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Australians should be willing to work for less than $2 a day – World’s richest woman Gina Rinehart

Last week she said:

“If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself — spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working.”

Today she claimed that Australians should be willing to work for less than $2 a day:

‘Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart has criticised her country’s economic performance and said Africans willing to work for $2 a day should be an inspiration.

Ms Rinehart is said to make nearly A$600 (£393) a second.’

The richest woman in the world is making an increasing number of public appearances, and speaking of increasingly controversial topics. I wonder why. It couldn’t be that she is becoming increasingly aggressive and controversial because her core business is in trouble, could it? Marc Faber suggests so:

There have been four mega bubbles in the past 40 years. In the 1970s it was gold; in the 1980s it was the Nikkei, and in the 1990s it was the Nasdaq. Bigger than all of them, though, has been the iron ore bubble, a tenfold increase in prices in less than a decade.

Here’s iron ore priced in dollars: Julia Gillard’s denial seems to confirm the inevitable:

Australia’s mining boom is not over and its ‘death’ has been exaggerated.

That is her “subprime is contained“ moment. Larry Elliott explodes the myth that this time is different:

Commodity-rich countries, like Australia, have never had it so good. China takes 25% of Australia’s exports and iron ore accounts for 60% of all the goods Australia sells to China. One reason Australia avoided recession during the global downturn of 2008-09 was that it had a well-run banking system. A much bigger reason was that the country had become a giant pit from which China could extract the minerals it needed for its industrial expansion. Money flooded into the country from sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds looking for AAA investments. The Australian dollar has soared, as have property prices.

China’s economy is now slowing, and although the economic data is not particularly reliable, it seems to be slowing fast. The country has two million unsold homes, with another 30 million under construction. There is a glut of iron ore and the price is falling. Where does that leave Australia? Horribly exposed, quite obviously. It has an over-valued currency, an over-valued property market, and its major customer is now desperately pulling every available policy lever in the hope of avoiding a hard landing. Whatever happens, the Australian dollar is a sell. Just how big a sell will depend on how successful Beijing is in reflating the Chinese economy.

Perhaps Gina Rinehart should spend less time drinking, socialising and writing awful poetry and more time preparing her business for the inevitable iron ore bust?

Gina Rinehart

Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart receives welfare loan from US taxpayers
Australia is now officially a police state

Source: http://azizonomics.com/2012/09/05/gina-rinehart-is-a-bubble/


  1. No problem Mrs. Reinhart, but first we will confiscate your wealth and then you start working in the mines for $ 1 a day. How about that?

    • Mrs Reinhart, Have you no shame? Your wealth has blinded you to the needs of people, in fact you are no longer a part of the people. You belong to that class of people that has no heart, no feelings and no connection to the real world. Your God is now money, your bible is the balance sheet and your going to die a lonely, bitter old woman.

    • Great idea!
      At minimum she should work at mine at all like others. That should be good for her weight.

    • all that money ,cant help this ugly fat bitch maybe she sould go on a diet and let the rest of the people have a feed

    • I like the idea very much. And it is fair. Everyone starts from zero and we’ll see how she is going to make it for 2 bucks a day, fat cow.

    • I bet you would have your kids work for $2 a day, rather than give them a fair share you tight shameless bitch. You my dear are a traitor to all Australians – SHAME !

  2. “Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart has criticised her country’s economic performance and said Africans willing to work for $2 a day should be an inspiration.

    Ms Rinehart is said to make nearly A$600 (£393) a second.”……………………………….. This just goes to show that many of the super rich are insane – drunk on their wealth. Ignore the cow. Boycott.

  3. Did she forget to mention she INHERTED her wealth

  4. With all do respect someone should lock her up for crimes against humanity!

    PS have to tell ya a story. I corrected the john birch society today! For being to left of center huh!

