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Australia is now officially a police state

Tens of thousands more Victorians each year stand to lose their drivers’ licences under a new law police are vowing to exercise in court.

Sweeping legal changes which came into effect on September 30 allow courts to suspend or cancel the licence of any person convicted or found guilty of any offence – regardless of whether that offence has anything to do with driving.

Victoria Police has exclusively revealed to the Herald Sun that it will seek to use the new powers in up to 50,000 court cases each year.

It has already briefed its prosecutors on the law.

“If you’re convicted or found guilty of any offence, a court may suspend or cancel and disqualify your licence,” said Acting Senior Sergeant Richard Bowers, of the Victoria Police Prosecution Division.

“The legislation does not govern or put a limiting factor on which cases it applies to. It’s any offence, and it’s completely open to the magistrate as to whether or not they impose it.

“Unless a superior court gets hold of one of these cases and says ‘Well, this is an inappropriate exercise of discretion,’ it will remain open for use for a magistrate to use in any way they see fit.”

Police state Australia

But the move has angered civil libertarians.

“We are very disturbed at the lack of consultation, given this is such a sweeping and draconian measure,” Jane Dixon, SC, the president of Liberty Victoria, said last night.

“To deprive someone of their driving licence can often also deprive them of their livelihood.

“We believe, for well-being, there should be a strong foundation between driving and the offending.”

Victoria Police said it would advice its prosecutors to use the legislation in any case where the offending can be linked to using a vehicle, which it estimates at around 50,000 cases a year.

“We will raise the legislation in circumstances where driving had been part and parcel of the offending,” Sen-Sgt Bowers said.

“It may be an offence where the accused used a car to commit the offences; for example, residential burglaries, using the car to get around.”

In another change to the law, anyone disqualified from driving may be forced to fit an alcohol interlock device in their vehicle when the licence is reinstated, if the original crime can be linked in any way to alcohol or drugs.

Police State Ausralia

First-time offenders, and those guilty of even the most minor offences, will not be exempt from the new law.

There are no set suspension or disqualification limits, giving magistrates free rein to cancel a licence for as long as they see fit.

Sen-Sgt Bowers also highlighted drug trafficking and family violence cases as likely ones for the exercise of the law.

“You have to look at each case on its merits and determine where is the best use of this legislation. We have left prosecutors with a fair bit of discretion,” he said.

“It’s a deterrent and a preventive measure. From our perspective, anything that has the potential to prevent further offending is a good thing,” he said.

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Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/cops-to-use-licence-to-disqualify-anyone-guilty-of-anything/story-fni0fee2-1226768223410


  1. costa rica here i come !

    • I can’t help but laugh when I hear recommendations to move to Australia cos it’s free.
      You get fined for doing basic things like fishing and anything you do requires massive amounts of paperwork.

  2. …if I was a business owner…..and had planned on conducting my Conferences or Conventions in Australia…or if I’d planned on making a personal vacation trip down under….I’d cancel every frigging piece of business I could have with these pigs….cancel all of my business with the police state…and if I could talk my wife into it…we’d be moving to Paraguay or some other place in the world….where perhaps freedom is not as BS’d about all day…and people do have some actual freedom..?


    RJ O’Guillory
    Author -
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • *You’re

      • ….well Barry Old-Boy….you may be correct regarding my condition as an idiot….but I’m not clear as to what that has to do with the accuracy of my original point..? Are you simply low on vocabulary….inebriated…or trying to be brief….with regard to your parental ego-state…name calling response..?

        Try to rub the remaining two brain cells you have left…try to rub them together gently when you respond…so that you do not leave yourself permanently damaged…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Or, just don’t commit any crimes and be fine, unless you were planning on some criminal activities in the first place.

      • …yes…that was an intelligent response…thank you…btw..how much do you get paid to troll for your fascist Australian Government….or do you just like sucking on fascist penis for your own personal pleasure?

        And one more thing young man (or woman)…if you think these fascist pigs are creating these laws just for the “law-breakers”…you are dumber than a box of rocks…or you are getting paid by The State…and you bow down to it in all it’s corrupt glory? Wait until we get control of our governments again…and people like yourself…people who were supporters of treason….tell me…do the people of Australia hang their traitors?

