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Bill Gates admits to chemtrails

Geo-engineers are finally coming out of the “chemtrail” closet, as reports are now emerging about deliberate plans in the works to dump untold tons of sulfate chemicals into the atmosphere for the purported purpose of fighting so-called “global warming.”

The U.K.’s Guardian and others are reporting that a multi-million dollar research fund, which just so happens to have been started and funded by Microsoft founder and vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates, is being used to fund the project. A large balloon hovering at 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico, will release the sulfates into the atmosphere within the next year.

The stated purpose for this massive release of toxic sulfate particles is that doing so will allegedly reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere, and thus cool the planet. But many environmental groups and advocates of common sense are decrying the idea as dangerous, and one that could result in permanent damage to ecosystems all across the globe.

Bill Gates evil

“Impacts include the potential for further damage to the ozone layer, and disruption of rainfall, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions, potentially threatening the food supplies of billions of people,” said Pat Mooney, Executive Director of the ETC Group, a Canadian environmental protection group.

“It will do nothing to decrease levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or halt ocean acidification. And solar geo-engineering is likely to increase the risk of climate-related international conflict, given that the modeling to date shows it poses greater risks to the global south.”

But the Gates-backed cohort is persistent in its efforts to geo-graffiti the world, as its scientists insist that governments are not doing enough to fight back against the supposed environment impacts of global warming. If governments refuse to implement high enough carbon taxes to eliminate greenhouse gases, in other words, then Gates and Co. believes it has no choice but to “save the planet” by polluting it with sulfate particles.


Spraying the skies with sulfate particles will destroy the planet faster than ‘global warming’ ever could

Sulfate particles are toxic, though, and constitute the very same type of ambient particulate matter (PM) that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers to be a noxious air pollutant. Deliberately spraying the skies with tiny particles composed of any material, for that matter, is hazardous both to respiratory health in humans and animals, as well as to water sources, soils, and other delicate environmental resources.

“Sulfate particles from acid rain can cause harm to the health of marine life in the rivers and lakes it contaminates, and can result in mortality,” says an online water pollution guide (http://www.water-pollution.org.uk/health.html). A University of Washington (UW) report also explains that sulfate particles “contribute to acid rain, cause lung irritation, and have been a main culprit in causing the haze that obscures a clear view of the Grand Canyon.”

Blocking the sun with reflective particles will also deprive humans of natural sunlight exposure, which is a primary source for naturally generating health-promoting vitamin D in the body. So once again, Bill Gates is at the helms of a project that seeks to control the climate in artificial ways using toxic chemicals, an endeavor that is sure to create all sorts of potentially irreversible problems for humanity and the planet.


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Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/036583_geoengineering_Bill_Gates_global_warming.html


  1. BILL GATES is also obsessed about controlling population. That is, sterilizing most of the pooк in the world with vaccination. One of the biggest shareholder of Monsanto also. Poison the skies. Poison the food and poison the vaccines. Gates and Buffett are eugenists. Hitler is well and alive in USA. In reality USA was the first country in the world to practice mass eugenist on the poor and the weak.

    • I think you are brainwashed Marc. Alot of you younger generation have watched to many video games. I believe though that they are playing with Mother Nature and might be enhancing our droughts and weather. It is all very scary. The planet is changing and its changing to fast. I figured it was the rich ones contributing to the clost, but maybe they should back off of the spraying and see if that makes a difference. I feel sorry for the upcoming generations.

      • poor poor judy

        • Pooorrrr Judy indeed, and it seems 3/4 of the global population of zombies………

          .How do we rid ourselves of these insidious controllers? Their perspectives are warped preventing them from realizing what idiots they actually are – albeit very very dangerous ones. The Duponts, the Gates along with the rest of the corporates are making us very sick indeed. Pox on them and their hair-brained dangerous ideas. Mention of chemtrails – people think you are a conspiracy theorist..when, in fact you are not – just a realist. I don’t want our skies further polluted, or our seeds destroyed. The US of A’s govt’s have a lot to answer …

      • I am neither of the “younger” generation, whatever that means, nor do I play video games nor am I brainwashed. Marc is absolutely right. I believe you, my dear, play too many games and are brainwashed. I feel sorry for you.

      • It is too late!!!! Bill’s pollutants have diluted judy’s brains!!!!

        • Nicole Stemwedel

          lets try not to judge Judge Judy and come to the realization that there are many “walking dead” here and across the globe already. What life is left means us so if maybe we can ban together to resolve issues of this type; let’s do that.

      • hey you need to wake they have known how to produce rain since 1940s and now they are producing the illusion of global warm to control how much water, electric, heat even how much you drive and it will always be the same excuse to protect the planet and dont forget the carbon taxes for your breathing look into projects cloverleaf & popeye it boils down to one thing our GOD GIVEN right to live free its all about agenda 21 if your in denial then you are brainwashed as hitler did, and you are watching way to much brain numbing television WAKE THE ???? UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Man, you should try punctuation once in a while.

          • walter walker New York

            It’s very disturbing when one can question someones punctuation at a critical stage of man kind. Unfortunately, this is beyond humanities ability to comprehend the importance of saying enough is enough it’s time to fight. The war is not the questioning of grammatical correctness, the war is between dark and light. The world as we see it, is trapped inside a matrix and has been trapped since the fall of man (penning or paul trap). We must realize the way to destroy darkness is to know the truth. However, it’s very dificult for the mind that created this mess to change this mess with the same mind…. We must began to think out of the box that has trapped us for years…(space and time/general relativity is out dated and will not work). The elevation must occur in consciousness, that will enable us to ascend beyond the material world (ionosphere, pluto and the stars) that has us captive. Can it be done? Yes it can be done, stay tune darkness (matter) will be annihilation by antimatter/Holy spirit within your life time and you can take that to the bank, (The Holy Spirit travel faster than the speed of light and we can’t be stop. Make God bless you all

        • I find it interesting that anything done to the world, from fluorodation spraying suphates to killing jews on masse always brings up the invitable just like hitler. Well it seems if you do a bit of research maybe we should substitute the name of hilter with the name churchill. I am not judging just making an observation as I also thought hitler was at the bottom of flouridation but have since dug a bit deeper and found that like a lot of other things hitler was blamed for maybe is not true, maybe we need to look a bit closer to home eg england america france etc peace be with you all keep fighting the good fight.

          • Claire MacDonald

            Thank you. Hitler is a misrepresented smokescreen for the real evil going on in this world. We have never been told anything close to the truth of what went on during the second world war. The victors write history.

        • Until people like you realize freedom does not equate with, “I do what I want”, this world is never going to be right. Now, I am in no way defending the use of these chemicals, I’m not qualified to know what they can do. But this notion of, “I can burn up ALL the oil, cause by GOD this is ‘Murica”. well we reap what we sow.” that is all.

        • “God Given right to live free” and kill the planet? What the f*ck are you talking about? And who do you work for?

          This planet is dying, thanks to the maniacal mad scientist plans of people like Billy the Gates. NO amount of killing the population off is going to stave off this madness. And that’s just what it is — absolute fracking madness.

      • Judy G ? what does the G stand for Gates ?

      • Judy:
        You should read this article: Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world’s wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture,
        available at http://www.naturalnews.com/035105_Bill_Gates_Monsanto_eugenics.html#ixzz2NHTkomVB

        • TO, should you ever come back here, or if you’ve set this thread to alert you to replies, thank you very much for that link.
          Most helpful — both that article and the site, which I’d never seen before.
          Wouldn’t it be great if more commenters made useful, relevant contributions, and fewer just threw cliches and/or personal attacks around?

      • I’m sorry, Judy, you are the one who is brainwashed here.

      • Ahhhhhahahaaa! We’ve “watched to many video games”. Too good. If I had a dime for every video game I’ve “watched”, I swear to fucking god. If you feel so sorry for the future generations, maybe you should feel sorry for yourself as well for helping to give birth to them.

        10/10 would read again.

      • Sorry Judy,
        What Marc is describing is called Transhumanism…… you might want to look it up. He is completely 100% correct in his comments…. You’re the brainwashed one…. Those involved have been at it behind the scenes over multiple generations involving all walks and facets of our society. They have drip fed society with great patience in preparation so as when they do start to bare their teeth and come out into the open, the stupid majority will demand what they are apparently offering us up as solutions…. solutions to problems they have purposely created… It is what those motives are is what you really should be scared about. If you still doubt, check out the byteshow interviews with Joseph Farrell and Scott De Hart. It’s easily found on Youtube.

      • Mark is not b,s, you women do your research

      • Judy, I am far from youthful. I have had my eyes opened these last two years and I think they are so far down their agenda path that they are not even concerned with what we find out now. They have such a grip on the world with money and power that we are well down the Screwed River heading for the Gulf of Illuminati which spills into the Communist Ocean. Sticking your head in the sand or just denying it does not change the truth. Just to read this article and then try to defend them in any way is just voluntary idiocy.

      • Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones?

        They’re located in Elberton,Georgia. I’ve been there personally, seen them myself. Look them up, then read the inscription – carefully.

        The first thing you’ll notice, in plain language, is that whomEVER put these stones up has no problem whatsoever ‘doing away’ with 7/78ths of the current human population.

        Really. Not exactly a bunch of nice folks, eh? And THAT’S precisely whom we’re dealing with.

        • typo – should read “seven EIGHTS of the human population” – that’s 7 out of every 8 people currently on the planet, GONE…

        • Georgia Guidestones were designed and financed by Ted Turner. Look it up, he’s another wack job eugenist. I think they should all start with themselves….or maybe we can help them ;)

      • All I can say to the low information liberals is. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS. READ IT, IT WILL DO YOU SHEEPLE SOME GOOD.

      • You need to do more research Judy. I’m retired so not a youngster.

      • I agree with you Judy, they should back off on the spraying of chem trails in the sky. Nature knows how to heal itself but man tries to help but end’s up doing more damage then good, and this could be a dangerous thing for our planet.

      • Bill Gates is freakin’ Eugenicist and you ma’am, are an imbecile

      • Well Judy brainwashing is at issue here
        you may want to watch Bill Gates talk about what we have heard here yourself first hand….you can here him (Mr Bill Gates) http://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates.html

        Also you may want to take note on the date of his speach.


      • Judy it’s very irrelevant for you to say the younger Generation is brainwashed considering Baby Boomers are continuing the Destruction of our Once Great Nation

      • Judy and Kate… gotta be Koolaiders, blue flavored. Find a hole to hide in when it comes. You’re obviously unprepared. Good luck though.

      • A lot, not alot.

      • sad sad woman

      • Your the brainwashed one, people like you are helping screw this world up, open your eyes!

    • P.S. Marc, Hitler is alive and well in the U.S. Please…….you are brainwashed. How can HItler be alive and well? He would be way over 100 years old. You kids have Hitler on the brain.

      • I think he means the spirit or ideals of Hitler, not the physical person.

        • Maybe so, but they think to highly of Hitler and try to look up at him. Too much brainwashing of the kids.

          • You’re dumb in so many ways. No one looks up to Hitler except Neo Nazi’s,where the hell did you get that idea from?

          • Judy thats a red herring. Its clear Marc was refrencing hitler as a metaphor and you dont get it. Im guessing your a fed troll.

            Take a look at how the US govt collected Hitlers top bioweapons people in Operation paperclip to make – Leukemia viruses, Genital herpes, Lymphoma, Sarcoma, Encephalitis, Hotchkins disease, Influenza, Kuru mad cow disease, Infectious Mononucleosis, Breast tumor viruses and after creating retro virology they made HIV AIDS and EBOLA.

            Not inlcuding the Tuskeege Shypilis Experiments and the Puerto Rican Cancer Experiments

            Reference: Youtube video – “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary)”

          • Judy,Prescott Bush funded the Nazis. We can find the truth in our own backyard. Young people today are much MORE informed than ever as to the true agenda of the global elite.

          • from one old coot to another, you might want to quit while you’re still a head Judy dear…really. global warming is a passe term they don’t even use anymore because it does not remotely define what is happening, they’ve changed the name of it maybe 4 times. this is a deliberate act by people who don’t like you nearly as much as you like them and you defend them…I do feel bad for you in as much as when you do see the truth, its going to be harder on you than the average bear, and its already very very hard on that average bear…bless your blinded heart sweetpea…you’re in for quite a shock…

      • Judy, I think you need to wake up & do a bit of research.

      • Judy G. have you ever heard of “figure of speech?”

      • Its called a metaphor my uneducated Judy. They are like Hitler. Marc didn’t mean they are Hitler. Read a book sometime.