    I was researching the congressman Larry McDonald’s case tonight. You know the one
    Where the Rothchild’s make a call and scramble a soviet fighter to shoot down
    an unarmed everyday passenger korean airplane entering Japanese waters killing 269 people and the congressman Oh why do I say that because of the congressman’s adamant attacks on the CFR and they state there intentions for all to read! To destroy our constitution bit by bit . Anyway I went on Wikipedia on his profile I find he was a john birch member and later even president to. So I paid a visit to their website now remember John birch society is as American as apple pie, I mean
    They supported McCarthy’s communist witch hunts to the tee. I’m not sure how they missed the Zionist that actually rule everything but that’s for another day.
    You will never guess what they are advocating or why it is so unlike them
    I just can’t believe it! To get the full effect of what my story is you need to watch
    My front web page video of bill Still’s “secrets of oz ” Bill goes through our nations
    struggle against the city of London to prevent the bankers from introducing a central
    banking system here in this country even to the detriment of many of our presidents
    being shot over its a very stirring account a story that we all must watch but not only to know our true story but it also has for us the real solution to the banking crisis, and our depression its brought also most of the rest of the worlds misery. Bring back the greenbacks dollars with no debt and Not backed by gold! Which is always the bankers
    position. Please watch “secrets of oz” YouTube or front page of my site. jonkirby2012.wordpress. com John Birch Society is pushing a gold standard
    find out why this is so wrong. And Know the truth of your history .

  5. That fat ugly be-auch wouldn’t know what a days work is if it bit her on her fat ugly ass.

  6. What she says could actually work if Australia ran the same Tax regime as countries like Indonesia, where people do live quite comfortably on $2 a day, The reason being that the spending power of $3.50 (the price of a cup of coffee in Ozz) in relation to food & commodities is actually the same as $50 in Australia. I know this to be a fact because i live here. a bowl full of food dining out here is 40 cents( chicken , veges, noodles, spices), I just made a little video on this interesting difference between the spending power of Australian dollars in Australia and what $2 buys here which is four meals dining out. an egg is 10 cents, a litre of petrol is 45 cents, a packet of ciggies is $1 , so as you can see $2 a day is looking OK if it can buy 10 times more stuff than it can buy in Ozzy. It’s so easy for the term living on $2 a day to be bandied about as though it’s a death sentence, She’s a complete insane bitch no argument from me on that point because she’s pig ignorant along with her looks, The real devil is what’s left out ( for good reason ) it’s never discussed anywhere in politics or the MSM the complete lack of taxation on commodities in these economies.Very few people have mortgages even the cost of 6,000 bricks is $200 and the builders to put them up cost $5 a day to employ , a bamboo donga is even cheaper, coming in at around $500 ! try that in OZ some prick from the council will come down on you like a ton of bricks for even thinking about using materials not purchased through Bunnings or A.V Jennings.. What is revealed by these strange anomalies is the crippling taxation (theft) Australians live under & it’s engineered into every economic transaction. And the new shiny one to fix the sky is just a toe in the door to total enslavement.the trick with using the term “living on $2 a day” to average untravelled Australians is it immediately throws up mental images of starvation & poverty.In their wildest dreams they can never imagine anyone living on that sort of money , but they do every day, and so do I eating the same nutritious foods bought & cooked that day and sold for pennies in a million outlets & ways every day all over Indonesia & Asia. I hope this has been of interest and don’t think for one micro second i support anything this bloated Baron Harkonnen look alike says.on anything.

  7. “If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself”
    Shes hit the nail on the head, get off your fat social security arses and get working, find a job or create a self employed job. The bit about $2 is a bit too far, thay are over paid, i would say 50c is still too much money for the uneducated welfare inbreeders and bloated fat dumb asses.
    Ah well take pity on the stupid….

    • Who said anything about being jealous of her money ? If that’s what it buys both mentally & physically give me shells & beads or even a pig any day,Mind you it would get confusing paying for her with a pig , it might be prettier, The only nail this bloater has hit on the head is her complete isolation from reality, along with you too i might add , your term ” Bloated fat dumb asses” in relation to the poor ,seems to be the perfect caption for the picture above & she’s rich !! so obviously money doesn’t buy you happiness or empathy, and certainly not any human qualities worth having, your just another nasty illogical piece of work, who can’t see his true enemies because your stupid & a coward, your type love to lash out at those worse off materially than themselves because it’s simple and to you obvious, Meanwhile your real enemy harvests you of your energy through weapons you can’t even see, TAX, While your back is turned flogging someone worse off than you screaming at them that it’s their fault your owners remove your wallet & take out 80% of everything you have daily,then quietly slip it back into your pocket, you poor sad fuck wake up dummy your a slave.