        It would be fun to see people like yourself..as the life chokes out of them.. …bemoaning the lack of non-corrupt governments….begging for “something to be done”..”it just isn’t fair, choke, choke, choke…agghh!”

        Well, you fascist pigs have had your chance..and you are sitting on your butt, while our countries fall into fascism and another Banker’s War…sad that you either don’t have a clue..or you are just another idiot-traitor…who’s own rope will come sooner or later..from one side or the other…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Simple solution, drive without a license. No law compels you to have one. The government will tell you that some act or statute requires you to have one. They will use legal ease to make it sound like you are required to have one. If you translate legal ease in to common English, you will see that “must” becomes “may”. Acts don’t apply to the private person unless you chose to allow it to apply to you. If 50,000 people every year decided to drive without a license, what will the government do about it? Absolutely nothing because they cant. in 4 years they would have 200,000 people driving without a license. Wake up people, learn who you are. Your “government” is not the one created by Queen Victoria, it is a corporate imposter that has no authority over you at all.

    • … great, without licenses we will have even more poorly-sighted fresh-off-the-boat immigrants peering over the steering wheel, not indicating, not looking, not paying attention and not understanding or obeying any of the rules of the road.

      I look forward to trying to cross the road in your unlicensed driver future! Hint: Go on youtube and type “worse china drivers”. Is that what you want Australia to be like?

      Licensing requirements are a good idea. Denying a licence for anything apart from not being able to operate a car safety is a bad idea.

  4. I guess Australia is now as big of a shithole as England.

    • What do you expect? Same groups run Great Britain,Canada, Australia and the U.S. for that matter. New Zealand must be relatively free of them, they still have some liberties.

      • I live in New Zealand. It’s becoming more and more that way too.

        • Ditto to that, NZ is ramming most of these “laws” through at a slightly different time, and with the names of the acts slightly changed for local consumption. The thought police laws are now going through.

  5. This is pretty standard for Australia. Victoria is and has always been a police state since before the time of Ned Kelly. Every piece of nut-job fascist police state legislation gets introduced into Victoria first before being rolled out to the rest of the country to ‘bring us into line’. I do not know what is in the water in that state or whether it is something to do with the culture of the large numbers of Greek and Italian immigrants that settled there in the middle of the last century who continue to accept the situation but Victoria is a disgrace and a blight on the rest of the country struggling to bring its useless self important public sector under control.

  6. I live in Melbourne for the last 48 years or so.
    When I have arrived here in 1967 the Victorian police constable was only armed some of the time only with a baton! There was no anti-gun law in the State.
    Today we have the strictest gun law in the world & every police woman/man is armed with semi automatic gun!
    Of course it’s to make us safe! God forbid that you would be cynical & thinking that we are in a Police State! All of this is to make us SAFE!

  7. Cant see the problem ??? …. dont break the law and you’ll have no issues, seems pretty logical to me, have been to Victoria on many occasions, never had an issue with Police or the state law, same in NSW and same here in NZ …….If your happy to do the crime, if you get caught, you do the time, ……. but if your going to do nothing but bitch about how hard done by you are “after becoming a convicted criminal” to me your’e nothing but a whiny little skinbag anyway so deserve it even more..

    • Me Here…
      …your comment explains exactly how the suckers of fascist-government / corporate penis think….as it relates to “doing for their master”…I hope when the police state knocks on your door…kills your dog or son, wife…etc….when the broken leadership of the Western World have to pay for all those shiny surveillance toys and Humvees in order to continue raping and stealing from their constituents…and the money runs out….and their law-breaking is fully on display…I think it will be convicted traitors like yourself who are “doing the time”…or in this case…swinging from a Gallows…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • @MeHere…..you are missing the point, or rather operating from the point of view that the police actually care about whether or not you are innocent…..make no mistake innocence will
      not save you if you are in their sights. Obomber has signed legislation that he can assassinate anyone, anywhere on ‘suspicion’ of being a terrorist…..do you realize how often they break down the wrong door? What do you do when the drone shows up at your front door…..ah excuse me I didn’t do it….yeah right boom! You are living in a fantasy!

