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Brzezinski admits alternative media stalling war with Syria

zbigniew brzezinski

During a short interview with Germany’s DW News last Monday, former US National Security Adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski commented on the growing inefficiency of war due to the increased political knowledge of the public.

“Given the contemporary reality of what I have called in my writings ‘Global Political Awakening,’ a policy of force based primarily on Western and in some cases former colonial powers does not seem to me a very promising avenue to an eventual solution to the regional problem,” said Brzezinski, referring to the situation in Syria.

Despite Brzezinski’s noted long-term relationship with Obama which included a top foreign policy adviser position, Brzezinski denied any specific knowledge of his plans regarding Syria, saying that if the administration has a strategy, it’s a “very well-kept secret.”

Obama’s Middle Eastern strategy has been a mere continuation of the policies seen under Bush, exemplified by former four star general and NATO commander Wesley Clark’s admission of the Bush-era Pentagon plan to overthrow several countries including Libya and Syria.

Although Brzezinski at times attempts to appear opposed to military interventionism, President Obama’s actions in Syria, which include the support of admitted Al Qaeda fighters, closely mirrors several of Brzezinski’s previous policies, most notably the opposition to the Soviet Union in 1979, where decisions made by Brzezinski led to the creation of Al Qaeda through the CIA funding of the Afghan Mujaheddin.

Brzezinski’s call of warning to the “global political awakening” has only intensified in recent years. Last year during a speech in Poland, Brzezinski noted that it has become “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples.” Brzezinski also blamed the accessibility of “radio, television and the Internet” for the “universal awakening of mass political consciousness.”

“[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people,” said Brzezinski during a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal.

Despite attempts by both the Republican and Democratic leadership to gain support for a war in Syria, a new Reuters poll revealed that only 9 percent of Americans support military intervention in Syria. If the United States intervenes, it will be the least popular war in American history.

The massive and growing evidence forced out by the alternative media, which points to a US backed chemical attack by Al Qaeda led rebel forces to be blamed on Assad, has only accelerated the inevitable downfall of the corporate press that is now only trusted by 23 percent of the public.

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Source: http://www.storyleak.com/brzezinski-global-political-awakening-making-syrian-war-difficult/


  1. Why is this piece of filth even getting a platform after what he said, anyway.

    • NOT “another investigation”, but a FULL REENACTMENT :

      We petition the Obama administration to:

      Ask the American people to reenact 9/11.

      According to Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center ):

      “When the World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total costs to the Port Authority had reached $900 million”, MUCH less than the price paid by the American people for last decade’s wars.

      Please remind the citizens of the U.S. that they are free to peacefully assemble, to organize themselves, to use available blueprints, dummies, full scale replicas of planes and WTC buildings, in order to reenact, in a remote location, some of the events of September the eleventh, 2001.

      Reenacting some of the events of 9/11/2011 will indeed bring change and hope, will boost confidence, credibility and stability, will promote prosperity both in the U.S. and all over the world.

      Kind regards,

      Ben Franklin

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  2. The public mood is refelcted in the comments on MSM sites. This will have effected the decion makers.

  3. Brzezinski can go to hell, old washed up dinosaurs with 19th century social theologies is what got us in this mess in the first place. The world has no need for his kind or his masters.

    Insidious influences – You are being lied to!

  4. Brzezinski’s arrogance, his contempt for ‘ordinary’ people and citizens is palpable. The fact that he is whining about loss of power, the imposition of new constraints on the elites, on his faction’s almost whimsical ability to ‘stick it to the masses’, is good news. Good news indeed!

  5. This is just more proof that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are true.

  6. “delaying the new world order”…”Z” I could not be happier…sorry ass…

  7. If you want WWIII, bring it on! The tide has already turned. I fear you will drown!!

  8. Slowly but surely, we’re having an effect on the plans of these would-be dictators. Persistence and courage is all it takes!

  9. This Satanic PIG
    wishes he could stop
    the Second Coming,
    which is Mass Awakening…

    “The Beast Knows Its’ Time Is Short…”

  10. This Illuminati Globalist and the rest of his ilk are sooner rather than later going to find it is they who will be controlled and/or killed and not the politically awakened masses.
    The day is coming very soon when their immoral one world view paradigm of rule by a stateless elite, supression of the masses and their exploitation, population control by endless warfare and genocide is going to be replaced by a completely different, more human, more humane world system.
    THAT is what he and his Globalist cabal friends know, and are becoming deathly aftraid of. Their days are indeed numbered.

  11. Don’t forget this One thing. It was Kissinger and Brzezinski that gave Obama his first detail out of Harvard, and the two of them have been grooming him to be President and carry out Rothschilds Orders ever since then………….

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