      • Mashj50: I agree with your sentiments, but try your best not to fall into the trap that “Barack” created, try and stay calm on your fresh diet: Poor Barack is probably on too much “Corporate-Junk Food”, and his brain is being slowly “popped” out.
        For some strange reason, we: the normal non-connected people; say the “disconnected”, have to suffer whilst those with “Surplus-Bling”, simply behave like …mentally deficient …#stuff# (could not think of a noun here, without insulting another object by comparison/association- oooops!).
        The inheritance tax at 100% is a good one, but say over a threshold of $5-10 mil. (credit only given for hours actually worked in the business you inherit (on a sliding scale), verified by co-workers testament).
        This would stop these “Family-Conglomerates” in their tracks, and after all, we all know, if you did enough research, you will discover that the: first deal; how they got the key-asset; how the family got the first gov. contract; how they suddenly had a monopoly (all large family businesses).
        It’s not down to normal economics, its down to corruption!
        Anyway $2 a day, is feasible, if the economics of the region you live in support that lifestyle. Maybe Gina, needs to live off $2 a day for a while, this may help her gain a new perspective and hopefully learn to be more compassionate to her fellow human beings give the good fortune she has experienced, so far.

    • Take pity on the stupid? I think you rank within their numbers, Barack. This woman is the primary argument for a near 100% inheritance tax.

    • Barack .. a Good name for a zionist fool … go back to Israel … be there when it blows up idiot. … Capitalist Swine….

  8. Beautiful woman.

    Do these elites look in the mirror? Why are they always the ugliest human spawn that you probably would not even see at Wal-Mart? Kinda’ funny how that works, huh? The ones the elites despise so much, they end up looking and acting like.

  9. My GOD, She is NOT a handsome woman!

  10. She looks like a slapped arse with hemorrhoids.

    Sickbag. Retch. Puke.

  11. Would not give her the steam of my piss.

  12. I don’t support Gina’s views, but a few things first.
    1. She inherited around $70M from Lang.
    2. She turned it into $29B.
    3. Lang was lucky to find the ore and a bloody tough, shrewd bastard to get the rights to mine it.
    4. Gina has ridden this bubble. Sure, she’s made some amazing deals, but she’s just as lucky as dad.
    I fail to see how or why she feels it’s her right to pass comment on everything from govt policy, to taxation, to Australian lifestyles, just because she’s ‘rich.’
    Twiggy does it.
    Gerry Harvey does it.
    And it always seems to be when their wealth is threatened.
    Plus three of her four kids hate her guts!

    A what impressive guts they are!

  13. “If you want to know what God thinks of money, you need only look at those to whom He gives it.”

    And I’m not even religious.

    • He pays them forward … makes them grotesque for life .. you see it constantly with the rich .. Ugly from the core out…

  14. Well the poor thing had a rather grotesque looking father with the personality to match, who left her his money, and now looks like his views as well….

    The woman is a typical Aussie oaf, never accuse her of having too much class.

  15. Your rightful place is in an oven you bloated parasitic kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike !
    Don’t worry, you and your tribe will be there shortly.

  16. So if i were to be a fat bloated, greasy haired, pig like the good lady How would i feed myself? Not to mention my family of course.

    So this fat repulsive satanic piece of shit is of the opinion that our aspirations should be to work for the price of a small cup of bog standard coffee – at Starbucks of course.

    She is obviously the type that sees people living on the edge but considers them happy and content because she has observed them smiling.

    If everyone reading here sends this sack of shit bad mental energy she will have mr karma visit her with her just deserts.

    • James .. you are so correct … she believes .. the poor on this earth exist on scraps that fall from the tables of the rich… so pay the rich more … and more scaps may fall .. a pox on her

  17. Well I do believe, the 99% of Sheeple in Australia, would go along with all she says

    The very fact, Cretins like this live, is because, of complacency among the mass’s,
    and downright cowardice, amongst the people to stand up, and bury things like this.

    It’s a shame but it’s a Fact:

  18. Could not have said it better myself.

    • Well I do believe, the 99% of Sheeple in Australia, would go along with all she says

      The very fact, Cretins like this live, is because, of complacency among the mass’s
      And downright cowardice, amongst the people to stand up, and bury things like this.

      It’s a shame but it’s a fact.