      • Well until Obama’s terrorist eliminating door breaking drones go all minority report on me, I don’t think it’s a huge issue. And no the government doesn’t have control of my brain either.

    • What happens when you speak out against someone who is dear to the Police and YOU find yourself on the wrong end of the law? I’d like to read what your response will be then.

  8. It’s just another form of control, segregation and oppression all conveniently rolled up in to the lies and guise of “Government caring for its people” wrapped in the BS of Free Will and Free Speech, which don’t exist.

    There ARE no such thing as “Rights”, Human OR “God” Given, if everyone has rights, then everyone has the SAME rights. If you Google what countries have what rights, you’ll see that in some they have more than others, in some less and in other countries NO RIGHTS at all. So, not God Given then, therefore afforded by man. If these are given to you, they are Priveleges and as such can be taken away from you whenever they like (U.S Japanese-American Internment Camps 1942 is a good example).

    To quote Ron Paul “Why is democracy held in such high esteem, when it’s the enemy of the minority and makes all rights relative to the dictates of the majority?”

    It’s not just Democracy however… it’s ALL forms of Governmental rule. Majority (the General Public) CANNOT rule Majority (The General Public), they can only be ruled/controlled by the Minority (Government). NOR can the Majority control the Minority, such as in the case of Society Minority AND, the Government, as a Minority.

    So the Minority tries to normalise everything, make everyone exactly the same, clone everyone out to appear the same to everyone else, level the pitch (and a very unfair playing field currently) in their favour just that little bit more. Once everyone is Normalised they become Neutral, no threat, no fight, no spirit, no Humanity about themselves and others around them, no ability to act on anything or enact any change.

    Desmond Tutu once spoke about Neutrality and Oppression

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

    The problem with this “Systemic Levelling” is that it is a system made up of separate components, MILLIONS of components, individuals. So they put pressure on to the individual and his right to express himself (ever wonder if there’s free speech WHY there are Slander Laws, NOT very “Free” Speech) If you oppress the individual and suppress their right to free expression, you oppress free thinking and (r)Evolution of the Human psyche..

    Just my 2 pence worth… :D

  9. Why don’t police fight the real offenders of society, instead they prey on the vulnerable.
    Just goes to show that they are scared and a bunch of pansies.

    • Because Fascists and Bullies don’t pick on their own Gene.

    • Vulnerable? The offenders who then get their car taken? Sounds alot to me like “damnit now I have to take extra care not to get caught breaking into places, don’t want to lose my licence now”


  11. SEE … when you gave up your firearms … you let the state pull your teeth … now “they” can waltz all over you at will … just sayin’ >:[

  12. Ah! The bleatings of the “victims” that I have read on this page are pure gold. In your distorted view of the world, anyone in a position of authority is responsible for your shit-hole of a life. I see them in every one of my working days “Yes, Your Honour, I know I was caught red handed assaulting the little defenceless lady, but it is only because the cops are harassing me”. Not once does it enter your mind that YOU are responsible for the life you have. Here’s a hint for you – if YOU don’t want to be affected by these types of laws, then don’t commit a crime. Instead of bitching about how your life would be better if only the police, the government or whomever else is to blame, would just leave you alone, why don’t you try doing something positive. Of course, you could always save your money and move to another country (as proposed by another writer). But you won’t, because you know you will have no one to blame for your crappy life but yourself.

    • Ahh, the bleatings of the brain-washed citizen!

      • Foooorr theeee greeeeaatteeeerrr gooooooood, myy Gooveerrrnnmeeeeeenntt teells meee itsss Foooorr theeee greeeeaatteeeerrr gooooooood…..


    • Try reading a little Sam Harris, wrap your mind around the Fact that no one makes choices. We are all products of the environment we live in, one that does its’ level best to produce scarcity in search of profit. In order to keep you struggling and scraping for a wage, the money supply must be necessarily kept in short supply. This game of economic musical chairs is what leads to some people becoming desperate enough to run afoul of such laws. Even if you were able to “train” the citizenry to be obedient to these laws to the point of starvation and death, you would only succeed in transferring the costs of your enslavement to new laws and taxes that affect some other “undesirable” segment of the population. Think $1000 dollar traffic tickets, and $5000 fines for protesting big oil (that one’s real!), and a million other tiny woundings that are designed to feed this horrible system you seem to be defending. Imagine a boot forever stomping on the face of humanity, because that is what this system is, and it Will Continue as long as you, and the majority, are not the ones being kicked.

