Cairns to halt water fluoridation (Australia)

Fluoride water CairnsThe Cairns City Council will remove fluoride from its water supply, saying it amounts to the “involuntary medication” of residents.

But the council says it won’t be doing anything to determine if there’s broad community support for fluoridation to continue.

“If people want to have access to fluoride, they need to take that up with their dentists,” a council spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

“The decision has been made … it shouldn’t be forced on people without consent.”

The council said it based its decision on the policy of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

The LGAQ said it supported the right of councils to decide if fluoride should be added to water and that the express consent of communities should be sought for processes such as fluoridation.

Asked about the Cairns council’s refusal to determine if community consent existed, LGAQ executive director Greg Hallam said: “That’s a mater for them. We’re not judge and jury.

“We’re not anti-fluoride and we don’t subscribe to a view that there’s any harm based on all the scientific studies around the world. Ours is a political and legal stance.”

The Queensland government last year changed laws that had required bigger communities to add fluoride to their water supplies.

That was despite warnings from the Australian Dental Association that would cause major dental health problems.

Premier Campbell Newman even said he personally supports fluoridation, but the issue was about restoring councils’ right to decide.

LNP MP Jason Woodforth last year said there was broad backbench support for the fluoride to be outlawed completely, telling the ABC it was a proven neurotoxin.

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said the change would save the council a significant amount of money.

Mr Manning said the council also supported the LGAQ’s position that oral health was a state government responsibility and “as such any financial burden should remain with the state”.

Fluoridation currently cost the council about $300,000 in chemicals, staffing, testing, electricity and infrastructure, he said.

Fluoride will stop being added to the Cairns water supply from the middle of next month.

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  1. I tell everyone I can about the difference between sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride. I told my landlord about sodium fluoride, and how to flush it out of the body today, to which he replied “I’ve heard people talking about this before, but it’s always over-hyped.”, and his girlfriend saying “Well, we’re not dead yet!” I then explained to them that sodium fluoride is nuclear waste byproduct, and that there’s no such thing as good sodium fluoride, he simply said “Well, good luck with that.” as if to wish me well on my journey to a healthy body, but gave the vibe that he simply doesn’t care enough. They don’t care NOW, but wait until it’s not just numbing their mind, but messing with their body as well, THEN they will be upset. I spoke to a man who worked in a shop that sells water filters today, he told me the exact same thing, and explained to me that it’s used to keep the masses in submission; there’s hope in Australia, but we have to speak up and let everyone know what the deal is.

  2. Well done Cairns. Im in Brisbane. Pity the rest of us ‘Auzzies’ are too brainwashed and lazy to even research it or do anything about it. Most to nearly all Australian’s, can be informed about fluoride and be shown proof that its has a hidden evil agenda. But no one cares. They would rather be talking about TV and celebrities. And they still think it has to be good for us. But it seems its too late. Fluoride has won. My country is proof that it ‘dumbs’ down humanity. Australian people are either too dumb to recognise the harm or too lazy. Its either one or the other, wake up ‘sheeple’.

  3. I believe the reason and purpose of fluorodation is that it is a proven neurotoxin.

  4. I can see the propaganda comming. The media will seek children with bad teeth in QLD and spin it off as a lack of fluoride that caused it. This will convince major cities like Sydney to keep it in. A common brain washing technique for the masses dumb enough to make their decisions on what the media tells them. The flouride industry will fight to keep thier poison in the major cities.

  5. Pardon me; you said ‘distil’.
    Is that effective?

  6. I live in Cairns,ive had to distill my water for years,Not now i guess the real reasons for this move is that the state gov and councils are broke,to save 300000 from the council budjet is the real reason for the removal of flouride,They your gov and council couldnt give a shit about your health.

    • That’s sad, but no doubt true.
      They certainly give a shit about your health they make such an effort to ENSURE that we are getting fluoridated…!!
      It’s a far more complex process than just filtering to get rid of the fluoride from your tap water, by the way Jacques.
      Anyway, it’s a positive thing and i hope that it catches on across the country.

  7. I presume the green/alternate people of the north pushed this to the action stage.
    A very well done to them.
    Also, well done Cairns City Council for adhering to the wishes of the electorate.
    Happy days.
    Didn’t the Brisbane City Council (a few years back) decide to permit fluoridation of drinking water sold in bottles…? Who pushed that in one would have to ask….They should have turfed them out on their ears.
    The North leads the way. I like it.
    Jonzy; it’s not just Santa Clara that doesn’t need any further dumbing down, i can assure you.

  8. Cairns is to be congratulated for joning the other 95% of the world in rejecting fluoridation. Many regions and cities are doing the same because they have learned the truth, that fluoride is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health.

    Mr. Jonz: I actually tried to inform the leaders in Santa Clara County, but I couldn’t overcome the side with the big money. Industries are profiting mightly by selling their indusrial waste fluoride instead of having to process it and dispose of it.

  9. Ha, here in Santa Clara Country,they just started fluoridating the water. They’re so proud of themselves for “saving the children” from tooth decay. As if they needed to be dumbed down anymore.

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