  19. $730 a year aint so bad

    pack of 30 Horizon cigs (non essential) cost $15 Aus (that’s not a plug for Horizon smokes btw, but I liked the word *Horizon, given that this is her *vision)
    smoke a pack a day (average)
    so that’s $5,475 approx per year.
    difference $4745
    (not including essentials), rent, utility bills, school fees, clothes, car, socialising, medical bills, fines, don’t forget foooood, (need that) white goods/electrical (they have built in obsolescence *2 years). random fines and incendiary items…

    I think I’d last one day (not).
    The rent near her mines would be about $1,500 per week for a 3 bedroom house?
    (correct me miners if you read this)

    Hmmm, I’d better become a toy boy

    Gina you’re beautiful, will you marry me ?

  20. She can marry the sweat off my balls. FRACKEN SEAHAG !

  21. Seriously, all that money and she can’t even pay for a decent hairstyle and makeup?

    • Decent hairstyle and makeup?

      Even a .357 couldn’t erase the ugly from her face

      It si clear to me that she will be one of those elites to die when the people in Australia wake up homeless on the continents their father’s conquered. People around the world should take note of what is going on in Greece and understand that a similar fate is coming home to roost for all of us. At the finale, we all will be left with two choices, lay down and die or stand and fight, mark my words…………..

  22. you know she was having a bad hair day. She is hot.. Most of you would kiss her feet if you met her in person.. hell most of you would marry her ..

  23. Look at her physical appearance. She is bigger than a pig. It is nice to hear something honest from an australian fascist. Probably a guest to the Bilderbergers. Australia is filled with NWO fascists of this type.

  24. Not to far from now, the people will gather and the beginning of the end will be upon the aristocrat elite, drunk with their own arrogance and drowning in descent for their fellow man.
    If Lucky the social scourge will be ripped from their Castles and Palaces dragging them all, kicking and screaming, we will show them the same respect, the same decency and good will they so often showed toward us all. I wish only to have the privileged to live long enough to witness these event, they will come to pass as they have before. This piggy has quite good pickings, best to keep her pearls of wisdom to herself.

  25. When this pig gets stabbed, no one will cry.

  26. IsraelIsTheTerrorist

    FINALLY. It’s time we call a spade a spade.

  27. “You people should work for $2/day! HEHE. Oink Oink Oink. After this I’m going to run and eat another box of donuts. Oink Oink Oink. HEHE, I’m so rich. Oink Oink Oink.”

  28. She is the reason men turn gay. Can you imgine waking to those cottage cheese thights, a belly bigger than a horses?
    Oh well, to clear those thoughts, I’m going off to listen to walzting matilda

  29. Indeedy, although the evil plutocratic banker scum that run our world (of which this particular zio-beast is but a player on the board), serve an ancient agenda and an even older master of ceremonies. Although a so-called “religious” war is brewing, there is a much deeper play going on and the whole human race is catching up to the truth. This disgusting, glutenous, soulless creature and her ilk are at the end of their era and we shall all bear witness to their increasing exposure by their own hand. Evil destroys itself and predators always turn on each other as well as their victims before the end.

    I actually find her slowly self-destructive psychopathic control nut tactics highly amusing. She’ll eat her own young to make a buck and stay in power and a huge number of the sheeple are now awake to her game. A recent speech she made and televised to her shareholders was a stupid, tactical blunder that showed her compassion-less, loveless nature for all the world to see. Sure, the secret sister network in the shill media have made sure the sun shines on her in the most flattering light, but people know in their hearts what their dealing with here.

    The outside is only a reflection of the inside and this creature’s appearance, behavior and total lack of human empathy says all we need to know about the being that resides within. Make no mistake about it – she cares not a whit for the mass scale evil she does. All we really need to see is in those cold, dead eyes, that gritted teeth, contemptuous ‘smile’ and that deathly, raspy monotone voice. Never smile at a crocodile, no you can’t get friendly with a crocodile, don’t be taken in, by her welcome grin, she’s imagining how well you’d fit with in her mine…at two bux a day…

    This is bigger than the “jews” dude, much bigger (although there’s a big debate there alone). Also, Zionism is but one of many vehicles our slave owners have used against us down the centuries – sure, it’s behind so much of the current cancerous evil facing humanity, but we’ve been through this before. Time to throw off the shackles and accept our heritage…big change is in the wind. FPL

  30. ” If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself — spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working ”

    This coming from some morbidly obese fat bitch who inherited Daddy’s money. I hope she chokes….

