ACTA killed: MEPs destroy treaty in final vote

Members of the European Parliament hold placard reading "Hello democracy goodbye ACTA" as they take part in a vote on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, on July 04, 2012. (AFP Photo/Frederick Florin)The European Parliament has rejected ACTA, a controversial trade agreement, which was widely criticized over its likely assault on internet freedoms.

Supporters of the treaty suggested postponing the crucial voting at the Parliament plenary on Wednesday, but members of the parliament decided not to delay the decision any further.

MEPs voted overwhelmingly against ACTA, with 478 votes against and only 39 in favor of it. There were 146 abstentions.

Many members of parliament held anti-ACTA banners or wore anti-ACTA T-shirts during the session.

Earlier all five parliament committees reviewing ACTA voted in favor of rejecting the international treaty.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is aimed at protecting copyright over a wide range of industries. The main focus of criticism was targeting the impact it would cause to internet freedom.

ACTA would require signatory states to impose draconian restrictions on online privacy in the drive to eradicate content piracy and the sale of counterfeit branded goods through the internet.

ACTA was developed with the participation of a number of countries, including the US, Japan, European counties, Australia, South Korea and others since 2007. When the ramifications of the agreement came to wider public knowledge this year, a wave of protests hit several countries. The EU suspended the ratification of ACTA in February to reconsider it.

AFP Photo/Frederick Florin

Image from Twitter/@judithineuropa

AFP Photo/Frederick Florin

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  1. Unfortunately ACTA is far from dead. Perhaps we are generally unaware of how the EU parliament works? The parliament has no real power; it is a talking shop They have discussed this issue, voted overwhelmingly against it and that’s great. Sadly though the unelected officials of the EU will do as they please. You can count on the “law” being ratified….perhaps they will change the name but they will most certainly do it.

    Sadly we will never regain our freedom in Europe until the people find the courage to do the only thing that can stop all this stupidity.


  2. Brilliant. Long may their conscience last.
    Who would have thought one could come and get so much positive news from a site called Hang the Bankers. Now one of my preferred sources of info :)

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