Australian taxpayers to fork out millions for US troops

Australian troops

The Australian government will begin a multimillion-dollar construction project this month at two military facilities to accommodate future rotations of up to 2,500 U.S. Marines.

Australia’s defense department announced Friday that it awarded $11 million for new facilities at the Australian army’s Robertson Barracks and the Royal Australian Air Force Base in Darwin, according to a news release. The project will ensure “appropriate living and working accommodation is available for the U.S. Marine Corps.”

The Corps’ presence in Australia’s Northern Territory is expected to increase dramatically next year when, starting in the spring, about 1,200 Marines arrive for six months of training in the region. The last two rotations comprised about 200 Marines. By 2016, the U.S. expects to deploy a full Marine air-ground task force numbering 2,500 personnel, officials have said.

To date, the company-size units rotating through Darwin have stayed at Robertson Barracks. But with aviation support in tow next year, about 130 Marines — along with four heavy-lift helicopters — will be stationed at the air force base, the news release says.

The construction projects are expected to begin in coming weeks and will be completed by the end of February.

About 200 Marines and sailors with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, recently returned home to Hawaii, having spent six months Down Under as Marine Rotational Force-Darwin. It’s unclear which unit will deploy next.

Before leaving in September, U.S. and Australian forces conducted a battalion-level training event at Bradshaw Field Training Area, located in the remote Australian outback. About 750 Marines and sailors from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit joined 150 Marines with MRF-Darwin and 100 Australian troops.

The exercise helped commanders identify the advantages and limitations of the training field, said Col. John Merna, the 31st MEU’s commanding officer. They found that its location, about 200 miles inland from the shallow waters of the Coral Sea coastline, presented some logistical challenges.

“It’s very austere,” Merna told Marine Corps Times. “Any time you can go into a training area that’s an established training area, it’ll be more useful and effective. So more facilities, harder structures, communications — things that are more permanent — [would be] helpful.”

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  1. All wars are bankers wars

    The US and Israel are the biggest terrorists, war mongers on earth. Being an ally and losing our sovereignty with US troops stationed here is a recipe for disaster
    Australia should be on the side of Peace and join the BRICS alliance

    • actually Brian Given the state of Americas finances I would be inclined to agree with you…America can not support its armies forever and as every day goes past America sinks deeper into the shit. to put it bluntly America is extremely vulnerable.

      from a strategic point of view spreading there army so thin plays into the enemies hands and it almost looks intentional like maybe Americas Enemies are planing to bring the Country down to its weakest point before invading? or using some other Invasive method to preserve vital infrastructure. in short I don’t think America is a very sturdy leg to stand on and we should make friends else where before we become part of a very complicated war if we have not already…

      another point I need to bring up is Indonesia, if Australia was to join BRICS I want want to make sure indonesia was already in it before breaking off ties with US?

      I for one and in favor of increasing Australia’s Defensive capabilities through the training and arming of able bodied law abiding citizens to bolster the defenses but that would definitely mean reducing gun restrictions and instead providing a more effective approach like Gun/safety education and putting a serious amount of time and effort into abolishing dangerous gangs. I was actually surprised at how many people I have talked to about this that agree, we are far to vulnerable not to do something like this especially Given the state of America and the world at this point…we are technically already at war but how long before political warfare, economic warfare and cyber warfare turn into chemical warfare, biological warfare, bombs, nuclear warfare and bullets? ultimately it be crazy amazing if somehow we avoided it? I fear the next world war wont go so easy on us Australians because our country is a critical asset to all powers in play and America knows that and that is the only reason why they are pouring troops into us because we are currently there asset. essentially we have been conquered, but good PR and the Political Blindfold has kept it unknown behind the curtain.

      but yes because of our foul up with Indonesia Americas Asset “Australia” is now in far more danger from Indonesia now then it was before so yes its a show of force because America definitely does not want to give up its precious asset so close to a all out world war.

      all interesting things to talk about…

  2. Come now , let us not forget the past !
    Remember the darkest time of humanity, our two world wars ?

    Australia and the United States are brothers, allies in all wars, we fought side by side.
    They have our backs and we have theirs ! These are the sort of things you do when u have a long standing ally who is committed to u also.

    If Australia was ever invaded of course the US would come to their aid thats why nobody would ever try to attack Australia.

    Dont forget the US has the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world far exceeding any other country and that is real power even more so than economics.

    Lastly if it were not for the US and all the allied countries sacrifices together,we would all be speaking GERMAN or JAPANESE that alone makes us brothers.

  3. YANKIES GO HOME…….and pack up and move out of Pine Gap while you are at it!!

  4. The US is Israel’s bitch and Australia is the US’s bitch !

  5. Australia is the Southern ocean outpost of the Corporation of the District of Columbia. It is not a Sovereign Nation and never has been.

  6. Why are Australians paying for Obama’s storm troopers? If they need barracks they should pay for them.

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