BREAKING: 4 man team carried out Sikh massacre says eyewitness!

UPDATE: A separate source has corroborated the other eyewitness claim – a family member whose parents were victims of the shooting said his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack.

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An eyewitness to the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre, contradicting the official narrative that a lone gunman was the culprit.

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Just like the ‘Batman’ massacre, after which eyewitnesses clearly stated that James Holmes had an accomplice, today’s tragedy in Oak Creek is already throwing up questions that may suggest a wider plot.

Speaking with the Associated Press, an eyewitness stated, “Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation.”

With the federal government already labeling the shootings a “domestic terror incident,” the narrative is already being manufactured to blame the tragedy on conservatives and libertarians, as well as demonizing the second amendment.

President Barack Obama is already positioning himself to politically exploit the incident. Top Democratic strategists have previously welcomed the prospect of domestic terror incidents as a means of boosting Obama’s poll numbers and helping him re-connect with the American people.

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Sikh Temple Shooting: Get Ready For “Hate Crime” Propaganda

The narrative for the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin to be blamed on conservatives and libertarians in order to portray anti-big government activists as “hate criminals” is already underway. This will also be used to further demonize the second amendment as legislation is readied to eviscerate gun rights – despite the fact that the shooter was only stopped when a police officer killed him by firing a gun.

Obama is being kept up to date on the issue by his homeland security advisor even though this tragic incident is over and has nothing to do with national security. The media is already hyping the “hate crime” angle.

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Sikh Temple Shooting Staged To Ban Guns: Evidence Mounting!

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  1. I think Eric Holder’s and Obama’s muslim friends were employed to do this. Sounds like the kind of clothing that terrorists wear. And sounds just like a False Flag tactic that they’ve used numerous other times.

  2. An important back story is that the son of the congregation president Satwant Kaleka, is Amardeep Kaleka, the film maker that is working with Dr. Steven Greer to produce the ET documentary, Sirius. The government doesn’t want this movie to come out this fall. It has the potential to be a blockbuster, and helps destroy the myth that we humans need to be fearful of ‘aliens’.

    IMO, the government not only wants to destabilize society with these black op murders, but at the same time conveniently adds the goal of targeting people they want to shut up. And then again they are also advancing the social agenda to confiscate guns from the populace.

  3. Well Bill Duke, good call. Posting on CD at least has the advantage of not preaching to the choir, which is why I continue. However, it is obvious that hasbara and other psy-ops are in full force throughout the alternative media especially anything identified as “left”. I fear our ability to take any sort of independent action is being reduced as the israushell system drains the seas of any independent thinkers, leaving the ones who complain more visible and vulnerable.

  4. There is one mistake in the video. The witness said that there were four white males dressed in black. He assumed that they were white. The shooters probably had masks on so he really didn’t no. It is more probably that the four shooters were Jews, not Caucasian. The reason is because whites are not known for carrying out this kind of incident. It has never been in the past. The Columbine shooter, Kleibold and Harris were both Jews, and all of the mass shooters, pedophiles have all been Jews. John Wayne Gacey, Richard Speck, and so forth. FBI statistics have proven that that crimes like this is carried out by Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews. Right off the bat whites are being blamed for a crime they didn’t commit. This is just like the Trayvon Martin shooting. The shooter Zimmerman was called a white man by our media; when in fact, he was a hybrid. His mother was Peruvian and his father was a Jew. Zimmerman was of mixed race. He was white. Whites don’t commit these atrocities.

    • So you are actually saying whites don’t commit atrocities? Maybe you need too look in the history books more and see all races commit atrocities. The Nazi’s come too mind. Not all serial killers are jews or blacks whatever else.

    • almost all serial killers are white. and most whites can spell and use proper grammar, unlike you.

    • Oh my Goddess! You sir are an IDIOT! Yes, you can’t spell, you don’t know how to use PROPER English or grammar and, you are totally wrong on all accounts when it comes to the statistics regarding your claims. “Whites don’t commit these atrocities.”? You sir, are a complete ignoramus! As it stands, ANY human being is capable of murder…ANYONE! It doesn’t matter if that person is Asian, African, Native American, Aboriginal, White or whatever. All human beings around the planet have been mass murdering each other for centuries, eons actually. Ignorance is the main reason WHY as well. Do you know what the word “ignorance” means? I wonder if you yourself are a bit ignorant? It’s a possibility to consider.

  5. I will go out on a limb and guess Northcascadian commenting on CD has some relationship to this blog. My advice is to join us on ICH. Common Dreams will not allow the truth. i
    t’s a pseudo-progressive blog. I have been banned for life more then once for speaking of false flags or the 2nd ammendment.

    Btw, your comment section has problems….

  6. Who knows, maybe the CIA is now in the US drumming up sectarian violence.

    • “Now”? You’re being a bit naive, Linda….OKC….9/11….Ruby Ridge…Waco…..and countless other FFs….most recently, Aurora.

  7. One group alone manages these events…it is a genetic predisposition.

    Like PRINTING CURRENCY {lies}, OWNING THE MEDIA…{more LIES}, and operating a Kosher Brothel called CONgress….Dig That Chutzpah.

    ONLY ONE GROUP, the “Religion” of this Stool Sculpture Deity Cult is a Monumental Lie, which is an Open Violation of the 9th Commandment.

    Believing the Liars, listening to the LIARS, is tantamount to shooting the finger to the Truth.

    They don’t call them Braindeadgoy for nothing….FREIERS !!!

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