  31. She’s a drug smuggler too you know. Look under her skirt. You’ll find 40 kilos of pure crack anytime of the day or night.

  32. Wow, what a waste of space, in terms of serving the love and health in people. Why does the majority look up to individuals with superiority complexes? I’ll tell you why, because the majority has an inferiority complex, and feels as though it deserves what it gets. It’s truly sad.

  33. With all her money, irrespective, I am glad I am not awakening next to her face in the morning…

  34. ja net ryk mense kan die klitskwyt raak soos sy sy weet nie wat is armmoede ni9e sys n dick soos hulle se in amerika laat sy vergaan in haar rykdomen ek hoop dit is gou kyk of al haar geld haar gesondheid kan koop

  35. Get thee to a piggery Gina! Better idea pay yourself $2 per day and handover the rest to Tim Costello then see what a world of difference it will make. She cant even let her own flesh and blood take what is rightfully theirs and to have 3 of them disown her must be something wrong in the west. Funny how to have to borrow money to fight their mother through the courts for their Grandfather’s inheritance. Go on Gina have another whopper with double fries etc you could do with a bit of fattening up to live on $2 a day.

  36. Never deny the person who is making more money on inherited money (that just good business) as she is employing 1,000″s of workers, paying huge taxes.
    What is unethical is trying to steal other partners Leases to expand the empire, but what is totally intolerable is saying that we should be working for $2 per DAY- Abe Lincon fought a war to free people from ruthless systematic exploitation and I too would fight a war if it raises its ugly head here in Australia. on the other hand the communist have priced our workforce so that we are not competitive- and yes our wages are too high in the mining industry. Wrong comments will destroy a Dynasty where well thought public announcements base on truth, equity and honesty will always enhance a dynasty

  37. Rich…female…inherited fortune…..whoa, took me a moment…..but I’m pretty sure that’s not Paris Hilton. Let me take another look, just to be sure….

  38. Why ….yes ! I’d be delighted to work for 2 dollars a day…as soon as this bloody cow
    loses about 400 lbs off that well-marbled fat ass . Toodles !

  39. I’m sure all you fellas making the comments about her looks are oil paintings yourselves eh?
    probably in your singlets and y-fronts unshaven and smell like an ahstray after a night on the turps. She isn’t the most attractive person in the world, but i detect more than a hint of jealousy from the majority of you. She is a successful women and an easy target for your ignorant know-it-alls’ who are happy to jump on the thought police bandwagon.
    Here is a person, who has a lot of money, but she also invests it which indirectly employs many, many people. How many of you here can lay claim to that?
    How many of you are willing to stick your head out of the water and express your opinion against the overbearing money thieves masquerading as government?
    How many of you profess to know what Gina Rinehart is all about?
    I’m not hear to say she is perfect, but i would wager that she contributes a lot more to freedom than all of you finger pointers here.
    What exactly do you know about how she treats her family? Are you listening to what the MSM has to say about it? How do you know the children aren’t being spoilt brats? Are you all the type who would happily sponge off your parents successes if you could?
    The governments are the ones that should be the targets of disgust and contempt. They contribute nothing, yet take over half of your income in payments. Does Gina Rinehart do that?
    Governments take the money they stole off hard working people and give it to the people who seek to take advantage of everybody else.
    Governments print so much money that prices increase making it hard to live on $20 per day.

    There is the real enemy.

  40. “They contribute nothing, yet take over half of your income in payments. Does Gina Rinehart do that?” No, she just rakes in billions from the resources that belong to ALL Australians!. And backdoors an elected PM to install a friendly puppet. “Here is a person, who has a lot of money, but she also invests it which indirectly employs many, many people”, she is a real humanitarian and she wants to employ many more serfs for $2 a day, a real patriot! Glenn it is quite clear she pays your wages, let’s see how much more BS you come up with when YOU earn $2 a day.

  41. Why she does not take his own advice and start working for $2 per day instead of A$600 every second?

    A clear example of

    “Pride is a vice, which pride itself inclines to find it others and overlook in oneself.”

    She clearly need a lesson of humility

  42. Isn’t she one of the Pigs in Animal Farm…?

  43. easier said than done

  44. Gina should spend less time eating and she would not be so overweight and she should spend less time fighting her own children for their inheritance and she wouldn’t be so loathed by the masses… a truly unattractive woman from the core out….