      • Judy, you might want to do a search ” Georgia Guidestones “

      • Hitler is now called Obama in the USSA. He passed laws Hitler would be proud of like, NDAA for example… Free Bradley Manning and enough with torture…

      • Hitler is alive and well, and he will live on for centuries. You can’t kill him because he’s an alien from the planet Zultar. I am not brainwashed, but I do wash my head & hair almost every day. Hitler is almost ready to take back Germany. All these world crisis distractions are allowing Hitler to work behind the scenes unoticed. Germany will take over the world in 2013.

      • Judy, I can tell from your judgmental, insulting remarks that you really don’t know much about what you’re talking about. Intelligent, informed people want to know more about a topic or they disagree and present sources for the other person to research. I have found that ridicule and outright refuting of factual information is what an uninformed person does when they don’t want to know anything more about a topic and refuse to be educated. I’m 58 y.o., I am definitely NOT brainwashed and I, too, believe that the spirit of Hitler is alive and well in the U.S. The U.S. increasingly reminds me of the fascism in the USSR when I was there in 1977 in the hospital for a month. The information and facts are out there but you’re not doing any research about it yet you think you already know everything. Your fears cause you to deny and pull the blanket over your head with your fingers stuck firmly in your ears. I’ve researched chemtrails for 10 years…and you, what have you researched? Chemtrails have been tested ad nauseum by independent people and it always comes back with the same thing: cadmium, barium and aluminum, along with modified viruses, blood cells (the only use for those would be to spread infectious diseases) and various particulate matter. I know of 2 cases in my county alone where dogs have gotten a virus from their owner and have died suddenly. This is impossible unless genetically modified. There’s more, so much more to know about all this. Do yourself and the planet a favor and educate yourself on chemtrails/geoengineering. You owe it to your fellow humans to be informed and to try to prevent the exact things that chemtrails are doing to this planet. I’m watching my forest die, solely due to chemtrails!

        • Chemical toxins must be ban in the US. Check out Dr. Riki Otts, Ultimate Civics. I’ve been exposed to the dispersants from the BP oil disaster as well as the chemtrail that pollute the air over the Gulf of Mexico.
          Very sad country we live in these days.

        • Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have been trying to explain this to my sister for months now and it is so nice to hear about this from an intelligent, informed person. Can you give me the present sources for the information and facts to research? I don’t know very much about this stuff. Any sources for the testing of chemtrails by independent people would be great. My cat mysteriously died last year and now I think it is from those genetically modified viruses I probably have from chemtrails and passed on to her. Can you refer me to some sources for that? I am dying to prove it to my sister. and need to educate myself first so I can enlighten her.

      • judy, you are stupid…he means the idea of hitler lives, “population controll” GLOBAL GAS CHAMBER…GET THE PICTURE????!!!?!?!?!

      • First of all THANKS to whomever set up this website.. We need more truth based informative blogs on the internet.
        Secondly, I think what was meant by the comment about Hitler being alive in the good ole U S of A was this: Nazi Germany apparently is alive and well via the motives and operations of the intelligence agencies of this very country. You could argue that America is the “fourth Reich”.. It’s like after WW2 we grabbed all the nazi scientists we could and most, if not all, were not only die hard Nazis but alos satanists.. members of the thule society. (this is all factual BTW) The only western thule society was the infamous “Skull and bones” club… ‘beginning to get the picture?
        Prescott Bush (father of George bush, grandfather of “W”) along with many powerful families in American society attempted to overthrow this country in the forties.. This was uncovered when they went to General Smedley Butler (marine corp) and asked for hsi help in the coup. Despite the McCormick Dickstein commitee finding that this was indeed a real, legitimate attempt to overthrow our nation, not one of the people involved were ever questioned, much less tried for treason.. I believe that they have finally succeeded in their quest.. America MUST fall before the “new world order” can begin..
        Lastly – chemtrails are real and they are NOT simply for weather control of blocking the sunlight.. Some contain nano particles of various biological agents, some have tainted red blood cells, and some have various synthetic nano life forms in them. They are essentially terraforming the planet. Laugh and scoff if you wish – I probably would too, just please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! The internet as we know it will NOT be up much longer..


      • CriticalMassacre88

        WOW You’re an absolute moron! It was a figure of speech, Goddamn! He meant Hitler is alive and well in the form of other people!!! LMMFAO!

    • Godwin’s Law has been invoked.

    • doesn’nt everybody know that global warming is caused by a heating up of the atmoshere by nature. it is normal for the planets to warm or cool down. it goes in cycles. gates and all those scientists know that and use the “excuse” that we the people are causing it. this is how they get to poison us. you know they are trying to get rid of us through our air,water and food.

      • Won’t Gates have to breathe the poison air too?

        • They would breathe the same air, but what so many people fail to realize is that before a chemical is used in any warfare situation an inoculation is prepared for who ever is to survive its effects.
          During the (A)thrax scare such a remedy was prepared.
          Don’t think for a minute that such a scenerio, as chemtrails infecting all our breathing air, is not possible.

        • CriticalMassacre88

          There’s the common sense and logical, objective thinking this whole post has been missing. Yes he would, and so would his kids (if the creep has any) and other close relatives and friends of his, if the creep has any.Lol!
          I wish more people thought like you and I.

      • You are just defending your work, which undoubtedly includes contributing to climate change. For which I don’t blame you, it’s natural.

        If you had took the trouble to actually see ‘An inconvenient truth’ (which is already rendered obscure by propagandists like you), you would know that the carbon dioxide concentration we have right now is about twice as high as it ever gets within the natural cycle, and is predicted to climb to about four times as high very soon. Moreover there is a wide consensus about this among scientists (hundreds of reports).

        Meanwhile there is an actual leaked agenda by lobbyists to ‘change consensus into doubt’. And they are very successful. Consensus among scientists is 100%, among public 53% (2006).

        Watch ‘An inconvenient truth’, even if taking action against climate change is hurting your living, at least watch it.

        • “Inconvenient Truth” hahaha
          The time you spent watching that, spend the same time researching who Al Gore really is. The guy is an A-grade bullshit artist. The majority of scientists do not believe in man made global warming. Here’s some inconvenient truth for you: http://www.hangthebankers.com/al-gore-purchases-9-million-dollar-mansion-consumes-more-energy-than-an-entire-working-class-neighborhood/

          • “The majority of scientists do not believe in man made global warming.” Change “do not” to “do” and you’ll be on track. Science has proven that global warming is directly influenced by our production of co2.

          • My husband is a scientist and we have many scientist friends. They ALL tell us that pretty much every scientist who hasn’t been bought by Monsanto and friends, believes that GW is anthropogenic. How could it not be? We’re creating carbon dioxide readings that are way off the chart and not seen since before humans came into being. It is a fact that too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen will make humans sick and eventually dead. That’s is the some of the most basic science there is.

        • Did you know that Mars (yes, that planet) has been experiencing global warming too? Explain to me how our CO2 got to Mars!

          • hell yeah dave. the whole solar system is heating up. and dont forget, all you other stupid humans that are ouit there, the universe is billions of fucking years old. how long have we been recording shit on earth? nowhere near that much. the rich people are feeding us bullshit so we enact laws that enable them to poison and KILL any that they deem unfit to live…

        • there’s YOUR problem right there my friend, you need to listen to astrophysicists not a corrupt politician for your science news. There is a whole other part to Gore’s “hockey stick” prop. one that proves that heat precedes CO2 increases, not follows it. please treat your dvd as the obsolete BS that it truly is and do some real research before you find yourself having to live with having been part of what brought us down. this is so much more than heat too. there is a lot wrapped up in this pretend issue. Causes that are denied and hidden that have nothing to do w/you and I. You’ve been lied to. So was I though, I believed it too at first, then I did some research, now I feel like a nube for falling for it. live and learn.

          • Sorry, Jude, heat does not precede CO2 rise. Would love to know where you got your info from. There are many scientists who are bought by big corp, Monsanto, big ag, big pharma, etc. who do nothing except lie and don’t present the facts because they are corporate shills. Heat comes after a rise in CO2, always has. This is basic elementary school science. My husband is a biologist and all our friends are scientists from various fields such as astrophysicists, physicists and chemists. I’m constantly surrounded by scientists – all agree about heat coming after CO2 rise.

    • That is absolutely accurate. The last time that we had vast amounts of SULFATES in the air was when everybody burned coal filled with sulphur. That activity caused periodic toxic clouds that KILLED large numbers of people. We should form a class action lawsuit against these suckers and sue them for endangering our lives, depriving the land of fertility and a host of other violations under criminal and common law.

      • ” We should form a class action lawsuit against these suckers and sue them for endangering our lives, depriving the land of fertility and a host of other violations under criminal and common law.”
        Assuming we had a supreme court that wasn’t bought off and corrupt…a very big assumption.

    • touche marc.

    • That is not all they are spraying us with those chem trails….they are not new…been around for years……most folks did not even notice them.
      This government and those others in power who run this world will do anything to control people, prices,,etc….for their own benefit.
      Did anyone ever wonder who they knew what flu bug will be out the following year???
      But was surprised to hear Bill Gates is behind it…..should not be as he is one of those with the power to run this world,,,,it is all about their needs,,,,and not anything for the people.

  2. http://www.naturalnews.com/035105_Bill_Gates_Monsanto_eugenics.html

    In a nutshell we are dealing with an eugenist nazi disguised in a loving United Nations Agenda 21, Be always afraid when billionnaires pretend working for humanity. Gates is obessed with anything that poison the blood (vaccienes), the food (GMOs) and the shy (Chemtrails). He is one the biggest investo in Monsanto. Says it all about these social darwinist corporate fascist. They see people as cattle. It is more sublte than Himmler, more devious, more indirect. It is not just the chemtrails.

  3. The problem we have when any group feels smarter than our creator is a social engineer in the name of saving the planet, we get experiments at a global level which have unknown catostrophic effects on human / nature / and wild life Eco Systems, strange how a Billionaire bunch of crazies can destroy the atmosphere with known Toxins, yet only here in america are we subject to Carbon Dioxide pollution tax. Dont play God when you only have a hunch, he will not save your Soul for the damage you Will cause.

  4. Vitamin D comes from many sources, sunlight is one of the most dangerous ways to get it because you have to expose yourself to cancer causing UV radiation. FACT CHECKER… ANYONE?… ANYWHERE?

    Anyway, if sulfate aerosols did anything we’d already be cooling. Sufate aerosols are a byproduct of coal burning, which we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution at the same or greater rate than ozone and CO2


    • If sunlight caused cancer we’d have died out as a species years ago!!!!!!!!

      Sunlight on petro-chemical sunscreens causes cancer – when sunscreen was coconut based, NO skin cancers – as they have steadily been replaced with petro-chemical ones, so has the incidence of skin cancers – FACT CHECKER ANYONE??

      In addition, latest research shows prolonged LACK of exposure to sunlight MAY start to cause the body to react to sunlight as an allergen.

      “Sufate aerosols are a byproduct of coal burning, which we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution at the same or greater rate than ozone and CO2″ – yes, at GROUND LEVEL, NOT at 30,000 feet.Ever do any basic physics?

      Please ignore this post if facts interfere with propagandist beliefs :)

      • OMG, are really that uniformed and scientifically illiterate? Yes, yes you are!

        UV radiation is ionizing, ionizing radiation causes cell mutation and therefore cancer. More UV is now penetrating the atmosphere due to the decrease in the ozone layer.

        If you are going to mention research, try linking to it, so primary sources can be evaluated.

        You obviously wouldn’t know a “fact” if one kicked you in the face Andy.

  5. One word: “No”.

    A response to the article in the Guardian. The actual scientists supposedly involved in this experiment say “In summary, we have been and are currently exploring possible new strategies for interrogating the stratospheric system without affecting the background stratosphere in any quantitative way. To date, we have not written any proposal to actually do so. We want to be absolutely clear that that we have no plans to implement a geoengineering field study to release “thousands of tonnes of sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico.” http://www.seas.harvard.edu/response-to-guardian-article

  6. Exceptional post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

    • Sadly, Maui Forum, this “exceptional post” is based on a total fabrication (to be polite).

      The researchers involved have made it very clear that they are planning nothing of the kind. The funding from “vaccine enthusiast” Bill Gates is to be used on experimentation inside a laboratory and there are currently no plans to drop anything at all from a balloon over New Mexico.

      You can see the official refutation here: http://www.seas.harvard.edu/response-to-guardian-article

      • And those self same ‘scientists’ tell you vaccines are safe and have no link to Autism etc – they tell you there are no chem-trails – who do you believe? Your own eyes (not via a TV) or Statist or Corporate funded ‘Scientists’?

        • Actually, Andy, “those self same scientists” have nothing to do with vaccines. They are atmospheric physicists. So your comment is another fabrication (or perhaps just a lack of understanding about how science works). Declaring my “interest”, I am a scientist involved in public health and, while I do not do research in vaccines, I can tell you a lot about heart disease. Please feel free to ignore me and the advice I give or the therapies I help develop if my sources of funding are anathema to you.