    • @Graham, You are trying to reason with people who already are well into that state of mind, and their only replies are banters that you are brain controlled by the government. You are correct though there’s little use in trying to tell most the others commenting.

    • Everything Hitler did was legal. Remember that when your time comes to speak out against the ‘law’ and you have no rights left.

  13. I suspect Graham doesn’t fully understand the situation, and I resent the fact that you are effectively calling me irresponsible and seem to know if my life is crappy or not. Just for the record – in my 38 years on this planet, I have NEVER been cautioned OR arrested OR convicted of ANY crime whatsoever.

    But yet it seems Governments are determined to punish and persecute “people” like me for fun….. there is NO advantage of this move to ban Driving Licences for Offences non-related to driving. You don’t think you’ll suffer because of it..?? VERY short sighted and naive of you Graham…but then that’s what Rose tinted glasses does to you I guess. Wake up, remove them and smell the Gasoline…wait…you can’t, because you’ve had to sell your car as your Driving Licence has been taken away, and you can’t work and need to pay your mortgage somehow.

    Shoe on other foot time Graham – You’ve been out with your mates and SOMEHOW you find yourself in a “conversation” with one of these Police Officers, you may have been caught urinating in the street, you MAY have accidentally tripped over a Bin in public and it’s gone everywhere. During the course of this “conversation” you’ve got yourself arrested and thrown in the wagon. It goes to court and the Judge finds you guilty of Drunk and Disorderly, Causing Affray, Vandalism, Public Littering etc (possibly all in one charge) and you find yourself doing 500 hrs of community service, a $500 fine and your driving licence suspended for 5 years as it’s an Alcohol Related offence- even though you’re such a GOOOOD and Law Abiding citizen, always paid your taxes, never previously broken any laws, always kiss your mother and rescue kittens at the weekend.

    Now because you’ve had your driving licence suspended you cannot work,feed yourself or your family, operate your every day life…. things start to fall apart and quickly. Everyone says to you that “Oh you shouldn’t have committed a crime then, you’re criminal scum and we’re not helping you”.
    Your family ends up on the street because you can’t pay your mortgage and the bank has re-possessed your house, then, one day, when you’re stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family and some cough medicine for your sick 3yr old daughter – you run straight passed a cop with shop assistant shouting “Thief!”. The cop challenges you to stop and you carry on, he draws his gun and shoots you dead, in the back, for Evading arrest after being challenged.

    Now you tell me how the Government is providing YOU with a level of care as Governments should do to a certain point. After all….you’re paying them their wages with one hand as they bend you over and fuck you from behind wearing the thin veil of “We Love You Citizen, we just want to care for you, you won’t let us, so that’s why we’re raping your free will and spirit…so we can control everything about you”.

    And before you say it….no, it’s NOT overly melodramatic my example above, it’s ALL perfectly feasible and possible. You need to realise that your life is a PRIVILEGE and as such any and all aspects of it can be removed from you while you sit there and say “it’s OK,no one’s going to hurt me….my Government is above screwing it’s tax paying citizens over.”

    By the time you’ve realised they’ve removed your “right” to protest or fair and just representation or any system that allows you to be heard – it’ll be too late.

  14. I had this done to me in south Australia for some petty convictions dating back ten years I was not aware of the outstanding fines they did not contact me to let me know my licence had been suspended for 8 years, now its expired I have to resit my learners and go back thru highly complicated system.

    They never advised me despite the fact they had been given change of address details they have never admitted to this when I called the court admin they refused to tell me why and who had suspended my licence.

    I could not get jobs for while have had to take public transport everywhere, I don’t trust coppers or anyone who works for state or fed govt to me they hide all these things than put the blame on you for not keeping up with their change of policy.

