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  1. Bev L. Pattenden

    Well not only do we have a liar leading Australia, if this is true we also have thieves running the treasury. We all know about the banks being crooked, but it seems the rot is spreading all through the basket of rotten fruit. I have always taught my children “If you become a thief, you will become a liar as well, to cover up your crime”.
    And so it goes on and on, doesn’t matter in what order, they just work together and the liar and thief becomes trapped in his own deceit. If Julia Gillard invented her own Oath of Allegiance and refused to use the established Oaths set out in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, she is an illegal Prime Minister. No excuses whatsoever.
    If someone refuses to abide by the rules of any Constitution they cannot become members of the Corporation or organization. . The Governor General who swore her in under a false oath has to accept the label as a co-conspirator. If she does not know her job, what is she doing there? Since our governments are now Corporations, and Julia Gillard is an illegal Prime Minister, how much longer can we pretend that we are a civilized nation when we are ruled by crooks.
    Labor should be able to get rid of her on the Constitution Oath alone. She cannot continue.

  2. ….if I could afford to do it for fun…I’d rent a safety deposit box….and then leave a pile of dog-crap laying in it, with a big note that says “eff’ off!”……just for when these pigs come and start taking stuff out of our deposit boxes….and just leave a small amount in your regular account as they will take that eventually….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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