          • And when the plane is flying at a level altitude over flat ground I’m meant to believe there is a sudden change in the atmospheric conditions on cloudless days?

            Oh and after it passes the city, the trails just stop again, leaving long thick white band that stay for literally hours while all other signs of the plane’s passing just fade away.

            So are you telling me that somehow, the city is affecting the atmospherics overhead at a height of 35000 feet to about 20 miles each side of the city?

            Thats the same as having the water in the cup on table mountain spontaineously start to fog or stop fogging.

            This is an “Occam’s Razor” approach to what you are witnessing. Eliminate the improbable and the answer will reveal itself.

            Sadly I can’t upload pictures to this site or I’d show you what I mean.

            “Its easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

          • When i refer to those self same scientists, I was referring to all those who are reliant on their funding from big business.

            Obviously you are excluded from that group being funded from an utlruisistic billionaire who would be delighted if your research showed that the best ‘cure’ for heart disease was non-patentable.

            I appreciate that you, as a true open minded scientist are fully conversant with the work of Dr F. Batmanghelidj, M.D where he demonstrates remarkable corrolaries between disease and chonic dehydration.

            Obviously you have studied nutrition, the degree of acidity or alkalinity in the food intake. the presence or absence of processed foods, soda’s, sugar and or artificial sweeteners along with the levels of water as water as opposed to caffeine and or tanin intake.

            Of course you also include the levls of exercise undertaken daily along with the type and degree of strenuousness.

            The time taken per day in quiet restfulness is also obviously factored into your research.

            Of course you also compare the relative effects of a vegan vs an omnivoric diet.

            So yes, in your case – knowing you have no axe to grind and that should you research show that all thats needed to virtually eliminate heart disease is an healthy wholefood diet free from artificial sweeteners, e-numbers, corn syrup, GMO’s, processed food, hormone and antibiotic grown meat, with 30 minutes of vigerous walking undertaken daily with smal but regular intakes of fluride free water throughout the day – your funders will gladly support your being peer reviewed and ensure you have adequate future funding to continue your research – yes I’d love to read al about whatever benefits to the health of mankind your research turns up.

          • Andrew – I am impressed. You have a whole lot correct. I tell students all the time that we could eliminate a huge percentage of heart disease by merely changing behavior. Exercise, diet and other aspects of a healthy life style are key for an enormous number of cases. My funding agency spends an inordinate amount of money trying very hard to educate the public so that they make good choices. However, my specific interest is in the interactions of genes with the environment in congenital conditions and this is, unfortunately, a far more complex issue. I work with a group of patients with specific genetic mutations and for them, “environment” can mean something as seemingly harmless as exercise. In short, it could be exercise that kills them and we are trying very hard to find ways to prevent such devastating occurrences from happening.

            I can assure you that, regardless of whether a cure for heart disease or cancer or any other disease is “patentable”, there are thousands of scientists the world over who would not deny effective treatments to their families just because there might not be a profit. You see, for people like me and everyone I have ever worked and studied with, the “profit” is in the possibility of limiting suffering.

            There is strong evidence that a vegan diet is good for you! And I personally try to avoid antibiotic-fed meats. As for some of your other fears, GMOs, fluoride etc., I won’t go into detail or advise you, because avoiding them will certainly do you little harm. Similarly, adhering to any regime of water intake suggested by Dr. Batmanghelidj will also likely be harmless and I genuinely hope it works better for you than in did for him.

            Good luck!

        • Vaccines are safe. My god, what’s wrong with people like you?

          • Vaccines safe. lol
            Even Merck scientists blew the whistle last month saying they faked their data for vaccines by putting in animal blood to rig the outcome.

          • LOL doesn’t count as evidence. Do you have any? Were you vaccinated? Did you die?

            Do you any idea, any idea at all what the world looked like before vaccines? Why is life expectancy going up.

            Your epistemology is rotten.

          • Bill you are not a very smart man at all. Vaccines might have used to be safer back in the 40s and 50s but now they are designed to de-populate the planet. Also are food is being genectically modified and our skies are being sprayed with heavy metals. Do your reseach and stop embarrasssing yourself Bill.

          • I meant to sat “OUR” not Are.

          • My father was a physician. My mother was a nurse. After 10 years of reading the information out there and discovering how POOR that the science behind vaccination is and evaluating the apparent linkage between chronic diseases like asthma, autoimmune disorders and arthritis, I have had to conclude that vaccination is an unproven, unscientifically valid practice that is increasing a number of diseases INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO–AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS (TRIPLED SINCE THE ’80S WHEN THE NUMBER OF VACCINES DOUBLED), Autoimmune problems of all kinds, cancers and arthritis to name just a few.

            TO STATE BALDLY THAT A PRACTICE WHICH HAS VERY LITTLE IN THE WAY OF WELL CONSTRUCTED VALID STUDIES IS “SAFE” IS STRETCHING THE FACTS. Until the VAERS database was established, there wasn’t any objective source of information on vaccination. Now, that database is PROVING what I just wrote. Vaccines are causing more diseases than they are preventing. They don’t appear to create IMMUNITY…but sensitization.

            I am an intellectual. As such, I continually reassess what I think. I challenge my own opinions by reading on all sides of an issue. I have changed my mind on many things and one of them is vaccination. It doesn’t appear to be safe, tested or validated. Below are some sources of information on the topic. You might also want to review the Congressional hearings of 2001 which concluded that vaccines needed to be better studied and the court cases that lead to the formation of the vaccine damage trust.
            If you’re an objective thinker, your opinion will be altered.

            A world class statistician became interested in the topic of vaccines after his baby daughter died after getting a bunch of vaccines in one day. His conclusion after reviewing a number of “studies” on safety? That these were poorly constructed COVER stories whose mathematical models and data collection were seriously flawed and proved little. That man is one of the strongest opponents of vaccination right now.

            Offut, the guy that they drag out to praise vaccines, owns a huge amount of vaccine stock on things that he patented. Is that objective science? I think not.


            Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto–an excellent primer on vaccine science and the anthrax vaccines used on soldiers

            http://www.generationrescue.org/ —– shows the data collected on unvaccinated versus vaccinated children.

            http://diabetes.webmd.com/news/20000613/hepatitis-b-vaccine-linked-to-onset-of-diabetes —– shows an autoimmune disorder (diabetes) linked to a vaccine.

            http://www.vaccines.net/hepatiti.htm —same linkage

            http://www.vaclib.org/links/diabetes.htm –same linkage

            http://www.vaccines.net/toppage1.htm —general information on vaccines

            http://www.whale.to/v/state_of_health_of_unvaccinated.html (you will find the Congressional hearings on this site. Just search)

          • Vaccines cause many diseases. In fact, there are THOUSANDS of cases of polio caused only from supposed polio vaccinations. Autism is another disease linked to vaccinations. They may reduce the overall statistic of certain diseases, but they are not “safe”.

          • Wow bill you sir are an ignoramus jack ass!

            “Were you vaccinated? Did you die? Do you any idea, any idea at all what the world looked like before vaccines? Why is life expectancy going up.”

            First of all, say that to the thousands of people who HAVE died after vaccinations.

            “A false polarity is perpetuated that positions deaths and injuries from disease as somehow more tragic than deaths and injuries from vaccines. These are equal tragedies. No child deserves to be written off as collateral damage in the war on disease.”

            -Nancy Hokkanen

            And life expectancy is NOT going up. People regularly used to live well into their 90s and were productive, active citizens. “survival” does not = “thriving”. Sure people are surviving…look at all the nursing homes and hospitals. But 200 yrs ago? Where were all these nursing homes and hospitals? They were not needed as they are today because people were not chronically ill. They operated farms well into their 80s and 90s and today most of our 50-70 yr olds are decrepit or suffer from so many chronic ailments and disabilities and cancer.

            The native/indigenous of North America lived easily well into their 90s and 100s and they traveled and still fought and hunted in those ages as well. And they were not jacked up on statins, vaccines and chemo to keep them “well”.

          • hey Bill. Wats wrong with you???.. cant you see the Paradigm?

        • It’s not some childish and uninformed categorization of people into who you believe and who you don’t. It’s about analyzing claims based on empirical data, not rejecting something because it’s from a “gubbmint” funded scientist. You really don’t understand how to do an analysis or how science works. This makes your unsupported statements utterly worthless. But you seem to have a home here. So good luck with your lunacy.

          • The empirical evidence shows that not only were all those diseases where vaccines have been introduced already in marked decline BEFORE their introduction (by 70% or more) due to improved sanitation, diet, housing, clean water etc. BUT compared to those diseases where no vaccine has been introduced, there introduction has actually slowed the rate of decrease of those diseases.
            But don’t let mere facts get in the way of your unsupported put downs of those with a different view to yours.

          • Andy, seriously, you can’t throw claims about 70% reductions in diseases prior to vaccines around without supporting citations. I am only aware of claims made in this area by certain mavericks who use intellectual dishonesty and cherry-picked data, and who conflate mortality with incidence. While it is true that moralities from several diseases were declining due to improvements in various aspects of healthcare, the actual INCIDENCE of these same diseases was not significantly reduced until vaccination programs were introduced. Furthermore, if mere sanitation was the solution, perhaps you can offer some insight into why pertussis is now on the rise in the USA and has reached epidemic proportions in at least one “sanitary” state. In fact, “empirical evidence” shows that for the case of childhood illnesses in the USA alone, an estimated 52 million cases were prevented in the first 20 years of the MMR vaccine becoming available, meaning that 17,400 cases of mental retardation and 5,200 deaths were also prevented (Bloch et al. Pediatrics 76 (4): 524–32). Extrapolate that another 25 years (and across the Globe) and you can see that the benefits of such strategies are most impressive. This has also provided an astounding quantity of data to study in follow-up that has led to the World-wide consensus that vaccines are safe and effective. Regardless of the odd maverick who might claim otherwise, institutions like the Center for Disease Control, The American Academy of Pediatrics, The Institute of Medicine, The National Institutes of Health, The United Kingdom National Health Service, The Cochrane Library, the World Health Organisation and many other institutions Worldwide concur with that consensus as it is derived from THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed studies conducted over a century or more around the world.
            Perhaps you would prefer to believe that a few disingenuous, cherry-picking, intellectually dishonest (provably so) mavericks – such as Dr. Obomsawin, who does things like omit 10 years of data to make his graphs tell his nonsensical story – are somehow “better” than all of these hard-working scientists, but I’m afraid the FACTS, as you describe them, are FABRICATIONS.

          • He needs life in prison. He is trying to play god by working on ways to de-populate the planet. He is truly evil and needs to meet Bubba behind bars.

          • I know people who have been damaged by vaccinations including myself. I contracted a serious condition from the vaccination that was supposed to stop it, so every day I buy time to live. 2 Other people in my family have suffered, I believe it may be gene targeted.

  7. Gates is into agenda 21 and vaccines…mostly proven to be more dangerous and harmful than the diseases they are trying (?) to fix. I can agree on the existence of Agenda 21, a push for global financial collapse, that debt -based money creation by private banks is ruining the planet and many other things, but i still don’t buy the global existence of chemtrai spraying campaigns. It is fear-based nonsense, as is terrorism, which distracts people away from the biggest issue….human enslavement by money controllers.

    • So, when down here in Southern Africa, we watch a jet fly over, its vapour trail disappearing moments behind it when suddenly, as it nears a city its vapour trail suddenly stops disappearing and starts hanging in the sky for hours after the plane has gone from site, that is just an atmospheric anomaly or coincidence or a mass hallucination?

      • Andy -I can help answer this question by giving you an experiment or two to do. Take a cup of hot water outside when it is warm and raining or very humid and make a note of how much steam rises from the cup. Then repeat the procedure on a cold, dry day. If you have an opportunity, take a cup of water and bring it to a boil at sea level. Then repeat this procedure on top of Table Mountain. Make notes of how much steam comes from the cup.

        Now go look at some different shaped clouds. See how cumulus differs from nimbus and stratus. See how clouds sometimes linger and sometimes disappear quite quickly.

        Go watch steam coming from a power station stack and notice how this varies day by day.

        You will notice variations in “relative steaminess” of the hot water, and relative persistence and shape of clouds, depending on atmospheric conditions – humidity, pressure, temperature – all of which change due to factors such as height. This is an “Occam’s Razor” approach to what you are witnessing. Eliminate the improbable and the answer will reveal itself.

        Happy experimenting!

        • And when the plane is flying at a level altitude over flat ground I’m meant to believe there is a sudden change in the atmospheric conditions on cloudless days? Oh and after it passes the city, the trails just stop again, leaving long thick white band that stay for literally hours while all other signs of the plane’s passing just fade away. So are you telling me that somehow, the city is affecting the atmospherics overhead at a height of 35000 feet to about 20 miles each side of the city? Thats the same as having the water in the cup on table mountain spontaineously start to fog or stop fogging. This is an “Occam’s Razor” approach to what you are witnessing. Eliminate the improbable and the answer will reveal itself. Sadly I can’t upload pictures to this site or I’d show you what I mean. “Its easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

          • “Its easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

            It is too easy to fool those you have propagandized in public school. The real sad thing is it is about time to fool them into losing their lives.