  45. grotesque is the product of greed….the resources belong to the country not to an individual off with her vile head…

  46. To demand that the poor work harder is simplistic. That they work at all — in their economic and (usually) human rights misery IS an inspiration — she got that right.

    I’m concerned, however, that if the sentiment about Australians working for $2 a day is a genuine particle of a grander ‘vision’ or plan, that this could herald the elite globalist view that Australia should become a slave colony to multi-nationals.

  47. She certainly wouldn’t be rich if she were the one who had to dig the ore from the ground. The capital letter privately owned COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA that has USURPED the real DE JURE Commonwealth of Australia is registered in the Security Exchange Commission Washington DC. USA. has allowed these other Mining Corporations to steal the peoples wealth out of the ground. The Commonwealth of Australia means just that, the Common wealth of the people is owned by the PEOPLE, it is everything in and on this LAND, that is now been split up among these Corporations and guess what, it doesn’t include the people, we are here to pay this unlawful Corporate governments DEBT, WITH OUR TAXES.

  48. see what you did now? u put me off my Bacon

  49. Gawd! all her money couldn’t fix that face! I do think she was mining with her face rather than a shovel.

  50. excerpt from wiikipedia for Lang Hancock.. the person who made this blob of Sh** rich in the first place as she ate bon bons on the sofa in her parents basement.

    Frederick George “Lang” Hancock (10 June 1909 – 27 March 1992) was an Australian iron ore magnate from Western Australia who maintained a high profile in the competing spheres of business and politics. Famous initially for discovering the world’s largest iron ore deposit in 1952 and becoming one of the richest men in Australia, he is now perhaps best remembered for his marriage to the controversial and much younger former maid Rose Porteous. Hancock’s daughter, Gina Rinehart, was bitterly opposed to Hancock’s relationship with Porteous. The conflicts between Rinehart and Porteous overshadowed his final years and continued until more than a decade after his death.

  51. This is a very interesting comment from such a rich person.

  52. She made her money the old-fashioned way, she inherited the loot.

  53. Dah, I just noticed the name of the website. It is coming.

  54. And how did this “woman” get her wealth? Wikipaedia describes her as “mining heiress.”

    In other words this fat cow’s father did the work and left her a pile of dough and mines and now she wants to lecture everyone on how they can get rich. By the looks of her she doesn’t even look like she’s ever worked out let alone worked in a business, mine, or factory.

    It is true that if you work hard you “might” become rich/successful, but this is only true if you are the primary recipient of the fruits of your labor. In other words, the guy at the factory can work 100 hours a week and never become rich. His employer will benefit greatly though.

    The myth of “work hard = success” is just that–a myth. It is about as true as the myth that if you buy a lottery ticket you can win. Someone wins the lottery sooner or later right?

    Here is some good advice for anyone who is an employee of someone else.

    Work less. If you want to be successful as an employee, make good money, have a balanced life with work, leisure, and family, then work less.

    If every person cuts their hours back then employers have to hire more employees. As the labor pool gets smaller, those employers must pay higher wages to either increase the incentive of employees to work more hours or to attract new employees.

    Working long hours every week actually makes you poorer and reduces your job security. Every 4 employees who work 50 hours a week means the company doesn’t have to hire a fifth full-time employee.

    If entire industries follow this model then there will be hundreds of thousands of people without jobs and looking. As they get more desperate they become willing to work for less money. As companies hire employees for less money then their incentive to give you raises or job security decreases.

    Working more than 40 a week is eventually cutting your own throat. Sadly, most workers are hypnotized by the “work harder” myth like donkeys following carrots.

    I say to you all, work less, enjoy your kids, and keep your marriage healthy by actually being around and let old greedy cows work hard for once in their lives.

  55. Keep it up lady and God will surely slap you down. You give away all of your wealth and start being a worker for $2 bucks a day, and see how you like your idea. NOT HUMBLE IN THE THINGS GOD HAS GIVEN. YOU HAVE MUCH, THEREFORE MUCH IS REQUIRED FROM YOU. This is what happens to people when they allow money to become their ”god”.