    They make every excuse under the sun yet when people have asked me why I don’t have licence or drive I simply tell them I have back workcover injury which prevents me from driving for w while.

    I will never in my life trust coppers or Govt anywhere they have breached my trust I will also question them if they ever contact me.

    What right do they have to deprive me of earning income just to get back few hundred dollars in fines they can’t be bothered to chase up because they are too lazy to do their jobs yet we are suppose to do their work for them.

    I was under the impression the fines dating back to mid 90′s had been taken care of because of direct debit arrangement.

    Being that they used excuse they could not get in contact with me also is crap! if they wanted me that bad coppers could have put something in the mailbox they have been advised of my change of address, emails, contact details.

    Bout time all Govt departments got off their lazy backsides do the work they are hired to do instead of making silly excuses.

    Far as I’m concerned system can go frig it self…

  15. The police and government do nothing unless there is money involved. I watched an Australian police program where they pulled people over for drinking and driving. When they got caught there was always a huge fine involved and more often than not were allowed to continue to drive as long as they paid the fine. All these laws are about making the state money through fines. No law is about protecting the people. It’s always about profiteering and keeping the people in a submissive state. The corporatist government only care about those two things. Keep the people down and use our power to make money from them at the same time.

  16. government (CONTROL MIND) and its gang…

    Had enough yet?

    Authoritarian-Money-phile thinking (beLIEf) is THE ROOT PROBLEM.

    Free Energy = NO MONEY REQUIRED.

    Tesla 369 Magic

  17. And still no reply by Graham?

  18. Death to the New World Order! Arm up folks!

  19. Here in canada on my first and only drunk driving offence 12 yrs ago…no accidents, no death, no incident of any kind, wrong place wrong time….I have no driver’s license and a permanent criminal record that makes finding work extremely difficult.

    • Emmanuel Truthseeker


      Here is the link to set you all free in any Commonwealth country in the world. This precedent setting court case referred to in the link pertains to the fact the queen of England is a fraud and an imposter. Any acts, laws, decrees, statutes, whatever, in any commonwealth country is under the jurisdiction of Elizabeth II, formerly of the House of Saschen-Coburg unt Gotha.
      Her family is a fraud, as well, pretending to be Christians when we know they are not.

      For easy reference just Google: REGINA V/S JAH

      Up the Revolution!

  20. Remember “cash for clunkers”? Driving without a license will eventually get your car taken away and we should have kept all those clunkers around for that reason. You need a vehicle you don’t mind walk away from…

  21. there is nothing more pathetic than slaves defender their masters.

    heres some good examples.

    1. if you arent doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.
    2. the police need all that military equipment to keep us safe
    3. love it or leave it
    4. the government put those laws in place to keep people safe not to raise revenue.
    5. hey paying taxes is part of the social contract, how else would we have roads and welfare?

    Australia is full of pathetic tax slaves who are delusional from government funded education into thinking they are free and the government is there to look after them, and will attack anyone who questions the status quo with extreme vigour to protect their own reality and ego.

    Australia the most statist country on earth.

  22. You get roads and welfare from the Tax on Tobacco and Alcohol and in the UK from the National Insurance paid alongside the tax you normally pay on earnings, oh! AND the 20% VAT we still pay now.

    The extra revenue from Fines paid etc, go towards Government slush funds, affording the best lawyers for those that fiddle their expense accounts and get caught, fraudulently claim for 2nd and 3rd properties, covering up dead rent-boys and funding illegal immigrants unlawful entries into the country, under false Visas to be their garden and house staff.

    But if they want to control and destroy my life by removing a freedom through an unrelated, unassociated charge TO that freedom. For, say, I don’t know? Sneezing the wrong colour on a Tuesday? Or not having the right boiled eggs in my pocket before 10:30am on a Sunday….Who am I to argue? It’s not like my Government is trying to impose it’s will on me…I’m a “Citizen”, I’m a Tax payer….I’m, I’m, I’m reporting as a Drone for Duty my Queen. I will ask no questions and hold no one higher than myself responsible for removing my Liberty and Abilities.