          • Hi again Andy. As you are clearly a thinking man, I’d like to help a little more with your consideration of the atmosphere above the city. One thing to consider is albedo – or the reflectivity coefficient. I’m sure you will accept that this will be different over cities. A second consideration is how clouds are formed. The atmosphere is chock-full of water vapor, yet we don’t tend to see very much of it. Why is that? Clouds are formed through a process called nucleation, where the water vapor condenses on dust particles or aerosols. So, can you think of any likely differences in the atmosphere above a city that might lead to more visible water vapor – the main byproduct of the combustion of aviation fuel?

      • Andy, I live 10 mins from Cardiff airport here in the UK, we know the flight paths well & these planes do NOT use any flight path we’ve ever seen ! We have watched our sky go from blue to white within a few hours & have even felt moisture landing on us, we are all suffering from headaches more than ever & aches & pains & tiredness even the children ! Why people refuse to believe its happening baffles me. I suppose its easier to ignore than confront !

        • Brit Girl, do you have pictures of the planes? Do they look different to normal planes or the same? Is it always the same plane or different ones? Don’t airports service a number of different organisations?

          Perhaps people do believe you have aches and pains and tiredness, I know after work each day that is certainly how I feel.

          The sky going from blue to white in a few hours is something that can be seen miles from any jet aircraft.

          And when you “even felt moisture landing on us” ?

          This is called “drizzle”. It is water.

  8. All mad men mass murders posit the same garbage. “Just let me murder some of the people and all of the people not murdered will be happy.”

    How does it ALWAYS turn out? Gates if you so desire depopulation please take YOUR family to the top of the tallest building on your campus and JUMP.


  9. Bill Gates needs to be in friggin prison right now!!!

    • Re: John Graf. Why don’t you pull your head out of your butt. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Bill Gates has helped so many people and children around the world. You are getting brainwashed by something.

      • Judy, I fear anyone who comes up with the response you have, it brainwashed. Too much information is available to contradict the poor excuse of ignorance. Thouest is the one who needs to catch up or wake up. Troll.

      • lol. John doesn’t know what he’s talking about ? Have you actually researched any of this before you make such uneducated comments ? The man is hell bent on destroying us !

  10. When the Guardian reports on anything environmental they always exaggerate or get far too emotional and sensationalise everything. They are, when regarding climate change, eco-fascists.

    Let’s be clear here though. Some parts of the guardian website are pretty good. But their environmental section is a joke and should never be quoted with all seriousness.

  11. I agree with you Steve W. There are alot of twisted people commenting on this article. I get my flu shot every year and never catch the flu. That works for me. I am a pretty healthy 63 year old. I think that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has helped many, many people. Where these sick minded people think that everyone is trying to kill them, I don’t know. Like I said before, I think they have played to many sadistic video games in their days. I do think that geoengineering can be dangerous and is starting to show signs in the weather, but again, it is also Mother Nature. Our planet is warming. They have to find ways to cool the planet, I guess, but it might not be something that we can do as humans. I watch chemtrails and take pictures of them and complain about them, but I just don’t think that Bill Gates is trying to kill us. Sorry guys. I am off of this ridiculous thread. Enjoy life while you can and quit bitching about it.

    • Darling we hear and read their admissions saying so, unlike Internet grannies with plugs in both ears.


      Note admission of cancer cure. I could ramble on aerosol heavy metal toxicity…because they care. Scientific lab results, dearie.

      Chemtrails give us radar signatures, hurry depopulation, and hinder food subsistence. We are to need it from them. So Gates dug an Armageddon seed vault on the arctic circle. Monsanto employees eat organic only in their cafeteria while patenting terminator seeds resistant to aluminum. They know what they are doing – making food a monopoly to control plebes who won’t die off fast enough. The ultimate plan is domed cities and DUMBs for elites, a devastated and rewilded earth for the unfit. Alan Watt of CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com spoke to an architect involved with those plans. He has also done his reading homework and gives citations, unlike you.

      You fail understanding Gates for ignorance of his parentage (Planned un-Parenthood) and business dealings (ip theft, monopoly). At least we now have LibreOffice thank the stars….

    • LMFAO at you get your flu shot every year and never get the flue…..it 10 or 20 years when you’re dying from some other disease that will later be linked to flu shot….DONT CRY OVER IT…you are the biggest brainwashed dumb downed fool i’ve seen

    • WOW..what a moron you are…wtf does video games have to do with people being aware of alluminum and barium poisoning via chemtrails…..AND YES..thats whats in them..its been scientifically proven…you are whats wrong with humanity…i bet you still believe the federal reserve is just a government institution that prints our money..lmao @ your ignorance

    • Suggest you take a gander at this link, Judy G. Chemtrails are but one of DOZENS of ways the “elite” have been trying to kill us off for decades now. Sooner or later they will succeed, if for no other reason than the millions of “sheeple” like yourself who continue to deny that this is happening.


      Since you feel so confident about getting your annual flu shot, I would have a look at this link also:


  12. I don’t known wether to comment or not , if I do it will be something I know to be true, what’s the point otherwise. Do you know about colloidal silver, it was used before antibiotics but unlike them it retains its effectiveness today. Wasn’t it Howard Hughes who first patented climate control? Vaccines, well, I’d rather not go there. Did you know that one container ship pollutes more than 5 million cars? Astonishing! Have you tried Grounding, you should, go to groundology.com.

  13. End Days Watchman

    Loving the name of this site, however, the punishment should fit the crime and these diabolical lucifer worshipping cabalists who make up the Tri-lateral commission, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and modern day self-appointed pharaohs like the Henry Kissinger’s, Dick Cheney`s, Bill Gates’ & Warren Buffet’s of the world (they call themselves the chosen ONES for a reason) deserve far worse for the atrocities they have committed against the planet and its inhabitants, their crimes against humanity are always guised as philanthropic. Funny how they believe they are above reproach when they ‘preach’ population control because there are simply too many of us on the planet while teeing off at the 18th hole of their private 300 acre golf clubs huh? Yes, these ‘earth-saving wannabes’ gripe about the carnal sin of humans exhaling air, running water, flushing toilets, electricity taking us out of the dark ages and flatulent cows emitting carbon dioxide while they jet-set over the Atlantic ocean on their way for dinner in ‘gay’ ol’ Paris with heads of state and the queen mother of harlots herself in their private jets eh? Prince Charles said that the rest of us should conserve water by not bathing and I can guarantee you it is only so they can distinguish the stinky slaves from the ruling elite, it has NOTHING to do with saving the planet it’s about dominating it. They will all likewise perish, except they repent, thank God.

    Firstly, kudos and blessings to you Andy, your courage is inspiring, although you are being attacked by the actual brainwashed sleeping masses (sheeple) you remain respectful and calm, I wish I had the same patience with them as you have demonstrated but we are so close to the end now, I really don’t care what they believe anymore; they will only believe once the ‘switch’ is in their face and by then, it will in fact be do or die, won’t it Andy? Take the microchip or starve, bow to the one world governing body or be imprisoned, surrender your rights, property and very life (and that of your children also) over to the globalist agenda of a scientific dictatorship and be enslaved or die, right? Sad how many don’t even know they are cattle being prepared to be culled, wonder if they will kiss the hand that is slaying them or fight? The truth is the truth whether you believe it or not, if you refuse to believe, you will reap what you sow; for whoever plants a seed shall eat the fruit thereof, whether good or evil.

    Secondly, I have rarely seen such ignorance and seriously question what kind of person would frequent a site called ‘hang the bankers’ and be so unwilling to accept a different perspective unless they are an alphabet soup govt shill or worse, a mind-controlled spy minion slave of the banking cartel (aka the luciferean regime currently ruling this dying world); the reality that the illusory ‘bubble’ you people have been living in is about to burst must be harder for you to accept than expected, let me know how that turns out for ya when the masters you serve come for you; payback is a B indeed. I especially question the integrity of a man or woman who can defend chemtrails as a ‘natural occurrence created by aircraft’ all the while looking up into what ‘used’ to be their blue skies (which are now greyish green) and still stick to the childish assumption that there is nothing to see here, move on; as the brits say, ‘keep calm and carry on’. I know for a fact that it has nothing to do with ‘contrails’ and will reference where you can do the research for yourselves. If you so choose, you may follow me down the rabbit hole, but be forewarned, your entire perception of reality will be forever be altered and your disillusionment will actually be the catalyst to your liberty; there comes a time in every man/woman’s life where one must ask the difficult question, “Do I truly know everything and ultimately if I confess that I do, do I therefore know nothing?”

    Have you heard of the ‘New World Order’? No, well that’s fine, here are a couple of refs from the top echelons of society expressing that a ‘global’ slave village is what awaits us; kiss national sovereignty, personal property, human rights and cash goodbye… Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…
    *Repent and live on your feet or deny and die on your knees. ~Anonymous 21st Century Poet~
    “[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it’s perceptions.” — Henry Kissinger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994.
    CLIMATE GATE, THE NOBLE LIE: http://www.climategate.com/
    LUCIFEREAN DOCTRINE, HUMAN SACRIFICE: http://www.celsias.com/article/knights-carbonic/
    SCIENTIFIC MILITARY BEAST GRID: http://modernhistoryproject.org/mhp?Article=ScientificDictatorship
    ALICE BAILEY, LUCIFER WORSHIPPED AS GOD & LUCIS TRUST: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/externalisation/contents.html
    WITHOUT THE CHIP, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY OR SELL: http://www.countdown.org/end/mark_of_the_beast_99.htm
    THE COMING FALSE PROPHET/MESSIAH: http://www.redmoonrising.com/maitreya.htm
    YOUR POOR GENES COULD GET YOU KILLED, BY THOSE WHO SAY YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE: http://www.eugenicsarchive.org/eugenics/list2.pl
    VACCINES, MAN’S LUST FOR DEATH AGAINST MAN’S WILL TO LIVE: http://www.whale.to/b/drug_vax.html
    SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT=DEATH TO 90% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION: http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/index.shtml
    Monsanto: America’s Most Dangerous Criminal: http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=123&contentid=1060
    CONTROL THE FOOD SOURCE AND CONTROL THE POPULATON: http://nwoobserver.wordpress.com/2009/08/25/codex-alimentarius-threatens-human-health/
    MIND CONTROL, MK ULTRA CIA PROGRAM: http://www.whale.to/b/mind_control.html
    GEOENGINEERING FOR DEPOPULATION AGENDA: http://www.coalitionagainstgeoengineering.org/
    HAARP, WEAPONIZED WEATHER: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/index.html
    HAARP, WEAPONIZED WEATHER, MIND CONTROL, WORLD DOMINATION: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/haarp_mind_control.htm
    ELITE WILL RULE, DEPOPULATION OF THE UNDESIRABLES, WHAT GLOBALIZATION MEANS FOR THE REST OF US: http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/Articles/Government_Depopulation.htm

    ” No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation. ” – David Spangler UN

    To you, Sovereign Instructors of Grade 33, we tell you: you have to repeat to the brothers of inferior grades that we worship only one God to whom we pray without superstition. It is we, initiated in the Supreme Grade, that are to keep the real Masonic religion preserving pure the Lucifer doctrine. ” – Albert Pike

    “ There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know. ” – Harry Truman

    We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — James P Warburg
    “I will warn you against him (the Dajjal, anti-christ)… but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed. ” – Islam’s ‘Prophet’ Mohammed

    ” The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are’nt behind the scenes. ” – Benjamin Disraeli

    ” In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king ” – Erasmus

    “ Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws. ” – Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    ” The Jesuits…are a secret society – a sort of Masonic order – with superadded features of revolting odiousness, and a thousand times more dangerous. ” – Samuel Morse

    Knights Carbonic, now that the hour of our triumph is at hand, I urge you all to redouble your efforts. In the name of the Master, go forth and terrify. -Professor Ernst Kattweizel, University of Redcar. 21st Grand Warden of the Temple of the Knights Carbonic.”

    ” We know in the not too distant future, a half dozen corporations are going to control the media. ” – Time Warner

    ” The high office of President has been used to ferment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizens of this plight. ” – JFK
    “A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public” — Mark Twain

    • Hey End Days. Ya know what? I’m totally sick of hearing end days blathering from recovering christian morons. The christian (jewish) bible believers have been jamming this shit down people’s throats for over 1700 years, and that’s what it is “shit”.
      The christian altar boy fuckers have been brainwashed into thinking about “Revelations” garbage for so long, they’re going to bring on the exact elements of the prescribed end time recipe. It’s all self-fulfilling prophecy, and the majority of the public is voting for it with their stupidity and groveling compliance to a bunch of inbreed Bedouin assholes that lived 3500 years ago.

