6 Latin American leaders who criticised US policies fall ill of cancer simultaneously

Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov today demanded an international investigation into the death of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, claiming it was “far from a coincidence” that six leaders of Latin-American countries who had criticized the U.S. simultaneously fell ill with cancer.

“How did it happen that six leaders of Latin American countries which had criticized US policies and tried to create an influential alliance in order to be independent and sovereign states, fell ill simultaneously with the same disease?” Zyuganov told Russian state television, urging an investigation under “international control” into Chavez’s death.

Zyuganov is accurate so far as his claim that six Latin-American leaders were diagnosed with cancer within a relatively close period of time, most notably Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2012, although later analysis proved that she had never actually suffered from the illness.

Current Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, and the former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, have all been hit with cancer in the last few years. In 2006 it was also reported that retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro was also diagnosed with cancer.

latin american leaders cancer

Zyuganov’s comments follow similar rhetoric by Venezuelan Vice President Madurs, who in the hours before the announcement of Chavez’ death accused “the historical enemies of our homeland” of being responsible for Chavez’ cancer, claiming that Yasser Arafat had also been “inoculated with an illness.”

Hugo Chavez himself once speculated that the United States had a cancer weapon after being diagnosed with the disease in 2011. “Would it be so strange that they’ve invented the technology to spread cancer and we won’t know about it for 50 years?” he stated.

“Fidel [Castro] always told me, ‘Chávez take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat … a little needle and they inject you with I don’t know what,’ Chavez added.

The fact that Chavez was almost certainly the target of numerous CIA assassination plots has bolstered the belief amongst some that his cancer could have been surreptitiously induced as a means of unseating Chavez from power, successfully achieving what a 2002 coup failed to accomplish.

fidel castro

Source: http://www.infowars.com/russian-leader-demands-investigation-of-chavez-death/

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  1. why dont you ask Chevron. You make a fool of yourself with such a display of arrogant ignorance

  2. Dear Mr. Salad,

    You really justify your nickname: a salad.
    I was born in Amazonas; I lived in the jungle; I flew over the jungle many, many times. I know my country, my region, my State. It is huge!
    Please be informed that there are places in the Amazon where we brazilians CAN NOT ENTER; places where the natives speak English and their dialect, but not the language of the country. These places are CONTROLLED BY AMERICANS, did you know anything about this? Since the times of Vietnam war. (Another of your phony and criminal wars, where your government have inundated with CHEMICAL WEAPONS like the infamous orange agent… So, take some history lessons before writing on things you know little, as in this case. Sorry! I do not mean to offend you.
    Come on!!!
    Gangs are a product of places like CHICAGO, Sir.
    Corruption is an american expertise, like the kind you have in your CONGRESS (the whore house, as you guys use to say, and you are 100% correct)
    So, please, don’t throw your “ammo” on South America; not before a complete house cleaning in your own country, former “land of the braves”…
    First of, GET A LEGIT PRESIDENT; not one with the credentials (birth certificate and Social Security CardS) used by Mr. OBOZO.
    Oh, man! Who is in the leadership of corruption, Sir?

    I’m sorry to tell you – and the other readers here – you know almost nothing about Brazil, except – of course – the BULLSHIT (we are sick and tired of such ignorance and lies) with which your people are beeing fed by your criminous MSM and the likes as CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NYT and others.

    As you can see, It seems to me that you have a pretty GLASSY roof. So, please, watch out before throwing your stones, Sir. God bless!

    • You don´t know what you are talking about!!!

    • I am Brazilian too.
      I know the AM state very well too.
      There are problems in the world, that’s a fact, but cut the bull shit.

      I prefer the American and political ways to cuban!

      Why are more and more cubans trying to flee to the states every year by boat?
      The numbers are growing year after year.

      So you agree with Foro of São Paulo?
      The progressive crap talk?! What is progressive in communism? Can you tell me?

  3. Brazil hasn’t raped and torn apart the Amazon? Come on. The U.S. has protected all of their rain forests. Mexico is a gang-state and most of Central and South America are on the leader boards for corruption.

  4. I would not doubt it in the least. We have done everything in our power to keep the nations of the southern hemisphere under our thumb. The socio-economic model they used, developmentalism, was far superior to capitalism in that it still allowed for the accumulation of wealth if you were able to create a better widget just not by plundering and exploiting natural resources which belong to all mankind or by profiting off the suffering of others as is the case with capitalism. Milton Friedman and the conservative globalists used Central and South America as a laboratory for their sick twisted socio-economic experiemnts, starting coups, assassinating democratically elected leaders, intalling brutal puppet governments, torturing and murdering all from the left who oppossed them and destroying the existing economies.

    I use to be a very patriotic man but after many years of research into US covert economic and military intervetnion in the southern hemisphere I have little to no patriotism left in my heart for this country.

  5. It’s not news that cancer researchers regularly inoculate animals with cancer causing viruses and other toxic, carcinogenic substances for the purpose of researching drug drug effects on these animals. What’s to stop vested interests from including such agents in vaccines destined for administration to undesirable humans?

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