Australia, Japan gold reserves drop in November

Gold reserves

Australia and Japan witnessed marginal declines in gold reserves during November.

Japan’s gold reserves dropped to gold reserves were at $42.46 billion in November while Australia’s gold reserves decreased to A$4.248 billion from A$4.253 billion.

Total foreign reserves of both the nation also declined. Japanese official reserve assets totaled $1.2708 trillion at the end of November, down from $1.2742 trillion at the end of October.

The reserve position with the International Monetary Fund amounted to $13.275 billion at the end of the month. Japan’s foreign currency reserves stood at $1.195 trillion.

Special Drawing Rights totaled $19.88 billion and gold reserves were at $42.46 billion, data showed Australia’s official reserve assets decreased from the previous month in November.

According to Reserve Bank of Australia, total reserve assets dropped to A$46.178 billion in November from A$49.375 billion in October.In September, the value was A$4.914 billion.

Foreign exchange reserves decreased to A$35.224 billion in November from A$38.469 billion in the previous month, while special drawing rights (SDR) dropped to A$4.327 billion from A$4.36 billion.

Australia’s reserve position in the IMF was A$2.378 billion in November, up from A$2.293 billion in October.


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