      The whore of Babylon is Jerusalem, and the sister whore is Rome. The bible is the story line all the christian fuckers have followed, and I’m sick of their retard worship of bullshit.
      I don’t give a fuck about who these Knight’s Templar’s are, or anyone else in the costume festival. They wake up in the morning with bad breath and a bladder full of piss, just like any other human being. They need to be hunted down, their homes burned to the ground, and their entire families macheted. Theses pricks don’t have any real protection beyond the delusions of David Icky and other cringing fagots.

      When it comes to chemtrails: Get off your asses. Find the personal address of who provides the airbases, the chemicals, and the ground crews. Then hammer these fly boy slobs and ground crews into the ground. Destroy the aircraft, and destroy the bastards who supply them. This is war. We are the targets. This is not some fucking movie plot.

  14. This approach to combatting global warming is totally insane. If, in fact, the warming is caused by human civilization adding pollutants to the atmosphere, how is adding more pollutants supposed to reverse the process? The sun doesn’t shine on any part of the world 24 hours a day. During the night, heat escapes from the ground level into the atmosphere, causing cooling. More heat can escape through a clear sky than one filled with particles, whether of water vapor or chemicals. Aside from the health risks and unknown environmental impact, adding sulfate to the atmosphere will only serve to keep heat from escaping during the night, making the world hotter. Think about it. Why is this global warming often referred to as the *greenhouse* effect? Greenhouses use a barrier of glass or plastic to keep the sun’s heat from escaping. Particles in the atmosphere effectively create a similar barrier.

  15. i am no friend of bill gates. he made his money under very suspect marketing plans. however i’m very into knowing what jews are reading and through the discovery debate w/a jew neighbor i found out they are out after him also. this is their hasbara to take the spotlight of the ONLY richest man in the world; the one who has enough money to foulup our weather, jew baron rothschild. as a gardener/scholar i knew the sun was stronger than it should be five years ago.
    BYW an earmark of jew writing is long windedness. thesepeople are like a disease. they have hacked my computer so i can’t listen to videos because they’ve altered my computer sound equipment and even with the level at its highest i can;t clearly hear what’s been said and i have no hearing deficits! so bill gates the erstwhile philanthropist has made his bed so he can lay in it!

  16. Has Bill Gates more powers than the US President?
    Who gave him the authorization to perform that crazy experiment: The Congress, the Senate ?
    Why is it made unknowingly to the main media? If not, what is the reason of the media’s blackout?
    Will Gates be held responsible in the case the experiment fails and properties are damaged and people harmed or even killed?
    Or is anybody in the US free to experiment whatever he imagines to be useful for the “common good” even if it is proven completely insane?

  17. Bill Gates is a dangerous man. He is an eccentric “nut job” that has more brains than sanity or common sense. He is also a Eugenicist that has been hot on the bandwagon to “depopulate planet earth”. Hmm….this just might kill two birds with one stone, pardon the pun. I cannot imagine anyone allowing his mad scientist theory to play out.

  18. Andy, love you bro. I have read many of your
    Comments and seem to love you more and more with every Sentence…at first I thought your name was Amy. Your opinions mirror my own, and the way you state them are at least as good as I would. Keep up the good work and try not to let the trolls get to you…though they do bring out the best in you.

  19. Oh Judy, oh Judy, oh Judy…. You have a flu jab every year and that does you? If only you could hear the ignorant nonsense you spout, clearly the dumbing down vaccines work, very well in fact!! You prove that. Now, wheres my flouride……..

  20. i dont believe what im reading in these comments.

    if you think vaccines are safe then that’s your stand-point. if you think Bill Gates has done amazing work with helping to vaccinate kids around the world – then so be it. but…. have you really done enough research that you can categorically stand behind your statements and beliefs on these subjects???

    look at the state of this??? this isnt about New Mexico – Its about EARTH. OUR EARTH!! Who the f*ck does Bill Gates think he is??? And yes, his Eugenics/Trans-humanism/AI – thats been his business for a long time. Microsoft (apple too) have a specific AI department who are, on a daily basis pushing further and further with technology and it is ALL going into control of humanity.. it is OUR individual choice now – sit back and accept the path of Trans-humanism or WAKE UP (judy and friends) and find your true being and grow from within your self. Dont sit on here arguing about things that quite frankly, make me worry for you.

    Video Games – that really is an unfortunate view

  21. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Nazis, Nazis, Nazis. This is all you dumb, blockheaded Americans can think of whenever you find yourselves confronted by what could rightly be labelled evil or highly destructive.

    You idiots haven’t got a clue. In reality, all you are demonstrating is the success of the brainwashing program you have been subjected to.

    Do you really think Hitler was responsible for all he has been historically accused of being? Or are you just trying to be good boys and girls and regurgitating what you have been told to think and say?

    Childish or what?

    Ever considered quoting the evil of Napoleon Bonaparte? He killed hundreds of thousands, ravaging half of Europe on his way to Moscow. What about the Jew Trotsky, and Lenin? Then there was Stalin. That is three evil nutters in quick succession and together they are responsible for the deaths of over 70-million Russians; many killed ritually and satanically, using methods way too extreme to be explained here at the Blog.

    And then their is Mao Tse-Tung, who ordered or encouraged the killing of around 80-million Chinese. And for what? A sick ideology? For kicks? Oh, and before I forget there are also people like Pol Pot who genocided over 1-million innocent Cambodians; many of whom were qualified professionals herded out of Phnom Phen before meeting their merciless fate.

    And if any of you really want to deal in the unfettered truth, then we must also include Dwight Eisenhower, who as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces from D-Day onwards, deliberately killed over 1-million captured German soldiers long after the German military had surrendered He had them herded into make-shift camps without sanitation, cover, and even food. And then he threatened his own troops with a court martial lest any of them attempted to show humanity and share their rations with these unfortunate captives. Yes, that is what I just said … the former US President Eisenhower genocided Germans during 1945-47 because he had a personal dislike for Germans and Germany.

    More recently, we have other evil scum as examples: Tony Blair, the Boy George Bush, and Barak Barry Soweto Obama. All three have maintained a continuous killing spree in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria just because some sick bankers (e.g., the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Rockefellers, and Oppenheimers. etc.) want to totally control every single country in the world, and not just 95% of them.

    And yet despite all the above (and the overwhelming evidence that supports their crimes against humanity) all we ever find in the Comments sections of Blogs and Newspapers are effeminate clowns quoting Hitler, Hitler, and yet more Hitler!!

    • Anglo Saxon – Very Well said !

    • Anglo Saxon: u rock man!

    • Amen, Anglo Saxon! I was hoping someone would come out and say just what you did! It’s what everybody needs to hear a lot more of!

    • Anglo Saxon …. Very good comment… all true..

      • The reason Hitler and his third reich are continually mentioned is because of the eerie similarities between that bout of socialism, and what is occurring in our own country. The Reichstag fire. for example, was perpetrated by the nazis and blamed on seperatists.. So basically the party in power burned their parliment building, blamed “terrorists” for it, then used it as an excuse to pass draconian laws which essentially turned the German citizens into German subjects. I submit to you that the events of eleven September, two thousand one is OUR version of those same events.
        The attempted overthrow of FDR and the takeover of this country back in the 40′s may have failed but the same people behind this coup used the influx of Nazi scientists after WW2 to bolster their long term goal. They took over the intelligence agencies early on, but it took whacking JFK to really get the country where they wanted it to be. Prescott Bush was an American nazi, war profiteer, and traitor to this country. The fact that Americans would allow his son to run the central intelligence agency speaks volumes of how little people know history. I believe America is on the same road on which Hitler traveled… that is NOT by accident nor is it a coincidence… JMHO-

        Also, when you look at the massive number of nazi scientists that were brought over here after the war, it’s easy to see how their mindset

        • The Reichstag fire, if it was done by the nazis but, there is no proof, much less than 9/11, brought a fearce response against the “communists” in Germany. They arrested thousands of them because they were considered the real ennemy wich was true. The fact that the allies fought Hitler instead of Stalin, responsible for 60.000.000 deaths is so bizarre… In those days in Germany, there were jobs, almost full employment, discipline as Hitler was the first in history to fight smoking dependance. Of course Hitler used the fire to end some civil liberties but that was to protect Germany from the communists. Remember Hitler had 44% of the vote still.
          But of course the american, the Bush, the Ford, GM electric, Standard Oil and many banks supported Hitler cos’ the financiers always invest on both sides to be sure to rise their fortune. And no american of importance was declared a traitor after the war while most of their manufacturing plants were save from the bombs wich killed innocent civilians in many countries non stop.
          Yes german scientists came in America and found good jobs.

        • That you Adam Roberts for somewhat clearing the air regarding the parallel world’s of Nazi Germany and the current american political paradigm. Every criminal process begun in Nazi Germany was simply imported into the US after the Nuremberg agreements. I say Nuremberg “agreement” because it was not actually a “trial” but an agreement on how to exploit German science and technology for the enslavement of the former American republic.
          The list of German scientists who were incorporated into our medical industries, defense programs, and rocketry experiments under NASA, is only part of the story.
          This is also quite interesting. > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureates

  22. Inventors:Chang, David B. (Tustin, CA)
    Shih, I-fu (Los Alamitos, CA)
    Application Number:07/513145 Publication Date:03/26/1991 Filing Date:04/23/1990 Export Citation:Click for automatic bibliography generation Assignee:Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA)
    Primary Class:250/505.1 Other Classes:244/158.1, 250/503.1, 250/504R International Classes:A01G15/00; A01G15/00; (IPC1-7): G21K1/00 Field of Search:250/505.1, 250/504R, 250/503.1, 250/493.1, 244/136, 244/158R
    Patent #5003186
    Primary Examiner:Berman, Jack I. Attorney, Agent or Firm:Sales, Michael W.
    Denson-low, Wanda
    Claims:What is claimed is:

    1. A method of reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a layer of gases in the atmosphere which absorb strongly near infrared wavelength radiation, comprising the step of dispersing tiny particles of a material within the gases’ layer, the particle material characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity or reflectivity, in that said material has high emissivities with respect to radiation in the visible and far infrared wavelength spectra, and low emissivity in the near infrared wavelength spectrum, whereby said tiny particles provide a means for converting infrared heat energy into far infrared radiation which is radiated into space.

    2. The method of claim wherein said material comprises one or more of the oxides of metals.

    3. The method of claim 1 wherein said material comprises aluminum oxide.

    4. The method of claim 1 wherein said material comprises thorium oxide.

    5. The method of claim 1 wherein said particles are dispersed by seeding the stratosphere with a quantity of said particles at altitudes in the range of seven to thirteen kilometers above the earth’s surface.

    6. The method of claim 1 wherein the size of said particles is in the range of ten to one hundred microns.

    7. The method of claim wherein said material comprises a refractory material.

    8. The method of claim 1 wherein said material is a Welsbach material.

    9. The method of claim 1 wherein the number of said dispersed particles per unit area in the particle layer is greater than or equal to 1/σabs 1, where 1 is the thickness of the particle layer and σabs is the absorption coefficient of the particles at the far infrared wavelengths.

    10. A method for reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a greenhouse gases layer, comprising the following step:
    seeding the greenhouse gases’ layer with a quantity of tiny particles of a material characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity or reflectivity, in that said materials have high emissivities in the visible and far infrared wavelength spectra and low emissivity in the near infrared wavelength spectrum,

    whereby said particles are suspended within said gases’ layer and provide a means for converting radiative energy at near infrared wavelengths into radiation at the far infrared wavelengths, permitting some of the converted radiation to escape into space.

    11. The method of claim 10 wherein said material comprises one or more of the oxides of metals.

    12. The method of claim 10 wherein said material comprises aluminum oxide.

    13. The method of claim 10 wherein said material is thorium oxide.

    14. The method of claim 10 wherein said seeding is performed at altitudes in the range of seven to thirteen kilometers above the earth’s surface.

    15. The method of claim 10 wherein said material comprises a refractory material.

    16. The method of claim 10 wherein said particle size is in range of ten to one hundred microns.

    17. The method of claim 10 wherein said material is a Welsbach material.

    18. The method of claim 10 wherein the number of said dispersed particles per unit area in the particle layer is greater than or equal to 1/σabs 1, where 1 is the thickness of the particle layer and σabs is the absorption coefficient of the particles at the far infrared wavelengths.
    Follow the link below and let your imagination run wild. Just imagine the concoction referred to as the Welsbach Materials, sooo many oxides to choose from…

  23. Judy, Adrian, and every other brainwashed silly person with a similar mindset…please just read. Read things other than books approved by our lovely government. I’m from New Orleans, and a guy from here published an amazing book called “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”. I suggest it to everyone…it uncovers many truths involving particle accelerators, vaccines, the JFK assassination, testing of monkey virus’ in the 1960′s, our government testing cancer causing virus’ on mice in order to find a way to harm or possibly kill Castro and his followers at the labs at Tulane.

