What HAARP does? What UN Agenda 21 is really all about?

Not to mention Al Gore owning a nice holding in Hara Technologies which has the software for the carbon trading credits. How’s that for an inconvenient truth Al Gore (or as South Park call him: manbearpig)?

Here is Clive flying a chopper up into the skies of Queensland, Australia to promote well, you guessed it, freedom of speech:

Clive Palmer free speech politics

Big thumbs up to Clive Palmer!

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    According to Joan Veon, James Lovelock formulated the Gaia Hypothesis, which today is known as the worship of the earth. It propagates holism, which perverts and inverts Genesis 1.
    Holism is evolution at its finest. Man evolves to the point where he equal with the earth, the plants, and the animals and the environment is elevated to a position of dominance over man.
    Any religion that inverts Genesis 1 is paganism. The only way to change the laws of every country and to take control, is to make the environment the focal point. Eventually the world will be ruled by “global governance,” partnership between business, the private sector, and government, which is fascism.
    UNCED – United Nations Conference Environment Development.
    UNCED, also called the earth Summit, was an unveiling of the philosophical shift from the Judeo – Christian world view to Gaia. The programme of action, called Agenda 21, is 297 pages long, and a second related document, Global Assessment, is over 1,100 pages long.
    Together these documents contain an agenda that can only be called evil, as the implementation of the action items will turn freedom into bondage and life into misery as all of what we know today will be replaced with a planned electronic society in which our only value will be to produce. In feudalistic times only the king and nobility owned land and had freedom. So, too, under United Nations rule, feudalistic times will return and the light of freedom will go out. … With the adoption of Sustainable development at UNCED, man was demoted to the same level as a plant or animal.
    A Paradigm Shift in Values, Economics, and Governance
    Agenda 21 set up the global infrastructure needed to manage, count, and control all of the world’s assets, pastures, rangelands, farmer’s fields, oceans and inland waterways, marine environment, marine life, cities, housing, sewer and solid wastes, methods of production, air, pollution, biotechnology – every aspect of living – farming, production and manufacturing, research and medicine, etc., along with you and me.
    As a result of advanced technology through computers and satellites – the geographic Information System (GIS) – the management, count and control is being done.
    (1). The Convention on Biological Diversity (which puts holism into practice.
    (2). The Convention on Diversification.
    (3). The Convention on Climate Change.
    These conventions will change the freedoms we have known and our ability to choose what we think is best for our family and business.

    • I pretty well agree with your summary. Private property is probably the primary object of attack by these forces, which is why it is so important to file a common law whenever a government agency attacks private property by way of fines, fees, penalties, or even outright seizure. Such impositions are frequently made upon private motor vehicles, land or even children, however the common law provides a ready remedy in English law jurisdictions.

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