  56. Little Gina may not be jewish but her suggestion Australians work for $2 a day is a distinct improvement on daddy Lang Hancock’s final solution for Aboriginals. Hancock suggested forcing unemployed indigenous Australians – specifically “the ones that are no good to themselves and who can’t accept things, the half-castes” – to collect their welfare cheques from a central location: “And when they had gravitated there, I would dope the water up so that they were sterile and would breed themselves out in the future, and that would solve the problem.” Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lang_Hancock

    I don’t suppose the hatred he showed for indigenous Australians had anything to do with their legitimate claims to traditional lands that this übercapitalist scumbag wanted to exploit. Like father like daughter, both deserve what they wish on us only worse.

  57. If you’re jealous of people who will get you off your filthy Elite power throne do this… stop hoarding food and look like the real fat pig you turned out to be in life, stop sitting your fat flat ass down and preaching BS to the ones you earn your filthy money from (they ALL need the masses of small people to sell something to-without the masses only few sales and money), start with yourself Gina Rhino.

  58. How funny, I just remembered Donald Trump’s example similar to this double standard idiot.
    Surely… If I got (million or billion for that matter) from inheritance, the rich daddy, I’m sure I’d make a succesful business too. How easy was that. Simple peopole without high jet connection, without means, even with qualifications cannot even get a small loan to start a business from the Banks. The same Banks finding new fees (now paying to be a customer found in no other business!) earning the billions from the huge general numbers we are for them.
    STOP voting for politicians (ALL of them). STOP paying taxes. STOP getting a Bank (UK’s Credit Unions by people did it). Watch what Sharingpoint, Idaho, California examples, or Colorado Springs did. People deciding for themselves and helping each other. Go local, downsize, decentralize the prower. Peaceful silent protesting:-)

  59. Since her “core business” is exploiting the labour of others, I guess it must be in trouble then. Obviously this privileged cretin would be quite comfortable if she could keep slaves too. I see little difference between $2 a day – in Australia – and slavery.

  60. Jews are “interested” in many things, although their interest is often engaged in undermining the causes they frequently even head or dominate. Not all Jews are Talmudist or Zionist sorts. The problem is seen from the wrong light when people see a need to defend Jews from some very true stereotypes. Just as the world hates the USA, we for the most part don’t hate every individual American, they will be judgd individually obviously. However it is foolish to pretend Americans don;t deserve loathing and condemnation around the world at the same time. Given the extraordinary lion’s share of the global wars and violence which can only be laid at their door.

    So too the preponderance of Jewish ownership of media, banking and finance, as well as so many other easy ways to make money from human labour and misery and disease. There are five or six companies who control 95% of the Media, all of whom are Jewish owned/controlled. Murdoch is the only non-Jew although his mother makes him one technically and he remains as much an insider Zionist anyway as any man alive. The perfect Shabat Goy in the highest place. Given that in the USA at least there are even more Muslims than Jews today and that both groups combined are less than 5% of the USA, isn’t it a bit odd there isn’t a single Gentile owned and controlled branch of media on earth? Just scattered and marginalised outliers.

  61. I dont think this whale could actually do a days work, i mean actual work, i dont think she is physically capable.

    In fact she inherited everything she has, didnt earn any of it, so in a way she is the biggest bludger of all.

  62. Sounds like Gina just had her “Let them eat cake” moment. We need a National Razor here …

  63. No-one here that has posted a message seems to get it. I don’t support Rinehart with her deliberately inflammatory comments, but many future mining operations will continue to be automated – which she apparently hasn’t alluded to. Currently I’m thinking of dump trucks using GPS location technology. To this could be added remote viewing technology, proposed remote operating centres, autonomous drilling (pilot work already – or so this is reported). Below is a link for those that care to read it:


    Additionally, biological mining technology may already be advanced enough for some recovery operations. Rinehart possibly won’t even need ‘third world’ wages for some of her operations soon. Anyhow, with a preference for overseas workers in the mining industry (at least from my own observations), I’d say that many future operations will go to Chinese operators – one way or another, but mostly be managed by Australians for image enhancement. Mine rehabilitation work might even be effectively carried out using drone technology over vast areas for seeding and monitoring purposes. Maintenance work, wherever needed, could eventually be outsourced to lower wage sources. Do you think that corporates care to stop at software and computer hardware outsourcing? These people ‘invest’ a lot of money into increasingly sophisticated operations. They and their ‘shareholders’ expect quick returns. Essentially, the technology is about control, and people will sooner or later become integral to the control system – one way or another: but that’s another issue.