    I definitely suggest this book to everyone, but especially Judy and Adrien…Educate yourselves.

  24. I am very wealthy…give Bill a pat on the back, remove 90% population, you eat too much, you are just fat breeders, leaching of society….leave the planet for us wealthy we deserve it.
    OOHH if I offended any one.. Too bad…what you gonner do? Cry. or get angry…you have no power at all.

  25. Bill and Judy are the type who believe the propaganda Of mainstream BS if instead of watching TV or reading newspapers they would research and ask questions they would come to answers on their own but after traveling the world and teaching over 150k people in 20 counties I find the masses are distracted and not awake as the governments do things like chem trails in front of their face and they don’t see it, they drink the flour instead water without ? And take vaccines with no study the military has always experimented on its people I was in USAF and believe me you are a pawn or GI

    It does not surprise me the way people think as they are toxic, need to fast cleanse of the chemicals and off the media owned by a few rich families until detox thinking will be controlled and clouded by the propaganda machine that mr Bernaise put in motion in our media and military industrial complex

  26. That was spell changer but it is flouride in water and people don’t question it any human who pays attention and is mindful sees clearly what is happening

  27. I have been taking film and photos of chemtrails for years. The real problem is not the trails, it is the people, leadership trained or not, who refuse to see the truth and help in the fight against this menace. We are fighting to clean up the world for their children. They will wake up when it is too late.
    Climate change and the Green Agenda religion is utter nonsense when this toxic filth is spread deliberately, daily, for years, into our atmosphere – and we are paying for it.

  28. Gates is Insane! Him an his Ilk have swallowed the Zionist propaganda too long.
    Zionism is out to destroy everyone with their inferiority complex. Everyone out to get them
    Because they do this kind of sh#t to people and the Environment. They say they are trying to
    Cool the planet while the sun is at a stage to increase radiation. We are going into a new epoch
    with planets lining up and sun’s gravity causes are exposure and there is not a d#mn thing
    Bill Gates can do about that. And. Poisoning us won’t solve anything.

  29. I think he thinks he’s doing something constructive,
    not harmful.

    Of course, if he’s responsible for any of the spraying
    over people’s heads to date, he should be arrested.

    If he’s only acting out of profound presumption and
    vanity, aside from the disinterest in eliminating the
    government by control freak responsible for the
    mismanagement and unfair treatment of costs and
    risks or our environment/in our economy, does he
    still qualify for being called a sociopathic clown?

  30. there are two words that suffice in response to many topics of discussion in our society i qualify as words of wisdom….”STOCKPILE AMMO” mark my words

  31. Two words – Georgia Guidestones – look it up.

  32. Ooof. You’re scaring me to death.
    Even Bill Gates……..

  33. Marc if so how are they going to stop them selfs from breathing in the stuff them selfs…

  34. Bill Gates may be wealthy but he is stupid… people realize what he is trying to do… reduce the population of the earth… Any smart concerned person would use their wealth to encourage other forms of energy than fossil fuel…

  35. So what are all the voices here going to do about this…

    Ranting and raving is not going to change the elites minds, they’re on their mission and want to bring about doom and suffering on such a scale..

    So how do people stop this and please don’t say by voting haha


  36. It all don’t matter anymore than Hillary Clinton’s queef: Nibiru is coming!

  37. Also one of the biggest investor in MonSatan Monsanto. Dear Americans. Eat your GMOs and die. Uncle Bill is your typical US American Nazi eugenist following the footsteps of Rockerfeller, another devout and fervent admirer of Adolf Hitler and its IBM runned concentrations camps. Drink as much Coca Cola and Big Macs since you love these terrorists from Wall Sreet. Open wide your big fat mouth and enjoy Coca Cola and take a deep breath of this yummy yummy aluminium.


  39. Um, first off, Gates didn’t “admit” to anything. I read, re-read and read again this article that claims “Gates admits to chemtrails”. He never said it, and whether or not it’s true, he never will say it.

    Funding issues. Philanthropists give money to all sorts of crazy things, sometimes they don’t even realize where that money goes. Do you honestly believe that Gates writes these checks himself? I do believe that he has an odd interest in this subject–but that doesn’t mean anything at all. When you have him on record, saying that he knows and is involved in either chemtrail activity, vaccinations to sterilize the poor…whatever….then I think that you need to look at this with a bit of skepticism.

    Second. Someone here mentioned Plum Island. Yes. I agree. The animal deaths on the shore, the prevalence of certain biologicals are undeniable. I truly believe that the bioweapons division of the government is alive and well–and yes, they did hire ex-Nazis for it. That’s well documented.

    BUT. That being said. I’ve been in medicine for over 20 years. If you don’t understand what viruses do and what cancer does, how they work, where they came from (BIOLOGICALLY, thank you), how they develop and mutate–then please…save yourself the trouble of worrying about it or the people around you from listening to it…because although lymphoma may be caused by, say, pesticide use (endocrine disruptors)—cancer of certain types is not “engineered”. You can have a genetic predisposition for it, you can have a hereditary marker for it, you could have a job at a toxic waste dump…who knows!….what my point is, is that the chances of getting cancer have nothing to do with a bioweapons lab on Plum Island.

    As far as viruses go—please, again—do some real leg work on the subject before you post ignorance. Viruses, for the most part, can mutate in as little as a few hours to a few years to a few generations. Are you going to tell me that Plum Island was responsible for the Spanish Flu? Or maybe the plague? Should we believe that the US Bioweapons Division was around in the Middle Ages?

    These little critters have been around for millenia. And they mutate. This is WHAT THEY DO. It is their primary function–to adapt and change so that they can multiply. Do I think that perhaps some of the nastier strains of smallpox and anthrax are being honed and weaponized? Yes. I do. But anthrax is something that has been in the dirt for millions of years. Yes, we do have the technology to enhance these viruses, along with bacteria and any other pathogen.

    BUT–you DO realize that these folks the “THEY” that you all are afraid of–”THEY” breathe the same air as we do? “THEY” drink the same water and eat the same food as we do? I mean….I’m not sure I have seen an absence of these people out and about, on vacations, swimming in the oceans that are polluted in the Mediterranean just as the same as the Gulf of Mexico (and if you want to really look things up, look up how the military dumps munitions into the water, leaking tons of carcinogens)–I don’t see anyone “of value” hiding in bunkers with processed air, food and water–fearing the INEVITABLE mutations of any viruses that are released on “the populace” to “control population”.

    C’mon, guys. You’re smarter than this. There is PLENTY to fear–real things–and there are so many other truly worthy causes to put your unlimited energies behind. Stopping fraud, corruption, government abuse–if these are really the things that you want to stop—why not get out there and support the protests against Monsanto–maybe stop giving your money to the WalMarts who get their cheap crap from Chinese companies that pollute our air and waterways? How about boycotting all of these psychos—how many of you are typing your posts on a WINDOWS BASED machine? And yes. There is actually a way to use your computer without WINDOWS—once upon a time, we didn’t HAVE that. What about boycotting Apple and Nike and all of those other companies that pollute and destroy our atmosphere—NOT WITH CHEMTRAILS, but with mercury, sulfides, arsenic, bromides—and a host of other toxic carcinogens?

    Really. Think about that. All of the coal fired plants that spew truly toxic chemicals into the air, fly ash ponds that rupture and kill hundreds of miles of pristine waterways, mountain top removal and tailings from mining—you really think that chemtrails are the even anywhere on that list of things to worry about—things that your breathing deep into your lungs?

    Look at your own complicity, folks. Look at the things you have around your house–things that are manufactured by these same companies that you are so righteously railing against.


  40. On 11th December 2012 I counted over 100 plans in the sky ALL of them spraying chemtrails, they were not contrails, they were chemtrails. This activity caused a foggy atmosphere which seemed to settle on the ground by evening causing a layer of unnatural ice on the floor and a dirty chemical smell throughout the whole of South Wales. The next day a large percentage of the S. Wales population came down with a mysterious illness which has flu-like symptoms in addition to vomiting and diarrhea. The illness lasts for weeks. This was done on purpose.

    Something needs to be done desperately about our low-life scumbag psychopathic criminal leaders, they are nothing more than terrorists and they are poisoning us. If our governments continue this unnecessary and sadistic behaviour then the general public should all get together in mass and start experimenting with chemicals, viruses and bacteria on our government officials to see how they like it, see how many of them become ill, see how many of them die, etc.

    We are not on this planet to be used as guinea pigs by a bunch of mentally disturbed megolamaniacs – this is our planet and it’s about time the tables were turned. The public need to collectively rise up and take a stand and turn the tables on the evil scumbag governments who think they can just play God whenever they feel like it.

  41. Hi, I live in Barry in S. Wales & I actually got that bug on the 5th Dec but just about everyone I know has had it over the last few wks & I can’t remember what day it was last wk when my husband came home & said the sky was ridicoulous & he took his work mates out to show them. I have been left with a chesty cough ( I NEVER get coughs ! ) which I can’t shake off. I totally agree, something should be done, but what ? Most people just don’t believe it !

    • Have you tried the herb coltsfoot for your cough? It always works like a charm for me; also horehound cough drops/tea. I do a netipot everyday to keep all the crud out of my sinuses, but it also helps a bit to prevent the crud ending up in my lungs, so that’s what I would suggest. Easy to use, no bad side effects.
      It saddens me to think of your lovely Wales being covered with this poison. I was there in 1969 and it was the loveliest place, all brilliant emerald green hills, beautiful coastline and such friendly people. Good luck, I hope you get well soon.
      We just had 3 weeks of constant fog, white sky and not one second of sun; we were about ready to lose our minds, it was horribly depressing.

      • Hi Emmet, thank you very much for your advice, I’ll certainly give it a go. 3 wks of fog & no sun sounds just like a normal day in the UK lol. It is very depressing though, I agree, it just makes me so angry that anyone can be so arrogant as to spray OUR skies & pollute OUR planet & dictate to us on how we should live when they have NO right to do so. Who gave them the authority to do this in the first place ? Governments should remember that they are there to SERVE US ! Hopefully their little set up will come crashing down soon & we can reclaim what is rightfully ours. Take care Emmet & thanks for your kind words X

        • Thank you for the kind words, britgirl. Agreed, I get furious with these people who think they own the world. But what they want to do is unsustainable and besides that, Greek mythology is rife with many mortals who tried to be gods but ALWAYS got shot down – think Icarus. I keep reminding myself of this. The thing that the “gods” hate more than anything else is hubris and the people doing the chemtrails have more than enough hubris to bring them down. Our job is to survive this mess and that’s how we will win.

  42. So true Britgirl, many people are unwilling to open their eyes and see what’s going on right in front of them. Still, I’m glad someone else has noticed. The only way anything will ever been done about this is through awareness. The truth needs to be spread until it becomes common public knowledge.

  43. I haven’t read the whole stream of comments, but agree with Marc regarding hitler is alive and well in the US, and sadly, Judy, please note that he meant, Hitler is NOT alive b/c he is over 100 years old, but his attitude and treatment of others is alive in Gates and Buffett’s actions. That was an obvious statement.

    Sadly these chemicals will fall into the earth and damage everything here, including the people and animals who will breathe it in. I am not sure why Gates feels he can pollute the planet and needs to be arrested on federal charges for his crimes against humanity.

    I do agree with Gates that we have a population problem, but poisoning people is not the answer. If he wants to reward those with free sterilization if they volunteer and fund education programs and get involved with the media, this would completely change people’s attitudes on sex and lower the number of babies born, that is the answer. I admit many of the more ignorant people have litters instead of 1 or 2 children and this cycle continues (idiocracy) yet this is not the answer. Laws against having more than 1 child would be great. Extreme fines on people who have more children since they are the direct cause of burdening the system is also an option.

  44. This is really insane…. hasn’t anyone learned anything? You don’t go screwing with nature to try and fix the screwing you have already done!!! That will just compound the problem. We already know what acid rain does to even hardy trees like maples. Gates has more money than brains. Why is that always the case with these idiots. Why doesn’t Gates spend his money on investing in solar power or electric cars?

    • Agreed, it’s completely insane. The mad scientists have taken over. Sulfur dioxide, quite
      simply, kills all life and this is a pretty basic fact. Whatever scientists are advising him know this; they’re either bought and paid for or have had their familie’s lives threatened. This then begs the question: why would anyone knowingly want to destroy all life on this earth?
      There are only 2 scenarios that I can think of and they’re both right out of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Possibility 1 is that they want to kill everything off and then introduce their genetically engineered animals, plants, humans, etc. so they can believe they are gods. Their sense of entitlement is beyond the beyond already, it’s a short stretch to being god, in their eyes.
      #2 possibility is that aliens have landed and are forming the earth to conform with their needs, such as perhaps massive amounts of CO2, less oxygen, etc. Who the hell knows? But if they’re crazy enough to dump sulfur dioxide everywhere, then the goal must be equally insane.