  23. The whole Common Wealth, which DOES include the USA through the CFR which takes it’s orders from the English Roundtable group and is America’s de facto ruling elite, is becoming more and more a fascist state a la Mussolini’s merging of the Corporation and the State. IG Farben is still alive and is one of the heads of the octopus, another is Standard Oil(just under different names like IG), add in the dozen or so huge conglomerates that control pretty much everything and you have scary times ahead with megalomaniacs like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Bushes, Bronfmans and the rest of the Illuminati of various ranks, which includes the Pope as well, the Zionists(Rothschilds/Israel) planning their NWO. We are already almost there, Australia is one of the forerunners, England as well. The Windsors are NOT just figureheads, that’s just brainwashing, it’s actually the President of the United States that’s a figurehead as well as the other Common Wealth “leaders”. Take care out there.

  24. They are coming for me ???? …. some of you people seriously should lay off the crystal meth … your delusional or maybe religious which is pretty well same thing when you get down to it ….. and if anyone is coming for anyone here, will be you lot of lost deluded souls who feel the policemen and govt, you know same humans that live in your street, eat at the restaurants and whose children go to school with yours …. are out to GIT YA !! … again if you break the law and cant deal with the consequences your nothing but a whining pussy whose genes need to be expunged anyway ….. and also what the f*ck has the USA, the lunacy going on their and anything Obomber (your words) got to do with what the Australian Govt is doing … suppose next you’re goping to tell me the Aussies are trying to come up with a police state like the bat sh*t crazy americans …. pass the tin foil to the next guy, he needs anew hat ROFLOLOLOL

    • Me Here….your illiterate comments and the childish manner in which you express them is indicative of a lack of personal experience in life….and an inability to both look forward to your own bleak future..and to see into the past… in order to properly identify the signs, symptoms and abuses that come into play when an empire is collapsing.

      For someone who claims to have a better insight into these matters than the average person commenting here…you sound frightfully uninformed and dangerous to other people’s freedom and liberty. Our governments have been corrupt and illegal since at least before I was born..and as someone who worked within the corruption of the US and other Western Governments for over two decades…Bosnia. .Hungary…Japan…Korea…all across the putrid empire…an empire that I bet you have seen very little of…(or the results of the empire..on law, ethics and integrity)…as someone who stood up to that crap for 24 years…I suspect you haven’t a clue…or you are being paid to sit at a computer and mentally masturbate…in support of fascism and illegal conduct….?

      If that is not the case…perhaps you may simply wish to quit embarrassing yourself…before the NSA guy wets his pants laughing at how much of a dupe you are….!


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  25. checkerboard = mason MOFOS

  26. The laws getting passed in Australia, particularly Victoria, are beyond 1984.
    Pity the people here for the most part are asleep to what is going on in the world.

  27. It would be nice if police finally wised up and told their masters, I signed up to protect and serve the public, not to be a fascist thug.
    Are they really too stupid to realize their tying their own nooses as well?

    • That will never happen because they dont hire people with the ability to think. They only hire people like the me here poster because he is obviously not very intelligent and only spouts talking points. These are the cannon fodder of old since they have no value and wont be
      missed. in the overall picture. At least us bat shit crazy Americans didnt hand over our guns. Yeah there are those who have done the dirty and registered those scarry looking ones and those clips as the retards call them but the majority wont. To answer the last part of your comment yes they are. Gives a whole new meaning to dumb animals.

  28. You can’t even go for a drive around Victoria without being fined from the thousands of speed cameras that catch you going 1km/ph over the speed limit. The speed limits are set so low. ie. 80km/ph on a road that should be 100km/ph.

  29. The Australian people are losing their freedom by the day. Time they stand up to their puppet government and politicians. We were lied to about the carbon tax, the GST, the Iraq war, what next?

  30. Time for a revolution in this country and to severe ties with the parasite who calls herself a Queen.

  31. I knew Australia was on the track to becoming a police state when they decided upon the policy of requiring ALL airline passengers to submit to a scan. No scan. No fly. No more opting out if you so chose. Drip. drip. drip. If you think that the police state doesn’t affect you today, then just wait until tomorrow. This is just the beginning….But by the time many of you wake up, it will be too late.

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