  64. Let’s wake up people and see that this is the contempt that these so called “Elites” have for the people that help them become wealthy. They would spit on the common man, as so much as look at them. End corporate welfare and jail the corrupt, let’s be done with them!

  65. Not to be too obvious or ad hominem, but really — BBQ this porker and share her with those in need who would have a taste for such a “gourmet delight” :)

    • What you all must remember is of course that certain people are endowed with the capacity to crush and consume countless others, and this Darwinian imperative to perpetuate their genes of course pretty much justifies those who sit atop the Just-Us pyramid. Then on the other hand she could be of the co-delusion, that certain people are endowed by God with a divine right of kings and queens, hence why the real richest woman in the world is worth 17 Trillion Pounds and still picked the pockets of her populace to the turn of 32 billion Pounds for her Jew-Ba’al-ee celebrations. I remember when I was being inducted into Cub Scouts – they told me I had to swear allegiance to the Queen – I said “She’ not my Queen” – how does an 11yr old boy tell an over-bearing adult that she is really evil dressed up as good. So they told me I could not be a Cub-scout – but then the guy who stood over me was charged a while back with historical sex offenses against children – its rotten from the top down – and Baden Powell was a bully and a boy buggerer…its all a flaming mess one is well out of – let Babylon fall – stop trying to prop it up – its all rigged for demolition anyway and most folk, especially Xians, do not see that they are being led by a ring in the nose to the pig-sty by their goddess, Kirke. Study it out folks. Its really quite simple, greed for gain is the root of all evil and its co-dependent, co-joined sibling, Usury, has colluded and combined to bring the whole of humanity to a prodigal pig-sty experience…but remember how the story of the prodigal son ends…the miracle of compounding interest is that so few people realize its a rort…and that only the house wins…but not this time…this time the house falls…as in:

      1. After these I saw another angel who came down from heaven, who has great authority, and the earth glowed with his glory.
      2. And he cried out in a powerful voice, as he said,

      “There she falls!
      There she falls!
      Babylon the Great!
      The dwelling place of demons,
      And the haunt of every evil spirit
      And of every flying and hated spirit,
      And of every filthy and hated demon.
      3. “For of the wine of her ferment
      …drank all the nations,
      And the kings of the earth
      …fornicated with her,
      And the merchants of the earth,
      …from the strength
      Of her inner [frills (luxuries)],
      …became rich.”

  66. Its very funny of her to say we should work for 2 dollars a day, Her mining rights were granted by dubious means , she is selling the wealth of the country for personal gain, if we had a real intelligent government they would be mining these metals for the country and not allowing people to exploit the wealth of the nation , look at Saudi Arabia they dont need to pay tax .

    • i’m with you “shock and awe” if our government nationalized all our mining resources, Australia would be a prosperous nation, with no need to burden the poor and working class with austerity measures. If we added to that nationalizing our banks, our prosperity would go gang busters


  68. As an Aussie I frankly agreed with her comment about not smoking and drinking as much, because Aussies are becoming a pay-check-to-pay-check drinking smoking and gambling machine … this is NOT good for our Society.
    But to say Africans willing to work for $2 a day should be an inspiration to Aussies is the most pathetic, and ironic statement considering that it is the White TNC’s in Africa that have shackled African peoples’ ‘governments’ (puppet oligarchs) with IMF loans they cannot pay off, and not allowed them to diversify their economies to produce their own Food … this has trapped them in Banana Republic status working for Mercantilist Pigs like Gina Rinehart.
    As a person who is surely no Communist, I think Gina makes the word Capitalism look filthy, and just as you have said, she is only pissed off because the high Iron Ore prices reacting to Bubble Construction Industry conditions -freshly popped- across the world caused her to mal-invest in production capacity she no longer needs, and she might herself find herself on her knees in front of Goldman Sachs asking for a funny-money loan. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Some TBTF Pig from New York telling Gina to work for less … she will eat her own prescription but it looks like she has eaten enough already. Where are the benevolent Capitalists? …please …anyone? If we don’t find some soon we can expect a Commie Boot on our faces, which I fear will happen if the demagogues get control of Australia, and the Monopoly Capitalists all mask themselves as Socialists like the DemonCrips in the USA.

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