  45. Amazing! Man made emissions and the particulate matter associated with same are the cause of global warming, acid rain, and the malaise generally that plagues the earth. This according to the “authorities” such as Mr. Gates, various media personalities, etc.
    Based on this premise, the earth would not be “warming” because the particulate matter rising in the atmosphere would “reflect the sun’s rays” and cool the earth, without the need for “spraying.”
    I cannot help but think about water fluoridation and the history behind that. So which industry produces and needs to dispose of all the sulphates they are spraying? Might be a starting point.
    It boils down to money and control!!

    • Excellent point, sir. As well, geoengineering actually WARMS THE IONOSPHERE, which means that all this spraying is making the planet warmer. It begs the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?

  46. http://www.prisonplanet.com/bill-gates-use-vaccines-to-lower-population.html
    Bill Gates let his billions go to his head. No wonder Jesus said the rich would find it very hard to get into heaven. They imagine themselves to be gods.
    bill Gates is using polio and other vaccines as a pretense to sterilize women. The object is that of the one worlders, to reduce the surplus population.

  47. I hope when it goes tits up. And the planet suffers. That we can sue the arse off the government that sanctioned it. And Bill gates is made a pauper. This is a very dangerous thing to do. And anyone with an ounce of sense. That is intelligent enough. And is able to research. Will learn the world has not warmed for the last 20 years. The world is now cooling. so if what they are trying to do works. They will kill a few billion people. Most of them in the Northern USA. And return the world to an ice age. So many muppet in the world. And no I am not young. I am in my 60′s.

    • Virtually every study says that the earth is warming and they all are pretty much in accord, even though they used a variety of ways to obtain the information. I HAVE done my research, several hours every single day; as well my husband is a biologist, so he explains things to me that I don’t understand. As well, the geoengineering heats up the ionosphere, which makes the earth even hotter.

      • The studies that have been done of these idiotic ventures (sorry, but I have read enough on this topic to be thoroughly disgusted with the Gates of the world). These studies concluded that while filling the air with aluminum particles seems to alleviate temperature increases temporarily, its bounce back effect is horrendous. What does that mean? Well, you can lower the temperature for a brief period, but because all of this phenomenon is interrelated, the temperature increase AFTER a chemtrail lowering will be higher. BOUNCE BACK.

        So, the chemtrails are actually making the issues WORSE. What is needed is:

        1. A better understanding of what is actually happening. There are a number of explanations including the current in bound particles from the sun elevating temperatures and these appear to be part of a natural renewal cycle for the sun/precessional and unrelated to carbon gas emissions

        2. Reduction of petrochemical usage of all kinds would benefit the environment globally.

        3. Increased usage of solar and wind technology would also benefit the world.

        4. Chemtrailing particularly with sulphur-based anything is a bad idea. It is gross pollution that will destroy soil fertility and is an invasive and intrusive activity to be criticized and eschewed. PERIOD.

        The fact is that as long as we are dependent upon oil, we are controlled by these clowns.

        • This is a similar reason why Vaccines aren’t a long term solution. The more you vaccinate against a strain, the more it mutates and evolves into something much stronger, that no longer regards the vaccination as a threat. We are only making our own problems worse.
          THE GOOD NEWS- Atmospheric warming precedes a cooling period…how? Volcanoes. When the core/crust heats enough, it vents itself, and massive amounts of volcanic emissions reflect sunlight and cool the entire planet. This is happening NOW, and the main cause seems to be a very strong increase in neutron bombardment (from space). But yes, if we really cared we would have given up oil a century ago.

  48. We need a revolution. We need to arrest and hang all these crazy whackos

  49. please email me follow up posts

  50. Ja ek stemsaam metjulle alm,al die regering vandie hele wereld is siek,fire hulle en kry ander mense in hlle plyk ons wereld was nog nooit in so n toestand niemaar julle geleerdes bejoort te weet ( julle eie kennis gaan die wereld en mensdom vernietig klaar

  51. Some of these comments are unbelievable. What shower did you come down in? I think you’ve been watching too much TV.suggest some university courses in reality. Or maybe this is where this stuff comes from?

  52. Gates is a nothing but a spoiled child who has to have his way. that is what we promote in this country spoiled children and criminals so you can throw and tantrum and get rich quick.

    if this is true this WILL come back and bite us and probably in a big way.

    you can NEVER fool with mother nature plain and simple.

  53. Oh deary.. Think of the tree’s/ makes me want to invest in a gasmask

  54. People knowledgable about Agenda 21 know that they adhere to the Precautionary Principle which basically says that if there is a suspected risk that an action taken may harm people or the environment, then those taking the action must PROVE that the action will not be harmful. Is there a suspected risk that spraying chemicals in the air might be harmful? Of course there is. The global elitists that crafted UN Agenda 21, namely Mikhael Gorbechov and Maurice Strong, both communists, think that their Precautionary Principle only applies to us mere peons. They of course can do anything they want.
    This spraying, fluoridation, vaccinations, etc. which these corporate criminals seem to love to do to us, are also promoting the idea that we should all live in crowded urban environments bunched up instead of living in rural areas. Think about it, the damage they could do to the population when we are mostly living in very small areas. This is Smartgrowth, as they call it and this concept is being put into law via town General Plans all across America. It’s all about efficiency, man, this smartgrowth crap would enable those in power to kill us off en masse very easily. Put it together people, there’s not much time to stop these bastards. Democrats, wise up!

    • Your so right, I believe the whole GMO thing is about controlling population. Kill as many as you can with cancer and it’s not traceable. So no is ever to blame. Of course we don’t have to eat the GMO’s, but that’s not what’s happening people are eating them as much as they can. gobble gobble

  55. There is no such thing as global warming, and this is eco-terrorism, and if they do this, we have every right to bring them to justice through any means at our disposal.

    • There is global warming, the incorrect part is that it’s “caused by us”. The whole solar system is heating, not just the Earth. Astronomers and astrophysicists have detected temperature increases on the other planets as well, so there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. I do believe that these “attemps” at cooling Earth are truly for other reasons than what we are told. Very well could be for population control, but we’ll never truly know for sure.

  56. If you want to get rid of carbon just plant a tree!

  57. People! They have NO RIGHT to pollute our planet with their sulfates! What part of that is a problem? Who does this fool think he is? God?

  58. Bill Gates has gone to the dark side, he supports GMO’s, he supports chemtrails, he support vaccines, why does he support all this stuff, does he really believe he is doing good?????

  59. They are affecting everyone in the world! The Americans have no right to poison the rest of us. Can’t we unite against this kind of stuff?

  60. Judy I feel sorry for you to be so deluded that you shoot down all the people that have opened their eyes to what is actually happening in this world. Too much tv, adverts etc. have CONDITIONED you in to your beliefs, sadly along with the majority of the population. I have never had a flu shot neither has my asthmatic son and we do not get flu so that would PROVE that it is not the flu shot that is preventing you from becoming unwell! All illness is created by us from what we eat! Animals in the wild never get cancer, arthritis etc. just domesticated pets that are fed cooked and processed foods. Cancer and other ailments would not exist if we focused on healthy eating, we are what we eat! So you are the one that needs to get your head out of the clouds and open your eyes to what is really going on in this world. Investigate and research the FDA, aspartame dangers, MSG dangers, vaccine dangers and just what they put in them, 911 etc.
    I am in my 30′s and have never played a video game, if that is the best excuse you can come up with for us SANE folk having a truthful, eyes wide open opinion then you need to google ‘excuses’ and find a few better ones. It saddens me that there are people like you in this world, so deluded and in denial!

  61. I have read about half of the comments above. It seems it have to be EITHER gobal warming OR chemtrails spraying. This is not so – and causes a lot of arguments back and forth – which is it? I think the truth is that we have polluted our world ourselves – and then the chemtrailssspraying is making it worse – much worse. In Oslo today we have the ski jump – a big skiing even in Holmenkollen ski jump – and besides a few clouds in the morning – the sky was covered in chemtrails – all over – they must have sprayed all night. But nobody notices because it has been going on too long for anyone to see anything unnatural. Anyone who argues against the spraying happening – simply refuses to look up in the sky – AND research the matter. It is a catastrophy – and will kill all life unless it stops imediately!

  62. This is for Anglo Saxon. I just read your comment. Whow – you are really an angry man! Of course there has been really BAD PEOPLE living before – who have done terrible things. My country was occupied by german forces for 5 years – terrible times – but it is time to move on! The human race can be cruel – history shows it – amongst them all the people you mentioned. BUT does that makes foccusing on chemtrails spraying any less urgent? Should I say “no, I dont care about chemtrails and Bill Gates – Napoleon was worse!” What you wrote makes no sense in the greater picture. We are threatened with pollution the world have never seen daily … so why think about all the bad people who are long dead – we know what they did. And to the jew hating person above here .. shame on you! Really!

  63. When you see contrails, they actually hold the heat in, just like a cloudy night is warmer than a clear night. I say Whateva”

  64. only a yank can think they can fix the planet… come to Australia mate I swear I will kick your arse.. then drop ya down a mine shaftwith a stick of explosives… Yanks with money piss me off… yea lets just polute the sky for the sake of what… killing the world…. who wins… he does.. please world lets kill all these wankers….. all for one, one for all… time to take it back from the super wealthy.. gates … rothschilds.. the lot of em… take there coin put them all in mainframe prison for ever…

  65. They’ve been modifying our food. Did you think they would stop there? Weather is the new frontier for these assholes.

  66. So instead of spending a bunch of comments on Marc or Judy, how about figuring out how to stop this and organizing that? Lets hear your EDUCATED ideas? Talks cheap…What can we do as an individual about it, or as a group?

    • hi Cher, I’ve just posted a response to your post of march 19th, to the main part of the thread here.. You’ve asked a good question…

  67. in response to MBtactical’s post Dec 2012, (and perhaps to Cher as well) – Australians are mounting a very successful campaign right now against Coca Cola’s attitude to recycling schemes; it started when they took our government to court five weeks ago, to shut down the beverage recycling industry across a large part of the country. We now have federal legislation in our sights: due to all the publicity generated by Coke’s court action, and an angry public response – it looks likely that a National Container Deposit scheme bill WILL PASS into law in Federal Parliament next month. So successful has this campaign been that it is now spreading overseas (see Out of Order facebook page), Avaaz have swung behind us, and cities in North America, Mexico, and Europe are taking up the Out of Order idea. Part of our campaign (our household, I mean – many others have been involved over the last few weeks/months) strategy was to make clear the link between unrecycled plastic and ocean pollution. Plastic rubbish in the world’s oceans comprise about 30 percent beverage containers – birds, turtles, fish, are choking to death on plastic. We found some great clips made by biologists working along the coast of Australia, and we posted these. They are graphic and shocking images, accompanied by verifiable science. We think that this campaign could go global: lets make drinks manufacturers take responsiblity for the mess they have created (the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific), and target Coke. Coke is the market leader, with immense power and global reach – a good place to start!

  68. just to be crystal clear – MBtactical asked why don’t we actually do something, instead of talking a lot of wild talk. Do something about the many problems facing us. This is my reply to his challenge!

  69. and here’s one of the links – for those interested! https://www.greenpeace.org.au/action/?cid=35&src=GP1

  70. Instead of arguing, why don’t all of you join a Group on the Thrive Solutions Hub. There are groups all over the world. Join your local group and start standing up… 1,000,000,people visit this site a month and there is power in numbers.
    Pick your favorite cause or join them all.


  71. Since Mr Gates is so concerned with “global warming” and is one of the richest men in the country, I propose that he use his money for good instead of trying to kill off half the population, my proposal? That Mr Gates personally fund the billions necessary (as taxes) for “green” cars, energy, etc.

  72. That and the GMO thing has me thinking,WOW THERE REALLY IS A DEVIL!!

  73. The rich and there companies have caused global warming, now more rich are going to do even more damage. when are laws going to restrict these millionaires who are avid environment destroyers

  74. At the rate that we are killing off our own species I hope that god and Mother Nature intervene soon, this is like living amongst mad scientists that are killing their own kind off for the purpose of reducing the population. We need to take a stand now.

  75. ‘If governments refuse to implement high enough carbon taxes to eliminate greenhouse gases, in other words, then Gates and Co. believes it has no choice but to “save the planet” by polluting it with sulfate particles.”

    So one can just release poison into the air if you don’t get your way?

  76. Technical fixes don’t work. Human innovation (especially on an industrial scale) is almost inevitably “one-dimensional”, and NOT integrative, cross-referential and bio-diverse.

