Anonymous strikes Wall Street CEOs, leaks personal information


Declaring “the guilty must pay,” Anonymous has released 4.6 gigabytes of data detailing the personal information of Wall Street CEOs and other high level Wall Street executives.

Links to the data began appearing via Twitter on March 2. AnonymousIRC, a popular Twitter account associated with the international hacktivist collective known as Anonymous, tweeted the following:

4.6GB .xml files on CEOs and Directors [Compressed to 520mb zip] #Anonymous #OWS #OpWallStreet #BofA #Bloomberg

The leak is associated with Operation Wall Street, a new protest launched by Anonymous hacktivists against the US government, Wall Street and the financial services industry. The operation seeks justice for those “who have lost their homes and had their lives destroyed” by “the crimes of Goldman Sachs and other firms.”

The following is an excerpt from a statement announcing Operation Wall Street:

It is obvious that the DoJ and other government entities such as the SEC think that it is more important for them to regulate freedom of speech and information rather than to regulate the blatant organized crimes of the financial market. They persecute people like us, Occupy, and Aaron Swartz instead of the Bankers and Wall Street executives and CEOs who have robbed Americans of their hard earned tax dollars.

Thousands of innocent and exploited people are being forced into homelessness while these same CEOs and executives make billions in so called profit. They make their fortunes on the shattered lives and broken dreams of people who were nothing more than slightly ignorant when trying to establish a comfortable life for themselves and their family.

It is no longer tolerable that these men and women get to live in luxury and lawlessness while innocent people are pushed into poverty and people who fight for freedom are prosecuted and demonized.

They must be stopped.

The guilty must pay.

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget.

Expect Us.

Last week Anonymous hacktivists released 14 gigabytes of information implicating Bank of America and others in a massive spying operation. Hacktivists claim the data dump reveals that Bank of America hired at least one web intelligence firm to spy on hackers, social activists and numerous other private citizens.


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  1. Hapa: show us the proof that it’s a psy-op. Your saying so is only conjecture. Talk is cheap.

  2. (cont.) It seems we have no voice, and it feels like someone’s foot at our throats.

  3. Anonymous–thank you, for your efforts in exposing the frighteningly-entrenched seemingly-impervious damage being done to the common people of this nation by corporate tax-dodgers, and recipients of unjust subsidies.

    I am a good, honest person and my life is on the verge of being ruined by the sequester. Corrupt Republican officials in Congress can easily end the cruel, inhumane budget cuts it will impose on millions of people by eliminating undeserved tax loopholes, off-shore havens, etc. for the wealthiest Americans, and they are refusing to do so.

    Oh, how I wish you could infiltrate their systems and make them sweat as much as their horrific sequester has caused me to.

    Thank you for trying to help us.

    It seems we have

  4. Thank You Anonymous, I write to The WH, Ca Gov, OCC, Fannie and Freddy letting them know how they hurt my family. We were foster parents and had raised over 35 children in our home. Not only did they put us out on the street , I had to find homes for all my children, it broke my heart and I still cry. These children did not deserve this, they have already lived through so much. I love and miss my children and don’t have any idea where they lay their head at night.
    It seems so unfair these bankers still have their homes and beds to sleep in. Thank You again for speaking the truth when others are unwilling!

  5. These criminal bankers are the exact reason the citizens must retain their right to own guns. These people are the reason the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment in the first place.

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