8 photos from Obama’s trip to South Africa you didn’t see

On Tuesday, conservative news outlets in the United States decided that the best way to commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela, and to report on the memorial services in his honor, was to manufacture a controversy about an AFP photo of President Barack Obama shooting a selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. According to Fox News, the “international incident” was so bad that, “The tsk-tisk-ing could be heard across continents.”

Liberal news outlets countered with a photograph from former President George W. Bush’s Instagram feed, taken at the same memorial, in which he’s seen posing with pop star Bono.

Two things were lost amid the nonsensical partisan wrangling. First, the furor shamefully overshadowed the memorial service itself, and the heartfelt messages that were delivered by Mandela’s family and colleagues. Second, such outcries overlook the close quarters in which our Democratic and Republican politicians actually live and work.

Candid images from White House photographer Pete Souza tell another story.


Bush and Obama

Looking at the individual AFP and Instagram shots, you would have no idea that Obama and Bush traveled to South Africa together on Air Force One.


Obama Bush Michelle

You would miss the fact that they and their wives dined together on the plane …


Hillary Clinton Bush Obama

… or that Bush dazzled Michelle Obama and a smiling Hillary Clinton with photos of his recent paintings.


Obama Bono

You wouldn’t see that Obama managed to sneak in his own photo op with Bono …


Bush Clinton

… or that the Bushes and Clintons spent the day together at FNB Stadium.



It’s almost as if photographers go out of their way to present isolated images of political figures …


Obama speech

… when in reality, politicians spend their days surrounded by people …


Obama Bush AirForce One

… and by political adversaries and allies alike.

Perhaps, instead of giving in to the frantic us-or-them discourse proffered by the media (Funeral selfies! Handshakes! Ted Cruz!), it’s time that we acknowledge that conservative and liberal politicians spend more time together, and have more in common with one another, than we’d like to believe.

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Source: http://www.policymic.com/articles/76375/8-photos-you-didn-t-see-from-obama-s-trip-to-south-africa

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  1. These politicians are just low level tools of the elites. They know their role and have a great life….for the time being. They are the personification of the Judas archetype and are traitors to their kind. Of course the left vs. right game is nonsense. Behind the scenes they are having a grand old time.
    The reason the masses will continue to suffer under the oppression of the elites is because they have lost touch with who they are and have given their power, unconsciously, over to the intelligentsia working for the elites.

  2. In the past I’ve laughed at conspiracy theorists who claim that left vs. right politics is all just a dog and pony show run by powerful moneyed interests. The idea just sounded too much like a movie plot to possibly be real.

    I will now have to rethink that assessment.

    • more often than not the conspiracy theorists are just simply people who have gotten over their own cognitive dissonance to open their minds to reality around them.

      and with each debacle that gets exposed they are further validated.

      while im not saying that there arent people who take it to the extreme you should definately be critical of everything you see, the term conspiracy theorist is more effectively used to discredit people who speak the truth, or go against the status quo or story the establishment feeds us.

  3. Indeed. That is why voting will not get us out of this mess.

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