107 year old killed by SWAT team

SWAT team raid house

A 107-year-old man was shot dead in Arkansas after exchanging gunfire with a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team. Local authorities say the centenarian was killed after he refused to surrender.

According to reports, police officers responded to a domestic disturbance involving an aggravated assault against two people at a residence in Pine Bluff, where suspect, Monroe Isadore, was on Saturday evening. The victims allegedly said Isadore had pointed a gun at them. They were quickly led out of the house by police, arkansasmatters.com reported.

When the officers approached the bedroom where he was hiding, Isadore shot through the door. No one was hit, however. Police retreated and called for additional help, namely SWAT officers who then engaged in negotiations with the 107-year-old suspect.

They placed a camera into the room where Isadore had taken refuge to verify that he was indeed armed with a handgun.

Having failed to reach an agreement with the old man, officers fed gas into his room through a bedroom window, assuming Isadore would be left with no choice but to surrender.

The die-hard old-timer began firing rounds at the SWAT officers instead.

The officers broke down the door to the bedroom and threw in a distraction device.
Despite this, Isadore shot at the entry team, whereupon officers returned fire, shooting him dead.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident.

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Source: http://rt.com/usa/107-suspect-killed-swat-568/

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  1. With all that training, time to position, etc. they couldn’t have shot him in the leg? The old chap must of been quick on his feet!

  2. When a man can’t commit aggravated assault, then shoot at the Police over and over again without being shot, what kind of country is this?

    The Police are out of control. They gave this man chance after chance to surrender, hours to negotiate, and then shot him just because he was shooting at them (for the 2nd time)

  3. Jail time?
    Heck NO, these teams need to be taken out…
    although we got far from all the details of the story, to what we read, there is only 1 thing to be said. This is murder in the first degree.
    we have lost a treasure of history by this act.

  4. How completely absurd. Escalating a domestic disturbance into residential warfare. This isn’t making our communities safer. These steroid pumped assassination teams need some jail time.

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