  77. Martin Jacobsen

    Joseph Stalin: Death solves all problems. No man, no problem.
    Heck I might just agree with a communist for once. If there we no humans..This planet would be far better off.

  78. Karen Neuenswander

    Shame on Bill Gates. Doesn’t he have children; then why isn’t he more concerned for the ‘real’ effects of the chemicals he is supporting. For a ‘smart man’ this is a sad commentary that will be known about him when everyone figures out the damage he’s doing with his support.

  79. Pls, Stop, we have to find a way.

    Its immoral to let a group of ppl spray stuff over head of others.

    This should stop. you had time to test and get result now stop to spray over my head we dont share same interest for money i dont deserve your experimentation over my head now.

  80. Please excuse Judy G she just exposed as to why she thinks the way she does :) She gets her flu vaccine every year. Yaaaay keep ingesting the fluoride as well. Either you are a very ignorant sheep with no hope but I rather think you are just a troll, because honestly I am appalled to see how well the dumbing down of the population is going, you are living proof of that. :)

  81. cure = REVOLUTION .

  82. I think the only way to stop these things happening is to completely remove ourselves from the industrialised, corporate culture we have become addicted to. Stop buying from supermarkets and malls. Grown your own, join a co-operative and trade produce with local people. Install Linux on your computer if you must use one. Stop using products from any massive multi-national corporations like Microsoft. Stop burning oil (unless it’s recycled). Stop paying tax to the corrupt governments. Stop feeding the monster. If we stop giving them money we can starve the parasites out.

    • You are right… The ONLY thing these greedy bastards fear is a united populace.. this is why the news seems to focus on derisive issues.. we MUSt be kept at odds with our fellow man!
      Can you imagine the impact if on one specific day everyne in this country simply didn’t report to work? No one bought anything.. no one went anywhere.. no one spent any money… It would have a ripple effect unseen since, well, …. EVER!
      BUT it will never happen.. we are too divided.. too fragmented by design, kept that way on purpose with far too few people willing to put minor issues aside.. Sad…

  83. Anyone who hasn’t figured Bill Gates as a mercenary Eugenist disguised as a United Nations Agenda 21 fan, is an idiot. This is all about reducing the population down to the “chosen people”. When all the dust settles, there will be about 144,000 radioactive corpses for Yahweh Bill to gloat over.

  84. Paul Von is absolutely right! The brunt of these comments are exactly what we have all been trained to react like. Wake up everybody! Alot of you are doing exactly what they want… to create pandamonium among the masses! The ‘Great Culling’ is eminent upon humanity, so unfortunate is Thermo-nuclear war. Prepare yourselves for mass-compliant vaccinations on the horizon for the pandemic is soon to be here AND anyone who refuses will be wasted away dead or imprisoned in future concentration camps. Human farming is the next stage on the agenda of the self-appointed elites currently controlling Empire earth. The arsenal is already in place for the next holocaust and if all of humankind does not stand up AS ONE NOW against these very disturbed, malevolent forces presently steering our planet they will succeed and most of us will be gone. NOW is the time for us all to make a stand or very soon the window for humanity’s future will no longer exist. Life on our planet is in the balance.

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  86. no time to fight with each other and arguing who is right! we need to UNITE! all of us! they might have money, power and sulfates, but have the numbers! we’re millions, yet we’re the only ones to at least try to safe our Incredible Planete, Planete of Life!

  87. You know, sterilizing the poor is not such a bad idea. People need to stop breeding and creating life they can not support.

    Why bring a child into a world of misery and pain and only for them to die of malnutrition.

    • It is when you realise the only reason the world is so poor and in misery is because of the same people that want you and me dead. ie. Bill Gates and his Bilderberg buddies and his dad who was on the board of Planned Parenthood started by Margaret Sanga.

    • Annon. I used to think the same way, until I became poor… The human animal is not some creature that should be segregated by the creation of yet another caste system.

      “Sorry, you’ve been born into poverty. I’ll just cut off your nuts, and leave you to live in the gutters of some slum. Perhaps I’ll allow you to scrub my toilet from time to time.”
      We live in a demented society that pays sports players tens of millions of dollars to catch a ball and run away with it. WTF?

      This is the same retarded society that praises a rip-off artist like Jehweh Bill Gates, because he figured out a way to create a software monopoly and enslave the world with it. The little prick ripped off the original MSDOS operating code from a more talented individual, and then acted like he was a fucking genius, rather than an ordinary thief.

      Stealing lives, stealing land, preventing fertility, and hoarding wealth. All in a days work for typical zion jews.

  88. Stay strong people. This cycle of greed must end.

  89. Plant lots of trees. If it was about climate change that is what they would be doing. They would be growing the multi useful hemp plant which also soaks up Carbons. 4 times your average tree. No this is about dumping Industrial waste with no regard for the health of the planet or those living on it.

  90. Sigh. This is what is actually happening. It has nothing to do with “chemtrails”.

    “Two Harvard professors said Tuesday they were developing a proposal for what would be a first-of-its-kind field experiment to test the risks and effectiveness of a geoengineering technology for intervening in the earth’s climate.

    The experiment, which would be conducted from a balloon launched from a NASA facility in New Mexico, would involve putting “micro” amounts of sulfate particles into the air with the goal of learning how they combine with water vapor and affect atmospheric ozone.” – The New York Times

  91. Elephant in the room
    It doesn’t matter whether it will or will not either save us from Global Waaarming or plunge us into an Ice Age. (Here! Scrat.)
    What matters is that nobody has the right to do this
    How do we explain to the Obama’s of this world that it is us who employ them.
    If we stopped paying taxes would the backhanders be enough to keep them going?

  92. After reading Larry Abrahams “The Greening” and Lomborgs “The Skeptical Environmetalist” I’m VERY suspicious of 2 power centers: the Environmentalist movement and the Governments(ALL OF THEM) so this article seems a wash to me.

  93. I wish the people who spent all this time arguing over the internet and this comment section of this article, would focus their efforts into spreading the information this article provides. Knowledge is power. Maybe we can change the world one small step at a time if we all do our part.

  94. It’s simple, no bloodshed, no manipulated even citizens demonstrations ending up in controlled warfares or nothing in the end, honorable, one might even say.
    Stop voting for politicians (ALL of them).
    Stop paying taxes.
    Start doing like peaceful protesters do in Sharingpoint, Idaho, Colorado Springs, Spain, etc. Vote for people, local communities (decentralizing the power) and local solutions, UK’s Credit Unions lending and helping each other (NO to the Banks), etc.
    Start doing that:-)

  95. Ok.. so don’t jump all over me here.. but this article is titled “Bill Gates admits to chemtrails”. It has pictures of airplanes and potentially chemtrails…. and it discuss that there are reports from other news groups (no citation) of Bill Gates funding/starting a research group that is working on a balloon project…. and then it cites an article that apparently discusses the dangers of sulphates in acid rain. I’m not making a comment on the validity of chemtrail concern but I am concerned if this is the evidence that we’re working with. Not defending Bill Gates.. I haven’t a clue. But this article is the type of stuff that discredits reasonable reporting.

  96. Big misunderstanding – Chemtrails are not solar radiation management to fight global warming. Chemtgrails are weapons system that have the effect of warming the climate according to IPCC scientists.. Here’s why: http://wp.me/P2FjTj-3b2

  97. Unless you all walk or ride a bike every were then you all are responsible for global warming and for the first person that wants to say what about you Casey I do walk or ride a bike every were that I go, however I didn’t always and so I just like all of you are to blame for global warming:)

  98. Surely it would be a better idea to spray these particles above the atmosphere where gravity will not cause them to return to earth? Why do they have to be within the atmosphere itself if their only purpose is to reflect sunlight?

    Anybody remember how decades ago it was complained how the SULFATES from acid rain were eroding the Acropolis and such?
    Geez, somebody please put Bill Gates into an INSANE ASYLUM! (or …)

  100. Here it is AGAIN! The Hidden Evil. Look up and wake up Sheeple! http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

  101. The extreme weather is being geo-engineered by a process known as HAARP.

    Here is the US Patent for Controlling/Modifying the Weather… http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=4,686,605.PN.&OS=PN/4,686,605&RS=PN/4,686,605 – open article and search for “northern Alaska” and “barium”. Now Google “northern Alaska HAARP” and “barium increasing in atmosphere”.

    UN Website talks about weather modification… http://www.unep.org/Documents.Multilingual/Default.asp?DocumentID=62&ArticleID=549&l=en Now search for the word “hostile” in this doc
    another UN document… http://www.un-documents.net/enmod.htm

    Why do we need a weather modification board if we cannot modify the weather?… http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-109s517is/pdf/BILLS-109s517is.pdf

    Check out what the US Air Force says about “Owning the Weather by 2025″… http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf

    Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, testifies that Weather Weapons have existed for over 15 years… http://www.naturalnews.com/040652_weather_weapons_chemtrails_HAARP.html

    US Law allows testing of Chemicals and biological agents on “civilian population”…

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040652_weather_weapons_chemtrails_HAARP.html#ixzz2VYZEyvCk

    Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War

    Great Documentary — Why in the World are They Spraying?

    This should be enough to get anyone who has a mind started.

    Remember :

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” ~ Albert Einstein

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ~ Aldous Huxley*

  102. Are you serious!? How about we stop dumping tons and tons of toxic chemicals into our environment and try to fix what’s already gone horribly wrong before we try to experiment our way out of a problem we brought upon ourselves? Don’t forget that they’re not just f**ing with their own existence here.. but with the welfare of the entire planet. Are the scientists going to find us another planet to live on when this one is destroyed?

  103. This Is Gods planet, he has promised to sustain it and he has, humans have messed it up just like he said we would, we are reaping what we have sown. God also assured us that the world is in fact waxing old and this planet will be destroyed by fire. We are on borrowed time and everything we do to the planet is only going to hurt us. The world is going to pass away nothing anyone can do. But trying all this crazy stuff is not only going to fail to work but the side effects will end up causing more problems then the problem at hand. We need to stop throwing more garbage into the air to make conditions worse and we need to accept that we have caused the damage and now we have to deal with it. Sadly people have decided to disbelieve God ,and would rather believe in scientist who have no more idea about what’s going than the rest of us. it is time to control the elements we can like being less destructive to the planet but most importantly we need to get closer to the creator and worry less about the creation. The world will come to an end its not a matter of if, but it is a matter of when. Find God, believe in Jesus. noone is getting off this planet alive and never have, so it is time to press in to God because he is the decider of where we go when its over. So less worry trying to save a planet we have no control over, and more time preparing for what we need to do to insure the results of the next life. Ask Jesus to forgive sins and believe he died for your sins rose again on the third day, he is the son of God, born to a virgin and is God in the flesh.Without him no one will enter the kingdom, I know most of you are like here we go a Jesus freak had to put his 2 cents in, your right! I can’t do anything to save the planet nor do I care to. Let them pour poison into the air. But if I can help save one soul from this post then it was worth typing. God bless you.

  104. I posted this exact subject as a comment months ago… Not only is this going to fail miserably, it will mess up Earth’s “natural” climate for years, even decades… It’s like a domino effect… what starts as a mere “ripple” today, turns into a tidal wave over the months and years…

    • Found it…. I made the statement 3 months ago… the article was “Philippines climate negotiator issued tearful plea last year: ‘No more excuses’… I wrote, “Seeding clouds to create rain goes completely against nature. Seeding clouds can cause chain reactions that can travel the globe like Rogue waves travel the ocean. Imagine a line of 30 single dominoes lined up that spread into multiple rows of dominoes and then knocking down the number 1 domino…so can be said for the after effects of seeding clouds…something that is totally UN-natural in the atmosphere”

  105. Damn idiots leave our world alone, there is no global warming! All a guise for the greedy!

  106. Here’s a simple test to try before you unleash something on the entire planet: Take a one gallon bucket of water… Now add one drip of food coloring to one single spot in the bucket and then prevent the drip of food coloring from affecting the entire bucket. Get back to me with your results… you may try as many times as possible to get the results you “want”…

  107. Two and a half years later , I must say thank you , fantastic comment !

  108. Sulfates are put into wine as “preservatives”(evil DNA manipulation agents) so I don’t believe that tall tale, as well as the whole Operation Cloverleaf disinformation(It’s not to “protect” us from the Bankster controlled Russians). Barium Chloride and other things are what’s dumped on us and it’s for depopulation/sterilization, dumbing down the future population, enhancing HAARP for enhancing weather manipulation(global warming etc) and mind control, destroying crops(Monsanto), filling us with Aluminum and other health destroyers and of course there’s got to be profit involved somewhere. Maybe it also includes some DNA modifying agent to get us to start doing more drugs and become addicted easier, that’d be very lucrative for Dope, Inc ran out of Buckingham Palace.

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